Friday, 29 June 2012

Characteristics of the elderly dental

The tooth is one of the most important organ in the body, good teeth is to maintain good health, which is particularly important for the elderly is concerned. So, the elderly, how to maintain their teeth it? A dental characteristic of the elderly is generally performed over four:

1. Tooth wear: The tooth after decades of use, the surface of the enamel (enamel) has been basically wearing exhausted, exposed dentin, the tooth surface is flattened, and shorter teeth. Leading to eat bite is not bad things, a long time to eat joint tired, can not eat cold, heat can not eat chewing inefficient, temporomandibular joint disease, the symptoms of dentine hypersensitivity, and some may develop into teeth pulpitis, periapical and persistent pain.

2. The wedge-shaped defects: of tooth neck of the elderly can often see a rampant groove-like defect, the formation of the main reasons for the acidic environment of the teeth of local corrosion, the occlusal stress, long-term incorrect brushing. The wedge-shaped defects can cause allergy, pain, and feeling of the teeth, secondary caries, and tooth cross breaks complications.

3. More teeth: to old age, gingival and dental equipment periodontal tissue atrophy, gradually increasing the gaps between the teeth, teeth longer, likely to cause food impaction, leading to the occurrence and development of root caries and periodontal the organization of pathological absorption, so that the dental defects and loosening lesions.

4. Residual root and crown teeth and more: This is a long-term tooth wear, dental caries, wedge-shaped defect reason not to get effective control and What type of bad breath treatment or delayed treatment because of patient fear of fillings and extractions caused.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Why wear dentures hurt?

Often the pain of wearing dentures, partial dentures due to pain can occur in two of the abutment teeth and soft tissue, and full dentures due to pain-prone in the mucosa.
Fixed denture base caused by dental pain, often caused by bite is too high, the abutments after Cutting surgery and allergies. Mucosa caused by pain more than the edge of the retainer is too long, the bridge compression of soft tissue and so on. Can pick partial denture abutments pain, often due to the clasp tight, close to that the abutments part of the plastic removal is not enough, bite force uneven. Caused by the mucous membrane of pain support occlusion care support is not good, because diffuse pain or stretch too long due to the edge of the denture base plate, the edge of too sharp, or into the tissue undercuts District. Hard some buffer, as well as the inappropriate position of the connecting rod, unbalanced occlusion, etc., can also cause soft tissue pain; severe cases can cause trauma together ulcers. In addition, the clasp position is too low and oppression of the soft tissue causing pain. If the mandibular lingual side of the clasp is too high can cause the tongue sense and pain.

The denture pain occurred in the organization of dentures, denture base and the marginal zone. Dentures to sink or buffer underrun, you can make a hard maxillary area, and mucosas of the maxillary tuberosity area, jaw carina, jaw slash at the galling pain. Because lace buffer is not enough, scrape the edge of the closed zone model too much, labial, buccal long base side caused by the lacing area, palatal rugae, and after embankment areas and labial, buccal mucosa, transitional folds at the crushed. Uneven bite caused by a large area of pain, sometimes this site pain, and dental equipment sometimes the pain of that part of the nature of pain is less obvious.

The above, do not modify their own experience or ask the doctor here grinding point, where the grinding point to modify. That way, if you encounter a little experience of the doctors to do according to your request, you were satisfied, would probably feel worse. The correct approach is: to reflect the true usage goes to the hospital to Whitening toothpaste is long-term use can damage teeth the doctor, the doctor will give appropriate treatment based on clinical examination, the pain will eliminate.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Porcelain teeth and orthodontic front teeth beauty

Anterior teeth dislocation of anterior teeth missing adjacent teeth shift. The gap is too large. Distorted midline deflection. Serious impact on the abutment preparation of the patient, can be used, and can achieve the perfect effect. The steps are as follows:

1. Routine examination. Key to check for misplaced teeth. Distorted teeth. Midline deflection.
2. Modulo easy to record the relationship of the occlusion. Design study.
3. Orthodontics. Conventional orthodontic treatment. Segmental arch fixed appliance. Regular follow until the desired effect into dental equipment the repair stage.
4. Conventional porcelain teeth abutment preparation modulo sent to the laboratory.
5 The production of temporary teeth into avoids tooth rebound after the correction.
6. Subject to the production of finished porcelain teeth, remove the temporary teeth, the permanent prosthesis into the test with 2-3W and Requirements of fixed partial denture after the discomfort permanently fixed.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Quickly to prevent bad breath

1. Drink plenty of water: in the process of movement of men, the water must be for him to prepare, so you can easily always replace lost body fluids, in order to avoid the mouth dry cause bacteria to multiply, thus the formation of bad breath.

2. Salt water: every day, gargle with salt water, can be in addition to bad breath.

3. Milk: the breath after eating garlic smells bad; drink a glass of milk, garlic odor can be removed.

4. Lemon: Lemon with fluid, thirst quenching effect. Can add some mint in a cup of boiling water; add some fresh lemon juice to drink, to go bad breath.

