Monday, 22 August 2011

The use and protection of the elderly denture

Elderly wearing dentures pain, which is more common phenomenon. If pain is not severe, can adhere to try them, if serious, do not force to wear, not to bite hard foods, should be revised. Ask the doctor to check before you put 2-3 hours, inappropriate pressure near the mouth of the denture can leave traces of organization, easy to find location of the pain in order to accurately modify.

After wearing teeth to speak inconvenient. Prevalent in the missing front teeth or complete dentures were fitted. Generally do not have to rush to change, as far as possible adhere to the trial, after a period of time getting used to, as long speech is not convenient, you should check processing.

Dentures are not secure. Wearing complete dentures are often the talk, big mouth, chew food easily fall. Wear dentures because of the early tongue and costal Dental Instruments muscles meet, time and activities with the bad, likely to cause denture slip. Wear for some time, the muscles around the oral tissues and certain training, most people can adapt. If the denture remains stable for long periods, can not chew food, a doctor should be promptly repaired or redone.

Protection dentures should note the following:

1, do not bite excellent food. Because the denture is hard plastic, brittle texture, easily broken.

2, attention to oral hygiene. Brushing teeth after a meal once removed. If you can not brush after each meal, at least to seriously scrub before going to bed at night, use toothpaste, soap and washing, but do not use alcohol or hot soak with boiling water, so make the denture deformation.

3, before sleep should be washed off after soaking in a denture cup cold water, can make dentures without distortion, but also make oral mucosa proper rest.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Inflammation does not pull wisdom teeth pulled

My wisdom teeth out long before the age of 26, but looks Waiqiniuba, but every few days on the inflammation of the throat, I want to unplug it, I heard that the formation of four weeks to pull wisdom teeth loose teeth, inflammation can pull wisdom teeth if I ask it?

If only part of the eruption of wisdom teeth wisdom teeth can lead to the growth of forward tilt, which is inflammation of the surrounding tissue crown sparked a major reason, while lying flat, the growth of the teeth more easily aroused adjacent teeth caries, crowns on repeated four or already sparked sparked caries of adjacent teeth wisdom teeth, removal of general ideas as soon as possible, removal of wisdom teeth will not form around the teeth too much.

However, under the following conditions must be cautious removal of wisdom teeth:

1. No showing off pericoronitis wisdom teeth removed can not rush, but be sure to check regularly.

2. If the first or second molar tooth needs to do dentures, it is best to ask the doctor to see if I can no longer be righting a good alternative to missing teeth Dental Tips wisdom teeth, so teeth can be preserved incomplete.

3. When the dental needs correction, removal of the back teeth, it is best to not pulling wisdom teeth.

To accurately diagnose and disposal of oral and maxillofacial trauma, congenital diseases, and various sub-oral tumors, diagnosis and treatment of trigeminal neuralgia are unique.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Explore the mystery of implant

Implant is fixed by a small titanium device (implant) to replace natural tooth roots have been off. Implant is implanted into the upper jaw or mandible, the period of time combined with the jaw, so it can replace natural teeth, supporting single or multiple missing teeth.

The cost of replacement teeth using implants depends on several factors, including the number of teeth to make up for and support the number of implants required to fill permanent teeth. Before implants, you may need to take other means to ensure the long-term health of the implant. Generally, surgical treatment may charge the pillars and make up permanent teeth connected to a separate charge. To estimate the specific cost, must be carried out by a doctor for your oral Dental Tips examination. After a comprehensive diagnostic examination, your dentist will propose the most appropriate treatment options.

Any due to trauma, disease or tooth decay or cause a few missing teeth and full mouth tooth loss can be used in patients with implants. The main limitation is the size of jaws available. Please evaluate the best dentist to see if you fit the use of implant therapy.

Implant-supported dental implant looks and functions very close to natural teeth. This means that you can eat as before, drink. If you insist, you can continue to smoke (of course, smoking is harmful to implant). However, the most important point is that the implant will usually improve the real quality of life. Some dental problems because of embarrassment or boredom, the new permanent teeth regularly for enhanced self-confidence will make you ecstatic.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Periodontitis and AIDS

According to Japan's "Daily News" reported 11 Japanese university professor Ochiai Bangkang and Nagoya City University, Professor Okamoto, who is still carried out relevant research. Earlier studies have shown that immune cells lurking in the proliferation of AIDS virus in an enzyme called histone deacetylase under the action of the material is suppressed, once the role of this enzyme hindered, the virus becomes active by infection will be disease. On the other hand, the proliferation of periodontal pathogens in the process of producing large quantities of butyric acid, analysis showed that periodontitis patients the gap between the teeth and gums in healthy acid content is 20 times to 30 times.

