Friday, 5 August 2011

What kind of medicine elderly teeth good?

Loose teeth, how old do? Is the disease? What kind of medicine is good?

Answer; for removal of loose teeth will not lightly, but should identify the cause and proper treatment. Through treatment, the majority of loose teeth can be retained, the more early treatment, the better its efficacy.

1, the teeth caused by periodontal disease, if slightly loose through the effective treatment of periodontal disease, and more will return to normal; if moderately loose, in the treatment of periodontal disease also should be loosened teeth and the adjacent was fixed with ligation to reduce the load of loose teeth, loose teeth to prevent the aggravation, when the majority of loose teeth Dental Tips can not be restored;

If severe loose, meaning loose teeth ", both the upper and lower teeth that were obviously left loose, then use more teeth extraction method to avoid adding unnecessary burden on the adjacent teeth.

2, loose teeth due to trauma caused, if slightly loose, it can take anti-inflammatory drugs (spiramycin, lincomycin, etc.), once the inflammation subsided, the teeth can be automatically restored solid state;

If severe loosening or dislocation, displacement, it should be reset to the teeth, and then fixed on the ligation of adjacent teeth, and taking anti-inflammatory drugs, to maintain oral hygiene, teeth, and so disable this short term, over l ~ 2 months of this teeth can be restored to normal.

3, periodontitis or acute apical periodontitis occurs when loose teeth, treatment is mainly for controlling inflammation, once the acute inflammation relief, loosening of teeth can reduce or disappear.

4, individual teeth bite occlusion or abnormal excessive force when loosening of teeth, general bite adjusted by a doctor after the elimination of occlusal trauma, self-repairing alveolar bone, teeth can be restored stable state.

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