Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dental fluorosis and water-related

Also known as macular dental enamel fluoride tooth or teeth, belonging to the local sexually transmitted diseases, mainly because of local drinking water caused by excessive fluoride. In general, the amount of fluoride in drinking water maintained at 0. 5-1ppm poisoning does not occur within and also can play a role in the prevention of dental caries, if more than this amount will form dental fluorosis, or even give life zone to threaten.
Dental fluorosis has a relationship with water? Dental fluorosis has a relationship with water is in the affirmative.

Fluoride inhibition of the formation of enamel, enamel hypoplasia or calcification may cause adverse long-term excessive fluoride in drinking water can cause chronic fluoride poisoning. General dental fluorosis in permanent teeth six or seven period, mineralization of permanent teeth are dental instruments in the developmental period, during which, too much fluoride in drinking water can lead to dental fluorosis.

For the prevention of dental fluorosis is very important, but if dental fluorosis has been formed, for the treatment of dental fluorosis: If mild to moderate dental fluorosis, can whitening, the effect is faster and better, without changing the shape of teeth , is still their How to maintain dental implant natural teeth; if moderate or moderate white teeth whitening done after they were not satisfied, you can choose veneer or porcelain dental restoration, but to change the appearance of the original tooth color, shape can choose realistic types of porcelain teeth.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Dental Implant can be maintained for many years

Many friends of the missing teeth Oral Implantology choose to do, but in doing oral before planting, they still have some questions, which implants can be maintained for many years this problem, many patients concerned about, then we look dental equipment at the following implants can be maintained many years.

Dental Implant can last long, the patient first of all a matter of concern, but also the growing concern of doctors.

In a survey: its 700 759 edentulous patients in maxillary or Scaling advantages or disadvantages lower jaw, implants implanted 4636 follow-up observation, 5 harvest rate of 84% in the upper 92%, in the mandible of 91% to 99 %; 10-year success rate of 81% in the upper 82%, in the mandible of 89% to 98%.

15-year success rate of 78% in the upper jaw, in the mandible to 86%. The first implanted in patients over 30 years since its restoration and the implant is still in the exercise of normal function, then the implant can last long in the end remains to be studied.

For the success of the implant, the hold time is an important indicator of the implant over the past five years that the retention rate of 85%, 10-year retention rate of 80 per cent is the conditions for success, and now demands a higher.

Beauty knowledge started from the mouth

Cosmetic dentistry involves dental aesthetic category, the U.S. Chairman of the Institute REGoldstein aesthetic dentistry said: "Aesthetics Dentistry is pure art, one of the tasks that dentists do not affect functionality in the case of dental treatment through to save, improve and create a beautiful smile. "oral medicine on the definition of beauty, there is no clear explanation at home and abroad, the author based on a preliminary study of clinical practice that beauty should be an oral medicine to medical aesthetics and theory-based oral medicine guidance, the application dental equipment of specialized techniques and methods of special treatment to maintain and enhance human teeth fit and a medical science. It is based on repair and correction of dental function and appearance as a means to improve people's overall vitality and quality of life for the purpose of the emerging medical branches.

Here that the vitality refers to the person's physical, psychological, social and environmental adaptation in the best state of the reflected energy. The mouth of the active and fit is an exuberant vitality of an important embodiment. Quality of life is the life of the body held by the structure, form, function and survival, the pros and cons of development. So, in a sense, the mouth of the fitness level, but also the quality of life advantages and disadvantages of expression. So full of vitality, and improve the quality of life should be a lofty goal of human pursuit of beauty, and cosmetic dental medicine is to help people access from one side of this lofty goal of a medical means.

"Medical cosmetology" book clearly that: "the study of cosmetic medicine is people's body the United States, as well as maintenance, repair, remodeling of its size and beauty of all medical facilities and basic theory skills." According to this line of thought we believe that cosmetic Dentistry object should be to maintain human oral structure, shape, function and aesthetics, and enhance the human oral cavity fit a variety of medical skills, facilities and the basic theory, not discussed here refer to isolated mouth, but to inseparable from the overall beauty of the oral cavity of the body fit.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Correct understanding of oral lichen planus

Oral lichen planus is the most common oral mucosal diseases, skin and mucosal disease are, can occur in the oral mucosa or skin, can also be complicated by the two, a small number of cancerous tendencies. Oral lichen planus lesions can occur in any part of the oral mucosa in order to cheek the most common, often symmetrical, mainly white stripes, papules, plaques.

