Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tetracycline cause

Since we do not pay attention at the time of pregnancy, sick disorder medication, often for the health of our children have been affected, for example, when our baby was born, just a long out of the teeth is yellow or brown, or grayish black this is what we usually called tetracycline.

Tetracycline was mainly due to mineralization of the teeth during the growth and development, especially in infancy, such as taking over tetracyclines: tetracycline, oxytetracycline, methylene oxytetracycline, doxycycline, these medicines can be used with dental hard tissue the formation of stable tetracycline calcium compound, resulting in discoloration of the teeth, this color dental equipment mainly in dentin, and by inhibiting the mineralization of dental hard tissue, may also be accompanied by calcification of enamel hypoplasia and incomplete.

In addition, we were pregnant, if taking the tetracycline class of drugs, these drugs will pass through the placenta barrier and the developing fetus with teeth are tetracycline phosphate complex to generate, within the dentinal tubules in the fetal calm, so that discoloration of the teeth. The color of tetracycline and the period of tooth development, with tetracycline drugs, the younger the infant, the more deeply colored. So, just use a big dose of tetracycline, tetracycline can be formed.

Tetracycline to eliminate the most effective way is to increase awareness of the tetracycline class of drugs, knowledge and understanding, not just chaotic drug use. Especially pregnant women and children must be prohibited taking tetracycline drugs.

Monday, 24 October 2011

How do metal fused to porcelain repair?

Metal-fused porcelain crown, also known as PFM crown. This repair will require tooth preparation, the first production model in the teeth of a metal cap-like, as the metal substrate, and then in a vacuum under high temperature conditions, the porcelain baked on top of the metal substrate to form a metal-ceramic composite structure crown, which integrated both the strength of metal crowns and porcelain crowns and beautiful.

Metal-fused porcelain crown has the following characteristics: to restore tooth form and function, bending and strong colors, lifelike appearance, smooth surface dental equipment, wear resistance, no deformation, color stability, acid and alkali, permanent fixes.

Metal-fused porcelain crown is indicated for: 1. Anterior dental fluorosis, discolored teeth, tetracycline, conical teeth, enamel hypoplasia, or other methods should not be used or the patient required a permanent restorers. 2. After a complete dental defects after dental treatment. 3. Single or small number of anterior dislocation, torsion should not do or who can not do orthodontics. 4. Need to bridge retainer placed porcelain teeth. 5. Implant restoration. 6. Fracture or dislocation of teeth bite reconstruction.

Metal-fused porcelain crown contraindications are: 1. Young people not yet fully developed permanent teeth, large pulp cavity were. 2. Teeth are too short, their strength is poor, can not afford a certain bite force, is easily detached by crown. 3. Patients with severe deep overbite, occlusal tight, not enough clearance were prepared. 4. Periodontal disease not suitable for wearers.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Oral ulcers caused by reasons

Cause oral ulcers are the reasons?

1. Digestive diseases and disorders: such as bloating, diarrhea or constipation and so on.

2. Endocrine changes: Some women with menstrual period often occurs, may be related to a decline in the amount of estrogen.

3. Mental factors: some patients in the mental stress, mood swings, poor sleep, the case of the disease, may be related to autonomic dysfunction.

4. Other factors: the lack of trace elements such as zinc, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, can reduce immune function, increased incidence of recurrent oral ulcers possibility.

Oral ulcers can cause any harm?

First, if one or several recurrent oral ulcers, even after another, accompanied by pain or other parts of the ulcer, even to pay close attention, because of dental equipment recurrent ulcers is likely to be an immune disease - Behcet's disease warning signal.

Second, systemic lupus erythematosus can also lead to recurrent oral ulcers.

Finally, the long-term prolonged healing of oral ulcers should beware the possibility of cancer. If the ulcer diameter of 1 cm above the edge of the bulge, irregular, central depression, depression of the surface of granular small lump in the bottom of the ulcer and surrounding palpable lump, it could be signs of cancer. For prolonged healing of mouth ulcers, as often by chewing, talking stimulus, the course of time might be cancerous. If the same at the mouth sores, wound more than three weeks has not improved, we must guard against is the signal for the occurrence of oral cancer.

In addition with oral ulcers, if we find the tongue, cheek, teeth and other parts of unexplained pain, swelling inside the mouth, and long lasting when using conventional means, they should go to regular hospital checks.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

How to repair porcelain failed

How to repair porcelain failed because some people do porcelain dental restoration porcelain teeth did not notice when the indications, contraindications, precautions and other problems led to the failure of porcelain teeth, which is porcelain repair failure patients is a depressing thing, encountered such a situation there is repair possible? Porcelain how to fix it failed?

Beauty crown is the global effect is very good, very long hold time fix teeth, the failure can be the edge of blue porcelain, dentition, teeth, tetracycline, dental fluorosis, abnormal teeth, discolored teeth, and a variety of dental defects, tooth loss and other repair, so that dental patients get it.

