Monday, 28 November 2011

What is Dental Implant?

Could it be types of dental implants dental implant, not really kind of natural teeth, but by way of medicine, will be compatible with human bone after high-precision titanium metal design, manufacturing roots into a cylinder or other similar shape to the way minor surgical implantation of edentulous ridge of the alveolar bone, after a 1 to 3 months later, when the artificial teeth and alveolar bone close together, and then in the production of porcelain crown on the implant. For non-destructive, oral implant medical profession has been recognized as the preferred repair method missing teeth.

As the artificial tooth implant bone deep, can withstand normal chewing forces, functional and aesthetically pleasing and almost the same as natural teeth, therefore, known as the third man of teeth. Is a dental implant surgery is surgery there is a certain risk. To restore missing teeth from the dental equipment aesthetic and functional results, the cultivation of repair is the preferred method. In theory, all types of implants for missing teeth. But it has some restrictive conditions in order to achieve what acute teeth grow it?

1. Body in good condition, physical and mental health, bone and tooth development has been finalized by adults;
2. Jaw, bone surgery and trauma at least 6 months, at least 3 months after tooth extraction, the bone defect has been restored, planting beds and good quality bone morphogenetic persons;
3. No significant oral soft tissue inflammation, lesions were;
4. I have patients with clear requirements, economic conditions permit.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

As brushing teeth morning and night

In today's highly developed civilization, every morning and brush our teeth has become a person's health habits, but the other one - brush your teeth before going to sleep at night, but often overlooked by people. People probably do not understand, "Chen Shu Shu night as" the morning brush our teeth is far more important than the evening too!

In fact, as early as a few hundred years ago, our ancestors on this issue has been brilliant exposition. Jin's "Dan Golden Book," had this to say: "Where day diet drugs, the plot in Chifeng, when the scrub at night, then Gouwu do go, do not scale from the teeth. Guyun night than morning rinse rinse. keep this good at those teeth. this concept wise at each meal must rinse, the teeth to the old Kennedy White is not bad, then you have seen the power of raising men. "

This word is used to analyze the modern scientific point of view is also justified. Modern caries study that the incidence of dental caries is due to acid-producing bacteria, dirty mouth with the anti-caries power drops, and other sugary foods caused by three reasons. If you do Different classifications of dental implants not brush our teeth before going to bed at night, during the day and eat the food left behind debris and residues will be stored in the groove crack in Chifeng and teeth and become breeding ground for bacterial growth. Also, at night because of oral language activities to stop chewing and saliva secretion is also greatly reduced, resulting in reduced oral self-cleaning function, more conducive to bacterial big breeding, fermentation acid corrosion of the teeth. This is what many people insist on early morning every day, brush your teeth for decades, but due to the neglect of the most important one at that, so eventually come to a mouthful of dental caries or the reason!

Understand the reasons mentioned above, you should as soon as possible to develop a daily "must rinse after meals" to go to bed every night after dental equipment brushing habits. This will make you a lifetime infinite. Of course, after a night of sleep after the early morning to spend three minutes brushing rinse once more will make your teeth white and bright, fresh breath, put into a new day filled with energy.

Friday, 25 November 2011

How to care for teeth after fillings?

If you find cracked or loose filling material, as soon as possible to the dentist for treatment, not because the teeth do not hurt and ignored, or else will be more and more cavities, toothache may still occur.

Make good for teeth, should be timely and necessary protection, pay attention to such matters as:

1. Follow the doctor's advice, do not just make good teeth to chew food and hard objects. After filling should generally be in the first 2 or 3 days and then the dental equipment affected side chewing of food is appropriate to prevent tooth off and feeding off.

2. After filling, such as mild pain, may be provided through self-observation, and some mild discomfort and pain to the white line disappears. Such as pain not only not reduced, the opposite appears to further increase the bite or pain, throbbing, hot and cold to stimulate the pain, spontaneous pain at night, should go to hospital referral for examination and treatment, to identify the cause and eliminate pain.

3. For more severe caries a large area defects teeth, tooth restored tooth itself as resistance often lack teeth in the chewing-prone folding, this type of dental fillings Dental Implant can become live should be based on physician recommendations after the time to do the teeth shell crown protection against crown off.

4. The agreed time by physician referral in time.

5. Week do not use coarse toothbrush prosthesis surface, due to its light-cured resin degree of cure only 50%, 90% within 24 hours, 7 days after 100%.