Generally no obvious clinical symptoms, or only slightly rough feel, once epithelial lesions are within the body or oral stimulation of the formation of ulcers erosion surface, eating and talking when the patient will feel pain. In addition to oral lichen planus dental equipment caused by psychological factors such as fatigue, anxiety endures, immune function, endocrine disorders is one of the factors of their disease.

Because of its multifactorial etiology, so now there is no effect of oral lichen planus radical approach. In general, the symptoms are mild, and only take clinical observations, topical; if more serious symptoms, the patient will need to go to the hospital for treatment. Patients with oral lichen planus on the basis of clinical history and clinical manifestations combined with its generally not difficult to make a diagnosis, but sometimes with discoid lupus erythematosus, vitiligo and other diseases is difficult to identify, if necessary, a biopsy can confirm the diagnosis. Treatment of oral lichen planus, patients should first eliminate the social, psychological and spiritual tension caused by three factors, to feel Causes of bleeding gumsv comfortable, focus on patterns of life, limit alcohol and spicy food, attention to oral hygiene, eliminating infected lesions, etc., as the disease in a stable state.

In addition, oral lichen planus can be systemic and local drug treatment, ultrasound can be inhaled topical steroid or partially closed, film coated ulcers can also give the body the immune modulators such as thymosin, transfer factor. Some patients also receive treatment by Chinese medicine good results. Also recommended in patients with oral lichen planus is best to regularly to the hospital.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

You can brush your teeth white teeth

We know that many people advocate brushing your teeth at least twice a day, preferably morning and evening, and in order to dental health, but also very particular about brushing method. However, many beauty who also found that the use of the best whitening toothpaste, toothpaste with the most expensive, is also very particular about brushing method, but still not seen the white teeth. So, in the end there is a way to whiten teeth quickly and effectively and does not damage the teeth healthy?

Experts said that at present there are many teeth whitening methods, one of the good results and is a very long time to maintain whitening. Whitening the dental equipment introduction of U.S. technology, operation by professionals, for all types of pigment teeth with very good results, and treatment time comfortable, fast treatment to maintain a long time.

Whitening advantages:

1. Significant effect: whitening technology from the U.S., by experienced operations professional dentist for teeth in cause black, yellow caused by selective removal of substances, 30 minutes after the teeth can increase three to eight Levels, immediately see the results, faster than traditional methods, more pronounced.

2. Fast treatment: a comprehensive teeth whitening is expensive painting, harmless white material after the first exposure to the full-mouth teeth, so greatly reducing the Which is treatment of chronic pulpitis whitening time, just 30 minutes, only 1 doctor can see the whitening effect.

3. Perfect comfort: As a result of cold temperature, no thermal effect, completely avoiding the dental nerve during the operation does not, will not hurt any oral tissue, the process in a relaxed and comfortable, bright white teeth quietly.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Formal steps of root canal treatment

The principle of root canal therapy root canal treatment is a doctor with special equipment to remove infected pulp and dentin infection and toxic decomposition products. After root canal irrigation, disinfection and tight packing, isolated the bacteria into the root canal re-infection, to prevent the occurrence of periapical lesions or promote the healing of periapical disease.

Clinical reports of root canal therapy more than 90% success rate, is the best treatment to save teeth. In general, for those who pulpitis, pulp necrosis, periapical all types are suitable for root canal treatment, especially for residual crown and root of the tooth, the need for crown restoration, root canal therapy is the only a choice of treatment.

Will root canal therapy what is the process?

Root canal therapy usually consists of three basic steps: root canal preparation, root canal disinfection, root canal filling.

In root canal treatment, doctors often require root canal treatment in teeth with preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative X-ray film, respectively, to help diagnose, understand the position of the pulp chamber and root canal number and morphology, root canal work dental equipment length of follow-up and evaluation of the efficacy and the future provide a basis for comparison.