Beauty cosmetic restoration dental crown has the following advantages:

1. Vivid color effects. Bionic Beauty crown of each tooth through CAD / CAM tailored, with air, water or any other electrolyte contact will produce micro-oxide Dental Equipment film quickly and effectively to prevent corrosion, beautifully few decades, its level, color the closest to real teeth.

2. Security. Bionic Beauty crown thermal conductivity is very low, only gold, seventeenth, more conducive to the protection of the pulp, light weight, only a quarter of gold, the patient is more comfortable to wear.

3. US-tooth effect. The technology has a dozen colors to choose from, and color stability, and can provide beautiful and natural, rich effect of the repair activity, and the United States according to each patient's own tooth to choose the conditions and requirements to achieve the best personalized beauty teeth the effect.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Protection of the elderly denture

The elderly wearing dentures pain, which is more common phenomenon. If pain is not severe, can persist try, if serious, do not force to wear, not to bite hard food, should be revised. Ask the doctor to check before you put 2-3 hours, improper denture pressure in recent oral tissues can leave marks, easy to find location of the pain in order to accurately modify.

Worn teeth to speak inconvenient. Prevalent in the absence of front teeth or complete dentures were fitted. Generally do not have to rush to change, as far as possible adhere to the trial, after a period of time getting used to, such as long-term speech is not convenient, you should check processing.

Dentures are not secure. Wearing complete dentures are often talking, big mouth, chew food easily fall. Since the early people who wear dentures tongue and costal muscles meet, activities Shiyou with the bad, likely to cause dentures slip. Wear after a period of time, oral tissues and muscles around certain training, most people can adapt. If the denture does not remain stable for Dental Equipment a long time, can not chew food, a doctor should be promptly repaired or redone.

Protection of dentures should note the following:

1. Do not bite the food excellent. Because the denture is hard plastic, brittle texture, easy to break.

2. Attention to oral hygiene. Brushing teeth after meals once removed. If you can not brush after each meal, at least to seriously scrub before going to bed at night, use toothpaste, soap wash, but do not use alcohol or boiling hot bubble, that would make denture deformation.

3. Dentures should be cleaned off before sleep, after immersion in cold water in the cup so that the denture can not deformed, but also make oral mucosa proper rest.

Friday, 14 October 2011

What precautions orthodontic

Fixed orthodontic procedures and methods of operation:

1. Fixed appliance aligned teeth, the teeth of normal relations between the contact points between.

2. According to the amount of crowding or teeth to determine the extent not transferred to the tooth enamel and teeth.

3. Can be roughly divided into teeth using wire or coil spring to open a large, separate from the teeth of the contact point, easy to operate to the glaze.

4. General use of curved nose and fine diamond drill to remove the enamel proximal 0.2-0.3mm, further to the adjacent side of the glaze, shape finishing, polishing, fluoride.

5. Move the arch wire coil spring, almost in the teeth enamel to get clearance to move. Return visit in the past the point of contact near the teeth are separated, repeated to the glazing operation.

6. As to the conduct of enamel, the teeth gradually after the shift, and ligation with the anchorage teeth as a whole, the whole process without removal of Dental Equipment arch wires, to obtain sufficient clearance when the front teeth can be excluded after.

Handling Precautions:

1. Adjacent to the enamel surface during the operation, should pay attention to protect the lip and cheek papillae and lingual soft tissue.

2. Order to glaze successive generally done from back to front.

3. Do not step or the formation of large flat-screen contact.

4. Best not to adjacent teeth are not aligned to the enamel surface.

5. For the upper and lower dental arch does not transfer the amount of, preferably by experimental tooth arrangement to determine the amount of abnormal tooth position down, and the glaze can be to focus on the possible range of anomalous areas.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

How truly invisible stealth correction?

Is now very popular with a stealth approach to straightening teeth, then the invisible orthodontics how "invisible" mean?

Invisible braces are the years in the United States first developed, this technology has been with previous orthodontic very different, the first physician to the patient's teeth using a computer for three reconstruction, analysis of the teeth which need correction, and then use computer adjust the position of teeth, such as a tooth needs to be moved 2 mm, then 10 steps can be used to step by step, each step moves 0.2 mm, the moving image after each step the output, click the image produced braces, patients wear braces to correct This is a made of plastic braces, about the thickness Dental Supplies of a few millimeters at the zero, including the teeth, the teeth have the power, others do not is easy to see the orthodontist.

There is also a completely invisible braces, orthodontic material is metal, but it is worn on the inside of the teeth, according to the teeth of the point, bearing the focus from the stainless steel brackets, steel and other aspects of the change to correct the teeth, As the sticky side of the teeth, looks just the same as not wearing braces. However, because at the inside of the teeth, is very difficult to operate, so the cost of treatment more expensive than the average of three times, in three or four million, this method is suitable for a variety of dental patients with dislocation.