6. Do not bite hard objects prosthesis, drink less tea, less smoking, avoid using m

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Painless implant treatment steps

The first stage of surgery: will normally be carried out under local anesthesia, to implant in the jaw implant patients; implant after implantation in the jaw bone, suture wounds, the implant embedded in the bone, to avoid the bear bite force, the jaw bone and dental implant osseointegration produced, this time in the lower jaw to be healing for more than four months, to be more than six months in the upper jaw.

Second stage surgery: If bone conditions permit, the day of implant healing cap unit immediately, or wait 2-6 months after complete healing, exposing the top of implant, the healing cap in the top of the installation, re-healing, the healing cap can be seen in the the future location of dentures.

Denture prostheses stages: 1 to 2 weeks after complete healing of gums, the healing cap removed, and replaced with dentures produced packages through the die, technical production, you can install dentures.

Bone integration of titanium:
Good biocompatibility of titanium, titanium bone cells will encounter together. The so-called osseointegration, meaning artificial tooth root and alveolar bone natural combination, the body's bone cells exposed to artificial teeth, adhesion, healing to the titanium surface, followed by calcification, calcification, the bone tissue and the implant will be tightly embedded together, bone integration dental equipment process is slow, it takes three to six months, after osseointegration, implant can withstand the chewing forces.

Dental implant is a human, "the third of teeth," the advantages of dental implant:

1. Masticatory function much better than many traditional dentures

2. Has a strong retention and stability, the same as the real tooth root and then the patient's mouth

3. May be less grinding or grinding their teeth really

4. Not necessary dentures and denture base clasp, no large plastic denture base caused by slow and uncomfortable sense of taste

5. Small size, does not reveal the metal, beautiful, conducive to maintaining good oral hygiene

6. Dental implant surgery is a smaller alveolar surgery, similar to the extraction, use of local anesthesia, trauma, surgery can eat, almost no pain. Implant surgery usually requires only several minutes to several hours that can be completed. Because the choices are excellent compatibility with human biological materials, dental implant on the human body does not produce any adverse side effects. Even if the implant osseointegration failure of replantation after removal method can be improved or changed into ordinary denture

7. Prevention of the bone to attract, keep your bone

Dental experts say, because of these advantages, so the implant also known as "the third man of teeth." After 40 years of development, dental implant developed into a mature, reliable, high success rate of new technology , is widely accepted in Western countries.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Implant with good use of better than real teeth

Conventional denture is the main means of oral rehabilitation, but the traditional denture can not meet the higher demands of people. Loading activities such as dentures, eat chew, talk big tongue, metal hook pretty, good teeth are also easy to set a bad example; installed fixed porcelain bridges, beautiful and easy to use, but further to protect the adjacent first molar teeth, and only applies to individual tooth loss, tooth loss for patients with more use of porcelain bridge can not be repaired. In the international arena, the most advanced dental implant, solid, durable, beautiful, no damage to adjacent teeth and other features are subject to more and more people of all ages.

The introduction of the French Dental Hospital Health Amdo planting system is the world's most advanced growing technologies, to adapt to a wide range, you can do single tooth, multiple teeth, full mouth tooth loss planting. Quality hard, solid base stations, stability, maximize the recovery of normal chewing function, excellent biocompatibility, safe, durable lasting, world's first implant safety and health has been more than normal use of the past 20 years.

Dental implant technology can repair a variety of causes dental equipment of missing teeth, such as periodontitis, dental caries or trauma caused by tooth loss, missing a single tooth, multiple missing teeth, full mouth toothless and so on. Many people are concerned, however, how long can dental implant?

"As deeply rooted in the alveolar bone within the implant, in many cases even more than real teeth strong, and will receive 100% of the chewing efficiency of the recovery as long as good oral hygiene and regular inspection, artificial implant to maintain than real time even teeth longer. "Tan Zhuren introduced.

Prompted the majority of patients with missing teeth: In theory, there is no upper age limit for dental implant, maxillofacial growth from teens to young people full of old eighties can implant. However, do be a dental implant should be preceded by oral examination to Full analysis of dental teeth whitening methods ensure that no oral inflammation, mucosal disease, the patients themselves if bleeding disorders, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, mental illness, endocrine and other systemic diseases , have to wait for a stable condition after receiving dental implants. Another point, although dental implant is a very mature technology, but also part of an operation, the best choice for regular dental hospital to operate.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Do not implant into the error

For non-destructive, oral implant medical profession has been recognized as the preferred repair method missing teeth. But many of my friends are not very understanding of the dental implant, dental implant surgery before doing it is easy to produce with their own ideas such as misunderstanding, Lai Dental experts remind you not to make themselves into these errors, let's take a look.