5. Kumquats: kumquat bad breathe with chest stagnation; it is desirable fresh kumquat 5 and 6, wash. This side also has the aroma and the effect of spleen.

6. Honey: Honey relaxes Relaxing of the elimination of the effect of rot, because constipation, bad breath is quite effective.

7. Hawthorn: Hawthorn acid taste slightly gamping, there is stasis consumer product, in addition to the efficacy of the mouth sour.

8. Tea: tea mouthwash or chewing tea leaves can be in addition to bad breath. Bad breath after eating garlic, lamb and other food, a small group of available tea times placed in the mouth and slowly chewed slowly swallowed, until the saliva dental equipment dissolve tea, quite good effect.

9. Yogurt: The latest research shows that, every day, yogurt can reduce the hydrogen sulfide content in the oral cavity, because this substance is the culprit of bad breath - Time, the yogurt also can prevent the generation of harmful bacteria in the mouth, these bacteria can Age limit of the correction cause gum disease or plaque. However, only natural yogurt has this effect, sugary yogurt not has this effect.

10. Cellulose-rich vegetables and fruits: prevention and treatment of bad breath, including apples, carrots and celery. These vegetables and fruits help to secrete large amounts of saliva. Saliva not only moist mouth, but also to remove food residue attached to the tooth above or plug in the teeth. This food residue is one of the reasons of bad breath.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Whitening toothpaste only for the individual populations

Role in the final analysis of whitening toothpaste to maintain oral hygiene, and its whitening effect is to add special friction modifiers. But only mild discoloration of the teeth caused by smoking, drinking coffee, etc., that is, individual populations, and the deep coloring of tetracycline, dental fluorosis is basically no effect.

Toothpaste manufacturer in toothpaste listing will go to the medical institutions for whitening comparison test to confirm the effectiveness of the product. Manufacturers publish the results; often artfully avoided the crowd situation was not suitable, it is easy to mislead consumers into thinking that apply to everyone. Therefore, one week after using whitening toothpaste, teeth dirt there is no obvious change is best to disable.

Dental experts recommend that we should not long-term use of whitening toothpaste, especially through particles friction toothpaste will destroy the tooth enamel surface, so that the tooth surface becomes rough, teeth stains more easily deposited on the surface of the teeth. Oxide-containing toothpaste, the main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, its concentration is low, but still may cause some stimulation of sensitive populations, oral, such as sour, fear of cold, swelling.

To maintain long-term cleansing, whitening teeth, brushing is an effective way. Must ensure that every day to brush your teeth three times and dental equipment the correct method of brushing. Any toothpaste can not completely eliminate teeth stains; can only play health care, prevention or improvement of the role of yellow teeth. In addition, if a cup of coffee, colored beverage habits, the best timely rinse mouth with water, reducing the pigmentation of the opportunity, and Do you think of straightening teeth can really change a person's appearance regularly go to the hospital scaling, dental treatment, do not know what causes discoloration of the teeth, Do not blindly believe the so-called magic whitening toothpaste.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Carefully into the whitening teeth misunderstanding

Whitening teeth using a low temperature cold, completely avoid damage to the tooth nerve during the operation. The main component of the whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide used in teeth bleaching treatment has been for decades. Operation no contact with the gums, will not cause damage to tooth structure. Operation of only 30 to 40 minutes, the whitening effect can be maintained for about 2 years.

Whitening teeth before treatment should wear goggles and openings. Operation will be light cured resin as raw material, gum protective agent applied to the gums and cover subgingival light curing light exposure for about 3 seconds; and then a good tune whitening agents carefully to cover the upper and lower 8 or more than the surface of the teeth, whitening agents for 2 to 3 mm thick; then adjust the cold point of view, began radiation.

After the end of the first eight minutes of cold light irradiation, the whitening agent from the surface of the teeth to absorb, again coated with a whitening agent, and the second eight minutes of exposure, repeated cycles of irradiation three times to dental equipment achieve the best results. After the end of the whitening, rinse with water to the surface of the teeth and the cracks, light-cured resin can be removed.

Luminescence after the teeth whitening, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that tooth so white.

Is not a once and for all after the whitening

In the U.S., have more than one million people in this way teeth whitening.

Tetracycline for endogenous mild to moderate dental fluorosis whitening teeth effect, severe coloring teeth can improve the color. Mild coloring teeth whitening teeth once a moderate coloring teeth whitening teeth for the first time interval of one month, and then the second sub-whitening. Bang Jie Xie said, have not previously received any treatment teeth whitening, whitening teeth much better.

The principle of whitening teeth is the drug penetration through the cold light tooth tissues, dentin tube open, colored material in the dentin tube replacement with drugs to achieve the whitening effect. Cold light whitening teeth, dentin tube open, so within 24 hours, the teeth can easily contracted colored substance should avoid drinking tea, coffee, cola, red wine and other colored food, do not use colored toothpaste to brush your teeth, avoid smoking , it is recommended to drink milk, eat bread.

Monday, 11 June 2012

During the correction of dental care?

