Monday, 10 October 2011

Do porcelain teeth immediately after tooth extraction

Porcelain teeth immediately after tooth extraction done right? Dental experts say is generally 2-3 months after tooth extraction dental most appropriate, because the pull wound healing requires a complete process. We all know that there will be a post-extraction alveolar cavity, which is full of blood clots. This nest few days after the growth of granulation tissue inside the cave, and slowly fill the wound, after a long flat cavity gradually, until the wound completely healed, wound healing alveolar bone should also have an absorption process, this time to go to two months later to stabilize. If the wound is no longer good to go denture, because the absorption of alveolar bone, tooth extraction wound is Dental Tips still changing, dentures and there will be space between the gum tissue, causing food impaction, bad breath, loose dentures, but not solid, you may want to re-installed.

After extraction of friends you want to denture must not be rushed, Eat Hot Tofu Slowly, we must patiently wait for two or three months before the dental surgery. Because wound healing is good or bad, is it suitable for dentures, of course, your dentist checks. Such as missing teeth and alveolar bone at the rugged, sometimes the need for bone repair surgery, especially after the patient full-mouth tooth extraction often encounter such problems.

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