Misunderstanding of the implant:

1. All kinds of teeth after tooth pulled. Through treatment to keep true teeth should adhere to treatment, rather than the whole unplug, as a last resort before considering extraction.

2. Out not to be "kind of" teeth. Dental experts believe that dental equipment although the My Lai in tooth loss, there would be part of the alveolar bone is absorbed, but there are still remaining alveolar bone or jaw can "play titanium screw" implant in the remaining alveolar bone or jaw on the "fight titanium screw" as the implant.

3. "Teeth is a major surgery." Species "teeth is minor, and now developed to be minimally invasive operation, less bleeding, swelling does not occur, and one-off" kind of "all of the missing tooth, the pain, even smaller than the extraction wound, but precise surgical operation.

4. Teeth once and for all. Implant service life, the current observed at least 10 years, which also each person's habits and protection methods.

5. "Kind of" teeth, mouths had to "kind." Once you have selected is not "kind of" teeth, it must "grow" a place full of each tooth. Entire row of teeth loss or those who lost What types of dental implant a lot of teeth of the elderly, just do a small amount of dental implant, as a fixed support of the "pier" in the row of teeth, "pier" firmly on the exercise of functions, dental implant hazards.

6. Implant to be a long time. Before "kind of" bad teeth to be pulled out of the root, only three months after the implantation of artificial teeth, and then every three months to install crown. Now, with the understanding of the implant gradually increase, in some cases teeth can be pulled out immediately loaded implants and implant crowns, shorter than in the past six months, once completed.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Brand and type of implant

1. Hollow circular implant. Less is more clinical.

2. Leafy implant. Leafy implants after tooth loss is mainly used for cultivation. According to parts missing teeth, the number of missing teeth, alveolar bone morphology and local design into a variety of implants; general use is made of pure titanium, they can have a style or two-stage two. Mainly applied to the blade-like bone or insufficient alveolar bone height.

The main advantage of leafy implant is less implantation dental equipment damage bone, and bone contact area is large, thin leaves, after implantation, bone thick buccal lingual support, good stability, with the need for special parts can be design flexibility.

3. Spiral implant. There are two kinds of conical and cylindrical, in which the more common cylindrical. The most common material is made ​​of pure titanium or titanium-based structure, surface treatment with the current bio-ceramic coating, bio-oxidation process and also increases bone morphogenetic protein (BMP). There are different forms of the Medical pigment teeth whitening teeth farewell surface structure of threads, or holes, or grooves, to increase the contact area with the bone or to prevent reverse rotation of the implant.

Spiral-type implant with one end and two side-style points, but the former has now basically do not; the latter obviously the basic structure, need second surgery, an interval of 3 to 6 months, the best long-term effects have been confirmed . Representative and internationally recognized best Branemark implant is now used in our country are based on these implants improved.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Teeth whitening avoid blind

Today, tooth whitening has become a fashion, fashion is part of everyone, but everyone wants to dazzling fashion, and that method is not the same, and teeth whitening, too, each have their own teeth whitening methods fit people, and no one for everyone, a panacea teeth whitening methods.

Teeth whitening avoid blind

Therefore, before deciding teeth whitening, teeth should be to do a comprehensive inspection, whitening prescription given by a doctor, or do the whitening treatment, the effect is obvious. If you blindly buy bleaching teeth whitening products, the effect not only fail, but the dental equipment damage to the teeth larger, but also may lead to oral disease, it may lose big.

Experts said that cause tooth colored, yellow reasons, can be divided into endogenous and exogenous two. Exogenous scale mainly by tea, tobacco stains, red wine and mineral water in the cause. Endogenous color is formed in the process of tooth development, such as tetracycline, dental fluorosis and so on. Teeth whitening treatment can be the reasons for rendering the desired result. According to experts, the interpretation of the current teeth whitening methods commonly used are the following:

1. Scaling is mainly applied to Stain the prevention of gum, periodontal disease also have a good effect.

2. Teeth whitening gel is a family-whitening method, able to tetracycline, dental fluorosis, smoking spot, rust and other tooth colored tea play a role in bleaching, but there are Do not underestimate the bleeding gums enamel defects in patients are not ideal.