Ochiai Bang Kang, who studied the acid and histone deacetylase interaction. They have latent HIV into immune cells with butyric acid bacteria culture fluid of periodontitis, the results confirm the rapid proliferation of HIV. As a result, the researchers confirmed that Dental Tips butyrate can inhibit histone deacetylase, which generates a large number of acid due to periodontitis can indeed to activate latent HIV.

According to reports, Japanese aged 25 and over 80% of people with varying degrees of periodontitis, while Japan also has a lot of HIV carriers. Ochiai Bangkang professor said that those who are not aware of their HIV-infected people, may be because the risk of periodontitis and disease. The researchers plan future through animal experiments and epidemiological investigations to confirm this.

Has been reported that periodontitis and diabetes, and heart disease, and results of this study showed that periodontitis may also activate latent HIV. Experts said the results may be a new awareness of the importance of maintaining oral hygiene opportunity.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Women more likely to become pregnant to keep their teeth clean

Women keep their teeth clean and easier to conceive, according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on July 5, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual meeting that a new study found that women regularly brushing and flossing, can two months earlier successful pregnancy.

Periodontal disease by oral bacteria (everyone has) lead to oral inflammation or infection around the teeth. This is easily the circulatory system causing damage to other parts of the body. Researchers at the University of Western Australia on 3500 pregnant women for follow-up survey. Topics covered include: how to prepare for the pregnancy and how successful pregnancy. The results found that the success of dental that pregnant women need more than seven months time, while maintaining the oral health of pregnant women have been only 5 months. The study also Dental Tips confirmed that "age, weight and smoking habits will affect women's chances of pregnancy," the conclusions of earlier studies.

New head of research Professor Roger Hart said, so far, no study explored the chances of pregnancy affect women's dental association studies. The study derived from "two months earlier to maintain oral hygiene can be a successful pregnancy," the results indicate that dental affect the pregnancy is a major risk factor. And this factor can be controlled, the new findings may help more women to increase the chances of pregnancy.

The researchers also said that a number of studies also found that dental problems are associated with miscarriage and premature birth, and increases heart disease, type 2 diabetes, respiratory disease and kidney disease risk. Therefore, to develop regular brushing habits, maintaining good oral hygiene, with a variety of health benefits.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

What is giant cell tumor?

Also known as giant cell tumor of bone osteoclast cell tumor, bone tumors are true, by the bone marrow cavity of primitive mesenchymal cells.

Giant cell tumor of the mother according to the number of cells and mesenchymal differentiation into Class I (benign), level (critical tumor) and grade (malignant). The fewer the number of giant cells, stromal cells that divide more and worse, the higher Dental Tips the histological grade. Giant cell tumor occurred in 20 to 40-year-old adults, no difference between men and women. Giant cell tumor surgery of choice. The tumor is too big not feasible surgery radiation therapy.

Monday, 8 August 2011

How to determine the oral tumors?

Note that regular oral self-examination in case of suspected problems, timely treatment, and further examination to confirm the diagnosis.

The main form of oral cancer for the mass, the surface of the tumor can be observed deep within the tumor or jaw may be due to bulging and to touch, or for left-right asymmetry was found, generally grow faster, a short time can grow to large.

Oral cancer there is a large part of the performance of ulcers, infiltrative growth, ulcers can touch base and around the lump, the edge bulge, irregular, intermediate Dental Tips depression, depression of the granular surface of the small lump, covered with necrotic tissue, general pain or irritation pain, may have a spontaneous violation of nerve pain.

Occurred in the jaw of oral cancer due to destruction of alveolar bone, loose teeth can appear, shift, bleeding gums and other symptoms; as cancer growth, oppression and violations of the nervous, there will be corresponding neurological symptoms.

Within the mandible of cancer, early symptoms may be severe and persistent pain and lower lip numbness, etc.; maxillary or maxillary sinus cancer, early symptoms may be numbness of the face or upper teeth feel.

