Saturday, 31 March 2012

Orthodontics is a process

Orthodontics is a long process, generally requires a year and a half to two years, the back needs to be done to keep the stage, then the entire treatment time will be longer. You can do to correct one aspect, but also requires that you have enough time. Orthodontics, the doctors usually arrange for you to return visit in 4-6 weeks time. These problems are before you do the Root canal dental treatment there any drawbacks correction needs to be considered.

Some patients with a friend only know their irregular teeth, that just want to make a dental appliance can solve the problem; it will make a neat white teeth. So I am here to remind those of irregular teeth, a friend, when you find that your teeth are irregular or have some other issues, first of all, you need to do is to regular dental hospital or dental clinic for a dental equipment comprehensive oral examination. In some hospitals, the dental examination generally is free. Doctors in check after it will tell you whether to rely on a simple orthodontic solve your problem.

Orthodontics is a highly specialized medical requirements for doctors is very high, do orthodontics must be formal Dental Hospital and Dental Clinic of professional treatment.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Dental implant needs to be four weeks in advance to quit smoking

The dental implant is a dental implant to replace the natural root, because of its stability and beautiful appearance, closer to the natural teeth to be called human teeth, but the smokers decided to carry out before the dental implant, preferably four weeks in advance smoking cessation, so as not to affect the cultivation of the effect of relapse after planting.

Planting failure caused by smoking may be caused by the peri-implant inflammation, if you do not quit smoking on dental implant can affect the absorption of alveolar bone.

Studies have found that a smoker's ability to heal is only 28% of the non-smokers that is the ability to heal a 50-year-old smoker, equivalent to 86-year-old non-smoker's ability to heal. Therefore, during the cultivation of smokers than non-smokers planting failure rate twice dental equipment in order to increase the success rate and cessation programs must be implemented under the guidance of a doctor, it is best to quit completely.

In fact, the dentist would be the patient's general condition before the implant restoration to assess conditions are best to be oral CT, and then the doctor will formulate an appropriate treatment program according to the specific circumstances of the patients. In general, people Health care and problems of dentures can accept a routine tooth extraction could be considered implant restoration. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, blood diseases and bone osteoporosis has not been control, not suitable for immediate implant restoration; not fully developed, young people do not recommend early dental implant.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Which may be set to cover denture?

The overdentures suitable for the following situations:

1. Congenital oral defects such as cleft palate, some missing teeth, teeth malformations, enamel hypoplasia, and skull hypoplasia psychosis, the clinical performance of the small tooth crown morphologic abnormalities between the teeth the size of different the gap, or occlusal abnormalities, the root is short, the use of conventional dentures, it is difficult to solve the denture support, retention, and aesthetic issues,

2. Caries, severe wear, resulting in the crown of most of the defects or shorter, leading to the surface of the lower 1/3 shorter, inconsistent with the entire face, but was unable to chew, bite can be increased by overdentures to restore normal occlusion ,

3. The memory of the missing teeth gap and dental equipment root and do not loose the right treatment, reserved for covering abutments, such cases with overdentures only eliminates the pain of tooth extraction, but also increase the denture support and retention,

4. The poor health status of the remaining teeth, periodontal tissue, should not be used as fixed partial dentures or removable partial denture retention teeth, but the appropriate positions in the dental arch, optional do cover the abutments.

There are some cases such as the I remaining teeth elongation, low teeth, excessive tilt and dislocation of teeth, severe impact bite, you can not other denture repair, can also choose overdentures.

The overdentures people should pay special attention to the dentures, insertion of, to strengthen the maintenance of oral hygiene, carefully wash the dentures and coverage of the abutment teeth and massage gums to prevent the base dental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What to do crown or bridge?

Crown or bridge needs to have a certain thickness in order to achieve its best results, so the teeth grinding lap and depth of dentin. Anesthetic in the teeth before grinding activity is less sensitive to the enamel of the teeth peripheral almost be fully worn away, exposing the sensitive dentin.