3. Teeth whitening technology through special light effects, to remove the tooth surface and the deep attachment of the pigment, is a strong bleaching effect of a method of bleaching is generally able to maintain about two years.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Calculus and differential diagnosis of gingivitis

Calculus, commonly known as "teeth rust", which is more firmly attached to the tooth surface calcium deposits, brush your teeth do not brush, plaque plaque mineralization is the result of the oral cavity by bacterial plaque is the main body very dense and very thin transparent film, most likely attached to the neck teeth, gum edge, and pit and fissure tooth surface rough place, plaque staining agent required to see the show.

Fast formation of plaque, tooth brush to clean off a few hours, the teeth soon form a thin layer of membrane, bacteria breed quickly in the above development, plaque formation, the calcium in saliva can be gradually precipitation on the inside, a long time, become hard like a stone plaque, very firmly attached to the teeth, plaque calcium is mainly in the saliva, the plaque is often so close to opening the site particularly the salivary glands, such as the maxillary first molar buccal and lingual plaque under a lot of front teeth.

Plaque surface is always covered with a layer of plaque, tartar under the microscope to observe the rough surface is porous, so the accumulation of plaque and calculus to dental equipment provide favorable breeding conditions, a large number of plaque bacteria to multiply and produce toxins, and bacteria break down food residues, but also harmful substances, pathogens, toxins and harmful substances, destruction of the gums (known as "tooth") organization, resulting in gingivitis, gingival swelling, easy bleeding when brushing your teeth, bite bread or severe fruit can also cause bleeding in the food left on the bloodstain. Continue to develop gingivitis, periodontal tissue invasion and deep, may develop periodontitis, then in addition to red, swollen gums, but also appeared periodontal pocket, and the overflow pus, alveolar bone loss, loose teeth and displacement, affecting chewing function and digestion of food.

Pay attention to oral hygiene, sooner or later develop good brushing habits and the correct method of brushing, and regularly to the hospital, scaling, prevent plaque and tartar formation, prevention and treatment of gingivitis.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Whitening and other whitening methods more

Many people think that only the surface of the teeth teeth yellow color change, the worn surface can be restored to its former white, this is the misunderstanding. In fact, tooth color from the inside there is no significant difference in the color change is the change in physiological factors that influence to bring the teeth, in which changes in the skeletal system of physiological factors affecting the teeth is the most direct and largest. Childhood tooth color from white to begin with age, showing varying degrees of ivory (beige), in fact, this is the skeletal system of the life of the state, gradually become inactive flag, Chinese medicine says: bone of the tooth is more than . Accurate to say the relationship between dental and skeletal system.

Whitening teeth whitening methods is essentially only the medical and cosmetic whitening. Porcelain teeth whitening, including the medical done, patches, whitening of three methods. Whitening is a cosmetic beauty, that do not whitening treatment, teeth can not be more healthy, it is only a cosmetic way. Compared with ordinary make-up whitening, whitening teeth to change color from deep-seated, achieve long-term whitening effects. Teeth whitening cosmetic teeth means brushing teeth with cosmetic, to cover the teeth color, teeth white way, is a cosmetic beauty. Other methods of dental equipment cleaning teeth scouring detergent does not change the color of teeth, only to restore the teeth color, teeth whitening can not be considered strictly speaking.

Many people believe that there are whitening on enamel damage, it is not true, although the chemical whitening, but the response is not strong, it will not hurt teeth whitening.

As for the make-up whitening of teeth is also a great harm. Because make-up itself with chemical drugs, attached to the teeth is very easy to stimulate the gums, forming tartar will be long-term use, resulting in the emergence of periodontal disease.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How do whitening agent

Done whitening whitening agent for the consumer is no stranger to natural. With the emphasis on the deepening of their own health, since many consumers are concerned about the safety of whitening agent problem.

Experts said that in the whitening process, the whitening agent is bound to surgery being used as a tool. For the safety of whitening agents, many of the clinical practice has proved that surgery whitening tooth bleaching agents used in pulp and no damage to the gums, under the guidance of the dentist teeth bleaching is safe. In clinical trials, there have also been set whitening surgery, the patient swallowed some of the various reasons bleach. However, drug concentrations and doses by the dental equipment child is very limited, still no toxic reactions were reported.

Of course, experts say, does not rule out surgical operations in the whitening process, some patients will be sensitive teeth, dental discomfort and other side effects with the stimulation. In this case, as long as the dentist further to give the right guidance, or shorten treatment time, to continue the whitening tooth bleaching to the end of treatment, the symptoms will disappear, whitening can also achieve good results.