What is rooting canal treatment note it?

1. Root canal therapy is not always a complete treatment, doctors often based on clinical inspection, sub-sub-sub-step treatment; in general, root canal therapy should be done 2-3 times a doctor.

2. As a more complicated root canal therapy, the doctors must be familiar with the anatomy of tooth structure knowledge and proficiency in technology while What oral health should have new ideas supporting the need for special treatment of root canal instruments and equipment and materials, which root canal therapy a long time, and the relatively high cost.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The impact of smoking on periodontal

Over the years, smoking on human health, especially for the impact of the development of periodontal disease, dental workers made ​​a lot of research work. Has been demonstrated: smokers gingivitis, acute necrotizing gingivitis, periodontitis prevalence than non-smokers. Some people think that smoking is a plaque and calculus deposition of one of the factors, debris index of smokers than non-smokers. Therefore, it was obtained a significant increase in smokers calculus deposition conclusion. The smoking pros and cons of different types and quality of periodontal tissues have different effects.

Some people have studied: group of 228 people smoking cigarettes smoke cigars / tobacco group 153 detects six periodontal health index, results show: smoking cigarettes group, plaque deposition was slightly lower than smoke cigars / tobacco group, calculus deposition than the suction cigars / tobacco group and more; smoke cigarettes alveolar bone loss than the dental equipment group smoke cigars / tobacco group significantly, and speculated that smoking cigarettes group, significant loss of alveolar bone is absorbed into the body as a product of nicotine and its systemic side effects caused by due. The results demonstrate: cigarette smoke can induce gingival inflammation. Some people smoke cigarettes to stimulate the hamster buccal pouch mucosa, 1 week and found the cheek pouch mucosa of patients with congestion, rough surface. With the stimulus time, the mucous membranes become increasingly rough. Cigarette smoke also affects the quality of saliva. Smoke stimulation, increased saliva flow, some trace elements in saliva composition and calcification of plaque work, so that Dental Implant is the best choice for dental restorations dental plaque increased significantly.

In addition, the tar in cigarette smoke deposition occurred in the tooth surface, so that smokers are poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease can be a local stimulus, and thus increase the periodontal tissue inflammation.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How to grow solid front teeth?

Dental Implant, teeth are not growing, but the bone into the metal in the tooth root, alveolar bone to be closely integrated with metal teeth, the dentures in their device on, as if making room lay a solid foundation before, in order to make housing firm and stable.

Dental Implant is more stable than conventional dentures, easy to move, but welcomed by the people.

Compared with conventional dentures implant has the following advantages:

1. In a few teeth missing one or a few, the traditional fixed dentures must first two teeth on either side of the edentulous ridge grinding small, as a solid pillar braces, dentures will be strong, but dentures do great as the base plate care, people feel uncomfortable, foreign body sensation. Implant can be implanted directly in the edentulous ridge implant, fixed dentures, no dental equipment damage other teeth, and no foreign body, discomfort. Rear molar tooth in the absence of all the past can only be fitted dentures. However, poor denture chewing function, easy to hook the metal dentures stuck dirt, easy to clean, easy to exposed metal hooks also affect the appearance. Implant had no such shortcomings.

2. When the full-mouth tooth loss, we must make full mouth dentures, gum alone traditional dentures because mucosal soft tissue support, fixed weak, is not only easy to loose dentures, masticatory function is poor, only to restore normal function of the four into it. If the gums with discontinuity when the alveolar bone will gradually shrink, dentures effect is getting worse. Implant had no movement or function of a bad situation chewing, delayed absorption of alveolar bone, so the medical profession have called the third implant of teeth in human.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Stomatitis etiology pathology

Western medicine, bacterial infection of the streptococcus and staphylococcus stomatitis often as the main pathogens. These bacteria in acute infections, chronic diarrhea and other conditions of low body resistance, if dirty mouth, are caused by bacteria multiply, causing acute oral mucosal damage. Beginning when the oral mucosa congestion and edema, subsequent erosion or ulceration of varying sizes, have a thick fibrinous inflammatory exudate formed white pseudo membrane. Herpetic stomatitis was dental equipment originally a work of pathogenic herpes simplex virus type. Local skin rashes and the rapid emergence of exudation and the formation of blisters.