Teeth worn very small, even pumping nerve?

If teeth grinding is not enough, is bound to take the crown done too much, not only unsightly, but also because of improper shape, resulting in the easy accumulation of plaque and cleaning difficulties. Original tilt, some growth is too long or the young patient's teeth dental equipment grinding will often result in pulp exposure, and when this happens, you need endodontic treatment, commonly known as the pumping nerve.

The edge of the crown depth of gingival sulcus?

Patients are often thought to wrap the whole tooth is strong, or less likely to decay, has been confirmed, crown dental bridge is good or bad, does not depend on the location of the crown edge, but the edge of the seal situation and to maintain a clean Difficult or Prevention of tooth pain after fillings not. Therefore, except for the appearance of front teeth, covering the old filling material or tooth defects, before considering the depth to the edge of the gums. Otherwise, the dentist should crown the edge away from the gums; it would be more beneficial to the maintenance of periodontal health.

Monday, 26 March 2012

What matters should be noted that the fillings?

1. Fillings and listen to your doctor do not just make up good teeth to chew food and hard objects. This should normally be in two or three days and then ipsilateral dental chew food is appropriate to prevent the teeth once again broken and feeding off.

2. Fillings such as mild pain may be provided through self-observation, and some mild discomfort and pain go away. Such as pain not only does not reduce the negative further aggravate or bite jaw pain, throbbing, hot and cold to stimulate the pain the night of dental equipment spontaneous pain, it is timely to go to the hospital referral for examination and treatment, to identify the cause, eliminate the pain.

3. For dental caries is more serious defect size, dental often tooth resistance of less than chewing prone to tooth fractures, such dental fillings should be based What is the repair teeth need attention on the recommendations of the physician in a timely manner to do teeth The shell crown protection, to prevent the crown broken.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

What are the characteristics of adult teeth correction?

The most important characteristics of adult orthodontics is that adults have a lot of children do not need to consider the issue, which makes this more complex orthodontic needs more processing.

Characteristics of adult orthodontics is a long time to deal with more and more, hidden, and adult growth and development has been dental equipment basically completed, the tooth parts of the plasticity is low, coupled with adult metabolic slow biological reactivity lower orthodontics time will be longer, otherwise it is impossible to achieve the desired correction. Children's Orthodontics generally requires a year or so, and Adult Orthodontics is generally about two years.

In addition, the more complex adult orthodontic dental diseases because adults may be more, such as dental caries, periodontal disease, missing teeth, tooth wear, residual crown and root, and the mouth bad restorations, temporomandibular joint diseases. So it is necessary for oral more processing to a more suitable environment for the correction of the teeth. But there are Orthodontic process has an adverse reaction a number of diseases such as rheumatic heart disease, coronary heart disease, hypothyroidism, acid excess, diabetes, arthritis, bleeding disorders, epilepsy and other diseases, have to make these diseases are controlled before dental treatment.

These are the characteristics of adult orthodontics in general although an adult can be orthodontics, but always better than to bother many of the childhood.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Whitening advantages and disadvantages

Dental hospital are often met with many such patients, they are often not very relaxed when they laugh, or laugh when the hand over her mouth, because their teeth look good, now is not the ancient, unpopular laugh not grin or handrails hide their faces. So they want to do teeth whitening, but worried about bad teeth whitening teeth, they said firmly: between the teeth and health, they would choose health. A dental hospital dental expert for their choice to support healthy, after all, is what can change. Below will not hurt teeth whitening by dental professionals had responded:

Whitening teeth whitening technology is known as fast and secure. The low-temperature luminescences avoid tooth nerve stimulation in the treatment process. The main component of the whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide, one-time, no stimulation. Is a very simple process, coated with a protective agent in the gingival margin, and then teeth the topcoat whitening agents, whitening light exposure (based on the degree of tooth staining light 8 to 10 minutes), then get rid of the dental equipment whitening agent, and then cover new layer of whitening agent. This process is repeated three times, the whole process, but 30 to 40 minutes.

