Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bad eating habits can cause tooth deformity

Good or bad eating habits will teeth greatly affected. Malocclusion etiology based on clinical, genetic factors accounted for 29% and accounted for 71% of the environmental factors. The acquired factor plays a big role in the environmental factors, including chewing functional degradation is one of the main reasons.

Bad eating habits can cause tooth malformations: in the long evolution of our food from coarse to fine, from hard to soft, the chewing organ function increasingly weakened, and chewing organ degradation, reduce imbalances, namely the muscles precedence mandible, followed by third, teeth, jaw bone to reduce the number of teeth is not decreased, thus mandibular teeth fit, resulting in a crowded teeth deformities.

In today's society, children's food more and more sophisticated, resulting in the child's increasingly weak masticatory function, children increasingly too lazy to chew hard things, which makes children's teeth and mouth muscles inside and dental equipment outside are not duly exercise, leading to muscle weakness, atrophy, and thus mandible is not well developed, and the number of teeth is not reduced, so the children's teeth malocclusion deformity incidence increasing more. Fine food, on the other hand, also easily lead to dental caries, cause tooth defects, resulting in deciduous teeth prematurely lost cause tooth gap, which causes tooth deformity.

Generally childhood tooth deformity can be corrected by braces. Pleasant once into adulthood, through braces correction can not so useful. Under normal circumstances, the dental experts recommend the use of the beauty crown straightening teeth deformities.

The beauty crown technology is through computer 3D positioning shaped teeth nice and vivid color no extraction security painless, quick and efficient. The use of colorimetric technology, the Germany VITA year round to maintain the beautiful natural luster teeth to achieve perfect Levels unified after forming. The treatment painless technology, cosmetic teeth recovery of normal oral pronunciation and do not need to move and teeth roots, to ensure a good affinity for the human body and mouth feel comfort. Completely remove the concerns of your beauty but also afraid of the pain.