In addition to invisible braces, ceramic braces you can choose, wear it in front of the teeth, but the relative metal braces, the more beautiful in general than the traditional metal braces you wire two or three thousand.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Orthodontics Notes

1. The beginning of a normal reaction after wearing braces: the beginning of wearing braces, patients will have some discomfort oral responses, such as dental pain, mucosal damage, ulcers and other such phenomena usually about three days to a week can alleviate or eliminate, if is severe pain, it is not normal, should seek immediate medical attention.

2. Diet: Avoid chewing hard foods, such as popsicle, ribs, chicken, beef jerky, snacks with a nuclear shell; avoid chewing more sticky foods such as chewing gum, rice products, candy, etc.; try to drink sugar high-drinks, such as Coke, Sprite, juice, etc.

3. Oral health: three meals a day, morning and evening, and after going to brush your teeth, each less than three minutes, a small selection of high quality hair soft head Dental Tips toothbrush, orthodontic and dental surface can not have food residue, and sweet drink to be more acid mouthwash after drinks.

4. Appliance and repair the damage: If damage to the appliance should be properly preserved, the damaged part can not be lost, and timely contact with the physician as soon as possible so as not to affect the course of treatment and rehabilitation treatment.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Do porcelain teeth immediately after tooth extraction

Porcelain teeth immediately after tooth extraction done right? Dental experts say is generally 2-3 months after tooth extraction dental most appropriate, because the pull wound healing requires a complete process. We all know that there will be a post-extraction alveolar cavity, which is full of blood clots. This nest few days after the growth of granulation tissue inside the cave, and slowly fill the wound, after a long flat cavity gradually, until the wound completely healed, wound healing alveolar bone should also have an absorption process, this time to go to two months later to stabilize. If the wound is no longer good to go denture, because the absorption of alveolar bone, tooth extraction wound is Dental Tips still changing, dentures and there will be space between the gum tissue, causing food impaction, bad breath, loose dentures, but not solid, you may want to re-installed.

After extraction of friends you want to denture must not be rushed, Eat Hot Tofu Slowly, we must patiently wait for two or three months before the dental surgery. Because wound healing is good or bad, is it suitable for dentures, of course, your dentist checks. Such as missing teeth and alveolar bone at the rugged, sometimes the need for bone repair surgery, especially after the patient full-mouth tooth extraction often encounter such problems.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Broken teeth can be replanted

Knocked the teeth is a common accident. Most people believe that you can not save the tooth out, or whether it, or to install pieces of dentures. In actual fact, once you have a good method to save teeth, lost teeth can also be planted back in the alveolar. Tooth loss occurs, the first should remain calm, and immediately fall back teeth. Often, people will first clean the teeth with tap water, then get wrapped in tissue paper or something, in order to avoid contamination of the teeth into a cloth. In fact, doing damage to the teeth is very large. Because the water for the pulp Dental Tips tissue is a hypotonic solution, cell swelling in hypotonic environment will be broken; and tissues have a strong ability to absorb water, will accelerate the drying of pulp, exposed to the dry environment of the pulp cells will soon die.

Convenience store in a foreign country, like Band-Aid solution to save the teeth, like you can buy at any time. Although China has yet to reach such a special preservation solution, but the teeth can be saved in cleaning the wound with normal saline in as normal saline (sodium chloride) is the isotonic solution, the pulp cells have good protective effect . If no saline, the teeth on the inside can freeze milk, milk a certain osmotic pressure, dental pulp cells stored in the expansion which is not easy to break. If you can not find a saline or milk, it can only be second best, and the injured to the teeth directly in your mouth with their own saliva to save teeth. Within 30 minutes as long as the lost teeth to the dental hospital, there is still a great opportunity to plant the tooth back into place and restore dental function.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

What is good teeth cleanings by the system?

Good teeth cleaning dental system is used by EMS Ultrasonic Scaler System, in the traditional cleaning teeth on the tooth surface blasting, polishing, and the gum on the drug.

Sandblasting sand sea salt is made of special high-pressure water to the teeth with further cleaning. Sandblasting can attached to the teeth of the tea scale, soot and clean up food debris, spraying sand teeth very clean, and difficult to re-calculus deposition, restoration of natural teeth white and shiny.

Sandblasting and then polishing the teeth's surface to maintain smooth as ever. We often mistakenly think that polishing the tooth surface is worn away a layer, is not Dental Tips the case, is polishing with a very soft rubber dipped polishing paste (like toothpaste) and gently rotate the tooth surface of low friction, it will not cause tooth injury.

EMS painless good teeth cleaning teeth in accordance with the Swiss system both on the dental calculus, smoke spot, tea stains, pigmentation of teeth caused by dirt has a very good efficacy, fast, painless, but also play a preventive treatment for bleeding gums, teeth loose, health dental caries and oral hygiene, bad breath and clean teeth. No harm to human teeth, and can effectively on the tooth surface, tooth neck, teeth and other parts for cleaning, the best protection for the teeth.