Crowd: exogenous pigment teeth, tetracycline mild, drug-induced discolored teeth and hereditary yellow teeth.

Duration: 2 years.

Advantages: teeth whitening technology, its effect can be Children more than adults need dental check increased 5 Levels to 14 Levels; used in low temperature cold, to avoid damage to the tooth nerve operation; operation no contact with the gums on the tooth structure does not damage.

Disadvantages: The whitening is coated with a layer of gel on the teeth of its cold light irradiation; the gel can make teeth bleaching. So, the whitening is still whitening teeth by bleaching yao material, the laser is to boost the aids yao decoloration speed during operation teeth feel pain, it is precisely because of the bleach on the surface of the tooth enamel damage done dentine hypersensitivity (hot and cold reaction) a greater chance of even teeth brittle.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Note children's removal of the teeth

When inherited permanent teeth eruption or close to the eruption of deciduous teeth or loose obviously should be removed; some deciduous delay off for some reason, it will cause the permanent teeth eruption abnormal position; or deciduous affect the formation of permanent dentition for occlusal induction this type of teeth should be removed.

1. Some close to the physiological replacement of the exposed pulp of deciduous teeth can be removed.

2. Deciduous teeth due to trauma is not easy to cure, to avoid affecting the succession permanent teeth should be removed.

When do you need to unplug the child's permanent teeth?

1. Relative to the deciduous for the removal of young permanent teeth will need to carefully much, only when severe lesions of teeth, loss of chewing function, can not cure dental equipment a variety of ways, before removal of or traumatic tooth can not be retained;

2. Sometimes because the children crowding unplug the subtrahend must be on permanent teeth, but under the guidance of a doctor.

When tooth extraction?

1. in some cases, the lesions teeth accompanied by acute, extensive inflammation, anti-inflammatory control of acute symptoms after removal of teeth, to prevent the spread of inflammation.

2. Extraction need careful of children suffering from certain systemic diseases such as leukemia in children, children suffering from severe heart and kidney disease in non-tooth extraction, or make the disease worse.

3. Acute infection, fever, it should avoid extractions.

After tooth extraction, tooth extraction wound healed, children and parents should pay attention to the following matters:

1. Spit out the pressure on the wound on the lap after 30 minutes after tooth extraction, can not bite pressure for a long time, and otherwise easily lead to How to make yellow teeth white wound infection;

2.2 hours do not eat that day can not brush your teeth, eating cold diet;

3. Nearly said, do not chew wound;

4. Gargle with salt water after eating, maintaining good oral hygiene to prevent infection.

5 Children do not use the tongue to lick or suck the wound, or with their fingers, to prevent the cause of bleeding or infection should be asked.

6. Also need to prevent children Yaochun from biting the cheek, caused by trauma.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How to whiten teeth?

More and more people want their teeth as white as jade, so many people choose to teeth for beauty, but beauty is not an easy thing to choose the appropriate method in order to get the best results. So, how to whiten teeth? Dental experts, the most popular method of whitening teeth when belong cold light whitening is the most popular method of whitening teeth.

The teeth whitening technology is the wavelength range of between 480-520nanometer high-intensity blue through the optical fiber transmission by two 30 multi-coated optical lenses, special optical filters to remove all harmful UV and infrared, hydrogen peroxide and a diameter of 20 nm silica as the main whitening agent, the rapid creation of redox reactions. Through a small tube of tooth, removing the tooth surface and the deep attachment of the pigment in order to dental equipment lighten the skin.

The advantages of tooth whitening:

1. Fast: a course of just the 30 minutes or so, you can achieve the whitening effect.

2. Safety: low-temperature luminescence, hydrophilic drugs and no contact with the gums whitening process, completely avoid the operation of the Which are common in the elderly oral diseases tooth nerve stimulation, enamel, gum does not cause any harm, no side effects, does not cause any damage to the teeth.