Chinese medicine believes that the cause of this disease are mostly exogenous cult poison, or eat injury, heat and ferrite Yun Yin, etc. Exogenous wind-heat, to move the Heart and two by the heat, steam in the tongue mucosa and hair for the ulcer. Fresh wound in the stomach, caused by the Heart and the plot is hot, burning hot on the tongue; or complex feelings of evils, fumigation Juvenile dentition how to do of the mouth, can be caused by herpes, ulcers occur. If Ruosu body Yin, Yin Ye depletion, water does not control the fire, virtual fire burning, hot-smoked mouth ulcer can also be sent to. The disease is acute are easy to cure, if recurrent ulcers, upright deficiency were prolonged course and refractory.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Unilateral chewing on children

Eating causes the formation of unilateral

The main reason is caused by its own, some people's teeth on one side there are various ailments, such as dental caries, pulpitis, periapical inflammation, gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth fracture, pain caused by cracked, but afraid to go see a doctor to the hospital, long-term lack of effective treatment. Because of its fear of teeth due to eating provoke pain, had to use the other side of the bite. Another reason is more missing teeth on one side, long-term did not go to dental, rehabilitation, ability to chew and inefficient, but to eat with the other side of the teeth.

In addition, if some poor periodontal condition of teeth, loose obvious bite without power, or tooth decay more, eat often Seya, will gradually abandon the use of this side of the teeth, and slowly develop other side of the teeth eating habits.

Dental Center experts advise: If children eat frequently unilateral, will affect the child facial bones, muscle growth and development, constant, daily, will appear dental equipment on both sides of the face is not the same size, looks like twisted to one side like a serious impact on facial appearance.

Often easy to get sick eating unilateral

Unilateral chewing great harm, often affect a child eating unilateral facial bones, muscle growth and development, constant, daily, will appear on both sides of the face is not the same size, looks like twisted to one side like a serious impact on facial appearance. This is often the main meal with a side of the teeth, this side of the chewing movement frequency, over-development of jaw and facial muscles, while the other side of the development caused by insufficient. If the development of facial shape to have crooked, then it is very difficult to correct. Can directly affect the eating habits of unilateral Produce bad breath causes and prevention temporomandibular joint development of the child's deformity, over time there will temporomandibular joint disease, joint pain, snapping, mouth problems. In addition, food may also cause unilateral occlusion and dental deformities, there side of the teeth "to package-day" that is anti-jaw.

Will lead to long-term consumption of adult unilateral temporomandibular joint disease, joint pain in the sheets when closed, snapping, to live and work inconvenience. Also prone to dental caries, gingivitis, periodontal disease, periodontal tissue atrophy than those who eat both sides appeared early, more rapid development

Correct lateralization eating

First, to supervise their children develop normal bilateral chewing habits. All adults have untreated dental problems, lack of a good set of teeth to dentures as soon as possible to ensure the functionality and efficiency of chewing food.

Friday, 6 January 2012

How children from pulpitis

Acute dental pulpitis is a common clinical emergency, the incidence rate is high. As the severe pain caused great pain to the patient, seriously affecting the patient's life and work. Here to tell us about how children from pulpitis?

1. Maintain oral health, to develop good health habits, sooner or later, or adhere to brush your teeth after eating, mouthwash after meals, stay in the mouth and promptly remove food debris between the teeth and bacteria, use of fluoride toothpaste to prevent dental caries have some the role.

2. The child's diet and oral hygiene. Children's diet should be diversified, and toughness appropriate to eat hard foods, can promote its growth and development of jaws and teeth. Do not allow children to sleep or eat his mouth candy sweets do not brush our teeth dental equipment on the bed, because the sugar in your mouth and teeth to corrosive sour derived from dental caries.

3 After the eruption of permanent teeth of children 6-12 years old do pit and fissure in time, that the teeth of pit and fissure closed with a layer of resin material, to avoid food debris and bacteria and other harmful substances into the body, teeth, thus preventing dental caries.

4. For wisdom teeth malposition of teeth food impaction and timely treatment, inappropriate dentures and braces timely manner.