As the rapid development of oral cancer, violation of chewing muscles, temporomandibular joint, can cause sheets closed movement is limited, difficult.

More common for the early symptoms of oral cancer, but not necessarily there must be more than symptoms of oral cancer, we must be vigilant. Once found, treatment should be checked immediately, so as to achieve early detection, early diagnosis.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The prevention of dental caries should start small

Caries risk is very large, may result in your teeth pain! How to prevent tooth decay from happening? Should start small.
1. Brush: the age of two and a half to three years old children should start learning brushing. Adhere to the tooth brush can clean the surface of the plaque. As the bristles can not enter the bite maxillofacial and dental fissure gap, so the teeth can not receive preventive dental caries and pit and fissure occurrence.

2. The use of fluoride toothpaste: fluoride can change the tooth structure and improve the acid resistance of teeth, but also inhibit the role of bacteria. The most common sources of fluoride materials with fluoride, fluoride drops, fluoride tablets, fluoride toothpaste, fluoride gel, fluoride mouthwash, etc.

3. Sealant: the chewing surfaces of teeth, there are many minor fissure, dental caries easy to start from these places. Sealant to prevent food debris and bacteria Dental Tips accumulate in the fissure. 6 years old after the first permanent molars should be done in pit and fissure eruption.

4. To develop good eating habits: whole grains, beans; milk and dairy products category; fish, meat, eggs; vegetables and fruits good for teeth. Soft and sticky candy, sweet drinks to be harmful to the teeth, you should eat snacks and sweets from childhood, especially the good habit of not eating before going to bed.

5. Regular oral examination: every six months or a year to the Dental Hospital to see a regular dentist, so that early treatment, no disease prevention.

Friday, 5 August 2011

What kind of medicine elderly teeth good?

Loose teeth, how old do? Is the disease? What kind of medicine is good?

Answer; for removal of loose teeth will not lightly, but should identify the cause and proper treatment. Through treatment, the majority of loose teeth can be retained, the more early treatment, the better its efficacy.

1, the teeth caused by periodontal disease, if slightly loose through the effective treatment of periodontal disease, and more will return to normal; if moderately loose, in the treatment of periodontal disease also should be loosened teeth and the adjacent was fixed with ligation to reduce the load of loose teeth, loose teeth to prevent the aggravation, when the majority of loose teeth Dental Tips can not be restored;

If severe loose, meaning loose teeth ", both the upper and lower teeth that were obviously left loose, then use more teeth extraction method to avoid adding unnecessary burden on the adjacent teeth.

2, loose teeth due to trauma caused, if slightly loose, it can take anti-inflammatory drugs (spiramycin, lincomycin, etc.), once the inflammation subsided, the teeth can be automatically restored solid state;

If severe loosening or dislocation, displacement, it should be reset to the teeth, and then fixed on the ligation of adjacent teeth, and taking anti-inflammatory drugs, to maintain oral hygiene, teeth, and so disable this short term, over l ~ 2 months of this teeth can be restored to normal.

3, periodontitis or acute apical periodontitis occurs when loose teeth, treatment is mainly for controlling inflammation, once the acute inflammation relief, loosening of teeth can reduce or disappear.

4, individual teeth bite occlusion or abnormal excessive force when loosening of teeth, general bite adjusted by a doctor after the elimination of occlusal trauma, self-repairing alveolar bone, teeth can be restored stable state.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Babies "horse teeth" can not pick

Some people put some of neonatal white dots on the gums is called "Maya", and some older people call it "ghost teeth", that it is unlucky, use the needle prick, or with a cloth to wipe . Result, the oral mucosa of neonatal break, often lead to inflammation. Some people do not pick the horse teeth that would prevent future teeth. This is no scientific basis.

Neonatal gums or palate will be the size of the white round bean particles, ranging from the number, rather hard, in fact this is not the teeth, but made a keratosis teeth, mucosal epithelial cells is due to accumulation of beads, over weeks will be off on their own. So do not pick Dental Tips to stab or rubbing with a soft cloth. Since it is often due to pick the "horse teeth" cause stomatitis, and even lead to sepsis. If the "horse teeth" too much, too large, children can be expressed as shaking his head, irritability, poor feeding or nipple biting, crying and so on, to the extent of affecting the infant feeding, when to go to the hospital dentist treatment, parents do not handle, to prevent infection.