3. Wide range of applications: General exogenous pigments stain teeth (coffee stains, smoke stains, tea stains, etc.); in mild tetracycline, dental fluorosis, genetic yellow teeth and so on can be a clean sweep through the whitening.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Characteristics of the elderly dental

The tooth is one of the most important organs in the body, a good tooth is to maintain good health, and this is particularly important for the elderly is concerned. So, the elderly, how to maintain their teeth? Author interview with People's Liberation Army 304 Hospital Dental Officer Zhang Jianqiang, deputy director of Physicians.

The dental characteristic of the elderly is generally performed for more than four:

First, tooth wear: The tooth after decades of use, the surface of the enamel (enamel) has been basically wearing exhausted, exposed dentin, the tooth surface is flattened, shorter teeth. Leading to dinner when the bite is not bad things, a long time to eat joint tired, can not eat cold, heat can not eat chewing inefficient, temporomandibular joint disease, the symptoms of dental equipment dentine hypersensitivity, and some may develop into teeth pulpitis, periapical and persistent pain.

: Wedge-shaped defects of tooth neck of the elderly can often see a rampant groove-like defect, the formation of the main reasons for the acidic environment of the teeth of local corrosion, occlusal stress, long-term incorrect brushing. The wedge-shaped defects can cause allergy, pain, and feeling of the teeth, secondary caries, and tooth cross breaks complications.

Three teeth: one to the atrophy of old age, gingival and periodontal tissues, gradually increasing gaps between the teeth, teeth longer, likely to cause food impaction, leading to the Young people should pay attention to oral prevention occurrence and development of root caries and periodontal tissues of the pathological absorption, tooth defects and loosening lesions.

Fourth, the residual root and crown teeth: This is due to the long-term tooth wear, dental caries, wedge-shaped defect reason not to get effective control and treatment, or due to delays in treatment because of patient fear of fillings and extractions.

Treatment of periodontal abscess attention to points

1. Attention to oral hygiene

Develop early and late mouthwash after eating habits, gargle, and will be able to remove food debris between the articulate and maintain oral and dental health, so do not caries. If it is found of tooth caries, should be treated early. If not treated, deep caries, the bacteria and their toxins through the dentinal tubules or directly through wearing a pith hole infection pulp, which leads to inflammatory disease of the apical and periodontal tissues.

2. Protect teeth

Dental care is not down bumps, sharp force such as falls, collisions, etc., added to the teeth, often become the cause of periapical inflammation. If down bumps incisors. Dentist treatment should be made ​​as soon as possible. Can reduce or dental equipment eliminate the occurrence of the disease.

3. Dietary restraint

Usually wish to control your eating, do not eat too much hasty over spicy food Feiganhouwei, product, to prevent Xin heat, stagnation of stomach, the stomach and internal organs accumulated heat Yun steamed upside articulate and fat-based disease.

Treatment of periodontal abscess

Toothache teeth boil generally good prognosis. If the treatment is All-ceramic dental materials classification inappropriate or delayed treatment, resulting in cult poison into, loss and bone, long bone corrosion and the formation of the drain pipe. Once the formation of the drain pipe, you can pipe the long-term outflow of pus, even sequestrum discharged to become a dental leakage.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Which genetic yellow teeth whitening?

1. Severe periodontal disease in patients with the gums bleed easily, so the use of whitening agents likely to cause sensitive teeth, recommended to ask the doctor to periodontal disease will be cured after teeth whitening. Young people under the age of 15 of the tooth are relatively easy to sensitive and it is not whiten teeth, and the best adult again later.

2. Too young human alveolar bone and gum tissue is not stable, do teeth whitening peroxide will affect the development of the periodontal tissue. Teeth whitening teeth is dental equipment harmful to humans, but is not recommended for pregnant women.