5. Got timely treatment of dental caries, shallow cavities in dentin after removal of damaged materials with the appropriate filling, the tooth form and function have been restored to prevent further decay; dental caries deep hole, depending on the circumstances appropriate to What is a common metal bracket of treatment. Caused by dental caries pulpitis or apical periodontitis, pulp cavity, or to clear bacterial infection around the root, after root canal treatment to save teeth. Has lost value for the treatment of residual crown and root timely removal, re-set time.

6. Away from acute pulpitis method also includes once every six months to a year oral examination.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Children's dental implant can be done

Dental experts, children's jaws are developing, if the missing posterior teeth, missing teeth and the side of men 1 / 3 of the heavy vertical distance become shorter, the face shape left-right asymmetry. Missing teeth for too long, the upper and lower loss of normal alveolar bite due to the long relationship between the jaws lack of physiological function to stimulate the development dental equipment of severe jaw can absorb atrophy. Time set on the kinds of children missing teeth, it is important to grow and develop.

Important function is to absorb the teeth to chew food, children's lack of teeth, the first can not chew food well, affecting the absorption of nutrients, increase the burden on the stomach, over time, can cause indigestion and other gastrointestinal diseases. Second, teeth supporting pronunciation function, especially the front incisors, for children to learn accurate, clear pronunciation is more important. Front teeth missing, say leak, will form a lisp. So, whether it is caused when the missing teeth, should be planted in time to restore its physiological function.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What is the purpose ultrasonic scaler

Why is now the best year to promote regular dental hospital ultrasonic cleaning your teeth? What is the purpose? We look at how the experts said.

Dental Center dental experts pointed out that the main purpose of ultrasonic cleaning teeth is to prevent and treat oral diseases, rather than simply to look good. By ultrasonic scaler can reduce gingivitis, periodontitis, inflammatory conditions, but it alone can not cure ultrasonic scaler periodontitis. To cure periodontal disease, also should be carried out after ultrasonic scaler further professional treatment.

Due to various reasons, many people do not develop good oral hygiene habits, sooner or later, do not brush your teeth or not in the correct way to brush your teeth, mouth and the mouth of food debris will be combined with the natural flora in the tooth dental equipment surface plaque. If we do not promptly clean, plaque will be with the people of calcium ions in saliva calcified into calculus, the two are most of the toothache, bad breath, bleeding gums, loose teeth fall off and so the culprit.

For the formation of plaque and calculus have been, brushing is powerless. The ultrasonic scaler to remove the main purpose is attached to the teeth and gums at the junction of the plaque, calculus, and the pigment deposited on the tooth surface to remove the local risk factors, so that damage the gums to stop the development, return to the relative health status.

Ultrasonic Scaler, not only to maintain oral hygiene, you can also remove the dirt surface of the teeth, the teeth to restore natural color. But one thing to note is Bleaching method that different ultrasonic scaler and bleach, it can not remove the internal pigment teeth, the teeth are not truly white.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Use ultrasonic scaling will it hurt?

Today there are many beauty who by scaling to get their teeth become more healthy; now more ways of scaling that is ultrasonic scaling method, then, this scaling method will be in the process of scaling pain it? I believe this is a lot like the beauty who ultrasonic scaling were all very concerned about, then come to the following detailed description of the next.

Ultrasonic scaler ultrasonic instrument with the tooth surface to surface contact with the head attached to the shock removal of calculus. This process, some people will not feel. For ultrasonic cleaning toothache it? Experts point out that the average person will feel the teeth and dental equipment knees, the degree varies, but certainly not pain, is generally acceptable.

Because tartar is generally attached to the teeth near the gums where, so the process of cleaning teeth gum may be encountered, there is a little bit of bleeding, if itself has gingivitis, then bleeding will be relatively more, but is unlikely to cause impact, but if the patient suffers from hemophilia, leukemia, heart disease and so the system, be sure to tell your doctor before cleaning teeth.

The majority of those who now believe the beauty Teeth whitening can be done to of ultrasonic scaling will hurt, should be more understanding of it! In order to get better treatment, dental experts say, be sure to choose a regular time scaling medical institutions.