Sunday, 9 October 2011

Broken teeth can be replanted

Knocked the teeth is a common accident. Most people believe that you can not save the tooth out, or whether it, or to install pieces of dentures. In actual fact, once you have a good method to save teeth, lost teeth can also be planted back in the alveolar. Tooth loss occurs, the first should remain calm, and immediately fall back teeth. Often, people will first clean the teeth with tap water, then get wrapped in tissue paper or something, in order to avoid contamination of the teeth into a cloth. In fact, doing damage to the teeth is very large. Because the water for the pulp Dental Tips tissue is a hypotonic solution, cell swelling in hypotonic environment will be broken; and tissues have a strong ability to absorb water, will accelerate the drying of pulp, exposed to the dry environment of the pulp cells will soon die.

Convenience store in a foreign country, like Band-Aid solution to save the teeth, like you can buy at any time. Although China has yet to reach such a special preservation solution, but the teeth can be saved in cleaning the wound with normal saline in as normal saline (sodium chloride) is the isotonic solution, the pulp cells have good protective effect . If no saline, the teeth on the inside can freeze milk, milk a certain osmotic pressure, dental pulp cells stored in the expansion which is not easy to break. If you can not find a saline or milk, it can only be second best, and the injured to the teeth directly in your mouth with their own saliva to save teeth. Within 30 minutes as long as the lost teeth to the dental hospital, there is still a great opportunity to plant the tooth back into place and restore dental function.

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