Patients with hereditary yellow teeth you want to get rid of yellow teeth troubled urgent mood is understandable, but must be cautious before tooth whitening, do not do teeth whitening at an inappropriate time, so as not to impact on dental health. Hereditary yellow teeth divided into mild and severe, with varying degrees of yellow teeth should develop How cosmetic discolored teeth different whitening options, the patient can go to a specialized oral surgery hospital to check, and then determine the whitening program.

Treatment of exogenous pigment teeth

Exogenous pigment teeth due to the usual diet of some of the pigment deep food and led to the suffering of the pigment teeth. Exogenous pigment teeth on the one hand will affect a person's external image, on the other hand, the long run will be great impact on patients' psychological. Treatment of exogenous pigment teeth?

1. Treatment of exogenous pigment teeth beauty crown.

The beauty crown cosmetic dental technology is now popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea cosmetic dental techniques, all ceramic crown size, direction, angle, shape, color, and so it is tailored according to each beauty who, just six days Woon new can be achieved for the United States by the teeth, an ugly "broken tooth" suddenly turned dental equipment into a neat white teeth, no tooth.

2. Exogenous pigment teeth treatment of teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening technology through the oxidant hydrogen peroxide in small molecules through the enamel and dentin penetrated into all parts of the teeth move in the glaze column decomposition to remove tooth discoloration of the pigment molecules. Does not change the tooth structure, 15 minutes to produce a whitening effect. Teeth whitening Adolescent orthodontic characteristics that differ from adult tooth color into 29 color, and greatly improve the accuracy of tooth whitening, whitening immediate, and 60 minutes to have white teeth.

Scaling can remove tartar attached to the surface of your teeth, tartar, and your teeth true colors.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Children's malocclusion deformity prevention

The children in the deciduous and permanent teeth of the turn, easily affected by various factors caused Malocclusion, therefore, must do the following:

1. Strengthen the balance of diet and nutrition, into childhood, physical growth and development to speed up metabolism, the need for adequate nutrition and energy, in order to guarantee the normal development of the various parts of the body. In addition, food should not only easy to digest, but also a certain degree of hardness to stimulate the dental equipment development of the maxilla.

2. Correct all kinds of bad oral habits, such as mouth-breathing, sucking fingers, the habits and lateralization of the tongue, Shenshe, licking teeth chewing habits.

3. Cariogenicity. The parents should pay attention to children's dental health, found dental caries should be treated in time to Analysis of the factors of pain after root canal surgery avoid creating the deciduous teeth as early as the loss caused by malocclusion.

4. Prevention and treatment of systemic diseases such as arrest floor, tuberculosis, indigestion, chronic inflammation of the nasopharynx, tonsillar hypertrophy.

5. Maintain oral health, and urge children mouthwash after meals, and teach the correct method of brushing.

Note after the root canal filling therapy

1. Temporarily closed after root canal filling material initial setting time of 2 hours, 24 hours to completely solidified, so two hours later eat the food within 24 hours after treatment, ipsilateral bite too hard solid food.

2. Within one week after treatment there will be little bite pain, pain, feeling teeth the elongation flu is a normal physical response, a week after the above symptoms will gradually improve until it disappears.

3. Such as two weeks after the above symptoms do not improve or aggravate please call contact with our doctors.

4. Generally brittle dental root canal treatment done relatively large bite relatively hard food can cause tooth fracture of the crown sets of repair after root canal treatment done, the proposal, so that the teeth overall force will not lead to easily fractured, such as did not do the dental equipment crown sets, do not use the teeth to bite hard solid food, whole tooth fracture when a larger range generally can not keep the teeth pulled out.

5. A relatively large range of the decayed tooth fillings generally very easy to fall off, it is recommended that the crown sets of repair effect better, if there is no crown sets, not hard too hard solid foods such as described in 4 above.

6. The root canal did not appear in pain after a week of treatment, such as over timely referral to do the permanent filling.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Whitening and tooth repair wary of two errors

1. Whitening undue harm teeth.

Whitening tetracycline, for example, at this stage, many clinics to take the crown finely ground, and then put on the practice of the porcelain crown. Such teeth beautiful, but over time the problem will be revealed. Teeth finely ground, easy to become sensitive, fragile, porcelain crowns, metal parts are easy to stimulate the gums, black gums, and atrophy.

According to experts, the safest and most natural teeth whitening method is the use of 3D white patch. The Act, the need to first tooth surface friction off a thin layer, then use the 3D camera image in the mouth, carved out of teeth worn part fully in line with dental equipment the artificial enamel whitening material, this layer white patch mosaic in the teeth on.

2. Materials such as silver amalgam fillings.

Amalgam repair of tooth decay has been eliminated in developed countries. Unsightly silver amalgam color itself can not closely integrate with the teeth and could easily lead to secondary caries and lack of strength, and heavy metals will have a negative impact on the body. Therefore, experts recommend the use of the material close to the tooth structure - VITA artificial enamel porcelain bulk. This is a compressed ceramic powder vacuum firing porcelain material, after slow cooling, the density is uniform, not easily cracked, good transparency, and repaired to make the teeth look very natural. After 10 years of clinically proven in a foreign country, the wear degrees and the natural tooth enamel up to 98% similarity.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The formation of black teeth

Black harm to the teeth beautiful teeth, a black tooth often did not become a stumbling block in our interpersonal relationships, therefore, black teeth must be timely whitening. Black teeth whitening must be based on the causes of black teeth to choose the right teeth whitening.

1. Aging can also cause black teeth: tooth enamel with age and thinning gradually lost transparency relative to the inner yellow dentin thickness to make the teeth more yellow.

2. Decay makes the teeth black, grayed out: know termite broken teeth will be black.

3. Tooth internal black discoloration of the teeth: the most common to tetracycline (and its derivatives) class of antibiotics. Teeth in the light turn yellow grayed out entire pieces of the severe cases, teeth becomes black, depending on the degree of discoloration taking this dental equipment medication depends on the size and the length of the take during different. Others, such as the ingestion of fluoride and other substances in excess can also cause discoloration of the teeth.

4. Teeth black outside: long-term habit of drinking coffee, tea, cola and other dark-colored diet will make the teeth yellow, black. Others, such as smoking, chewing betel nut and other bad habits will cause discoloration over time of deep pigment deposited on the surface of the teeth, and even penetrate into the tooth enamel internal.

Monday, 5 March 2012

The life of dental implant

Deep implant bone dental implant can withstand normal chewing forces, functional and aesthetic almost like natural teeth, therefore, be called human teeth.

The dental implant of choice is sex excellent biological material compatible with the human body, the human body does not produce any adverse side effects. And the alveolar bone at the implant site, the dental implant to form functional stimulation, slow the absorption dental equipment of alveolar bone. As long as the implant-bone of the three-month observation period, combination of abnormal conditions, dental implants are without any sequelae, even if the dental implant Osseo integration failure is not successful dental implant, can be removed later to be bone healing to do the planting, or alternative repair method.

Dental implant life long, kinds of teeth first matter of concern, the oral clinical criteria of the medical profession, the five-year preservation rate of 95%, 10-year retention rate was 85 percent, experts, one of the first modern dental implants for missing teeth the perfect service for over 40 years! In fact, dental implants can be used there are individual differences, as long as good How the process of filling oral hygiene and regular inspection implant to maintain the same long-term and permanent teeth.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

We need to do before the extraction work?

Extraction has become a topic of common concern in today's society, almost all contact with experienced dental experience. Extraction before the work is also important, if done well, can make the extraction much easier. Before the extraction, we need to do what work? Below us a look:

1. Extraction prior to the regular hospital to be checked, such as mobility, splitting the degree of caries severity has been reached or exceeded the extraction of the standards, see the tooth whether it is the best solution.

2. Respond to their physical condition before the tooth to look at dental equipment assessment, for example, whether suffering from hypertension, heart disease, inflammatory disease, female patients should also consider whether the menstrual period, pregnancy, whether abortion for congenital.

3. Should also pay attention to oral hygiene, tooth extraction before some of tartar, generally can be considered to clear before the extraction of teeth and adjacent teeth, the surface of the stones in order to operate.

4. To keep their minds at ease before the extraction is very important, if necessary, can also be sedated in order to ensure adequate sleep before extraction also pay attention to Loose teeth after tooth extraction do maintain a normal diet, to prevent tooth extraction when physically frail and lead to collapse.

5. Extraction is not terrible, as long as the correct attitude, and actively cooperates with the doctor, could make the extraction simpler, efficient, and in the extraction of the issue would not have troubled everyone.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Female tooth must pay attention to the body

Women because some particularities of the body in the extraction of the time be sure to pay special attention to provide enough information before the extraction, to give doctors a doctor to determine the suitability of extraction.

When women in the menstrual period, pregnancy, lactation period is dental equipment not suitable for extraction. Exclude the extraction of other effects, the women in the tooth in the first 10 days of the menstrual cycle is most appropriate.

In the menstrual period, the female hormone levels changed, the extraction is easy to cause bleeding. Plus the bodies stress decreased saliva plasminogen activation substances increased after tooth extraction wound contact with the saliva, wound healing is slow, prone to bacterial infection.

Women should not be in the first trimester of pregnancy and three months after the tooth extraction. This is because the mothers in this period stimulated, likely to cause miscarriage and premature birth. Abortion, premature birth history, but should avoid tooth extraction during this period. Furthermore, after tooth extraction, some people may need antibiotic pills, certain Orthodontics How long will it take and their metabolites may reach the fetus through the placenta, and its adverse impact.

The lactation extraction for antibiotic pills, drugs and their metabolites can impact on the baby through breast milk. During taking birth control pills, birth control pills can make in vivo fibrin decomposition increases, so that the wound can not form a good clot, the bacteria take advantage of easy to cause infection, wound healing.

After tooth loss can not be ignored

Posterior teeth missing anterior teeth missing then affect the appearance, and also because of this, many people have ignored this issue after the missing tooth, missing tooth but this does not mean harm no front teeth. After which the teeth in chewing plays a very important role, after the missing tooth will give our lives a lot of inconvenience.

Each tooth is very important for us; it is not only related to the integrity of the entire crown, but also to oral health problems. Whether the lack of which one will lead to a series of oral diseases.

Single posterior teeth loss is often easily overlooked. Its influence, though not in a short period of time shown, but the lack of time is too long, it will undermine the dental equipment integrity of the whole mouth dental arch. In this regard, oral experts explained, because teeth to withstand the chewing force is there a certain limit of the lack of individual teeth, the chewing force concentrated on the remaining teeth, the chewing force of more than a I stay teeth of the withstand limits, resulting in more than stay in the teeth caused by trauma arising edema of the periodontal ligament, gingival recession, loose teeth and other periodontal diseases. If left unchecked, will lead to the teeth adjacent to missing teeth gap tilt shift.

Moreover, after the missing tooth will make people chewing dysfunction. Important role of the posterior teeth in the denial of which actor after tooth loss will directly affect the masticatory function. Under normal circumstances, the food into the mouth, teeth gradually chew promote the secretion of gastrointestinal fluid to help digestion, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, to speed up the Just as adults can orthodontics absorption of nutrients. Individual missing teeth or denture, chewing efficiency decreases or loss affect the body on the absorption of nutrients, there may be severe diseases of the digestive system.

Posterior teeth loss concealment, there is no lack of front teeth affect the appearance, but after which the teeth in chewing plays a more important role than the front teeth, so if the posterior teeth loss, do not overlook their own health, we must as soon as possible repair.