Social progress, scientific and technological progress, people's living standards are making progress, more and more people choose to orthodontics, that straightening teeth, how to care of their teeth?
During the orthodontic In addition to compliance with the instructions of a doctor, but also the careful care of their teeth, the appliance should avoid eating hard texture of the food, such as bone foods, crab, nuts, etc., but also to avoid eating large pieces of food, such as Uu fruit when you eat, should Apple cut into small pieces before eating, avoid these foods and food of much smaller practice? Can prevent the loosening of the attachment of the diet caused by improper appliance, so that the entire treatment process is smooth completed. In addition, must be especially careful care of their teeth. Normal parasites in the human oral cavity, and also a large number of microorganisms in the air, the mouth is often in contact with the outside world.
Therefore, a lot of normal and pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. When the teeth wear braces will prevent brush your teeth, tooth brush, residual food between the teeth, the large population of bacteria can cause dental caries or periodontal tissue inflammation and destruction of the whole course, so the best dental care of the method is of course to each meal brush your teeth. Brush after each meal is not convenient, water or tea mouthwash. Children orthodontics, in addition to the above points to note, to reduce the number of snacks and candy, in particular gum, chewing gum stuck dental equipment on the appliance on, it is difficult to remove. Young people the process of correction of teeth, parents should pay special attention to supervise the child to comply with doctor's orders, such as regular visits to hospital inspection, replace the wire, wearing a rubber band. Otherwise, extend the correction process, but also can not achieve the desired correction.
Choose a very small force of traction in the correction of teeth slowly move the teeth, and therefore do not have a great deal of discomfort to the patient. However, in the early wear of the appliance a few days, the feeling of the teeth will be limp and discomfort. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain teeth or porridge like food, spent about a week adaptation period after a normal diet.
In short, during the orthodontic and oral hygiene, if the tooth is also no correction has been almost decayed, it is not worth the candle.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

ITI dental implant system

ITI dental implant system from Switzerland made from titanium, the surface of the plasma coating, the empty tube wall with a hole. The system since 1974, well-clinical validation, the representative of the non-implanted two-stage implant system. System, the two significant features is the wear gingival system and Morse taper implants. Through gum system can omit the kinds of second stage surgery, but also because of the inevitable gap between the implant and abutment is located crestal bone resorption, thereby avoiding the above, Morse taper can withstand cyclical pressure, which can effectively prevent the abutment rotating loose.

Design advantages of Switzerland, the Straumann-the ITI

The sleek curvature of the implanted to provide maximum treatment flexibility.

1. The diameter of the neck and body meet the needs of special cases.

2. All models and function of the implant can be a surgical tool box.

3. Submerged, semi-submerged, buried in a variety of implantation way.

Save time the Straumann-the ITI long-term documented to provide you with predictability and confidence.

1. The immediate repair of the good initial stability and bite co-load performance.

2. SLA surface treatment, the implant - bone with the shortest healing time and the fastest Osseo integration.

3. An implant through gum designed so that the majority of cases no longer need the second surgery pioneered.

4. Mechanical locking of the Morse taper connection, abutment loosening rate is almost zero.

ITI-Selective hydrophilic implant three major advantages: safe, efficient and unique.

1. Security: the elimination of the stability of the low, planted early failure rates declined significantly.

2. Efficient: 3-4 weeks of Osseo integration, a month or dental equipment so to complete treatment. Reasons: produced in a nitrogen atmosphere, creating a hydrophilic surface of alveolar bone after implantation, the body does not require decomposition of hydrophobic implant titanium dioxide coating.

3. Unique

A. To the present report. And annotate, disunite overwhelming advantage compared to the literature as evidence.

B, The unique bone induction and bone resorption may be the absorption of bone recovered.

C. With soft tissue closure function in cases of bone resorption, soft tissue above the bone surface and Selective form dense hemidesmosomes connection, to prevent bacterial invasion and Deciduous teeth root canal gutta percha use plombage bone resorption continued to occur.

D. Particularly suitable for VIP patients, sinus augmentation, GBR, smoking, diabetes and other planting increased risk patients.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Maxillary second molar root canal morphology: Maxillary the Second Premolar

Similar to the first premolar in coronal morphology, the second premolar varies mainly in root form. Its crown is narrower in the buccal-palatal dimension and slightly wider in the mesial-distal. The canal orifice is centrally located but often appears more as a slot than as a single ovoid opening. When the slot-shaped opening appears, the clinician must assume that the tooth has two canals until proved otherwise. The basic outline of the tooth is slightly ovoid but wider from mesial to distal than the outline of the first premolar. All caries and leaking restorations must be removed and dental equipment replaced with a suitable temporary restoration.

Radicular morphology may present two separate canals, two canals anatomizing to a single canal, or two canals with interconnections or "webbing." Accessory and lateral canals may be present, but less often than in incisors. Vertices and associates stated that 75% of maxillary second premolars in their study had one canal at the apex, 24% had two foramina, and 1% had three foramina. Of the teeth studied, 59.5% had accessory canals. These clinicians also reported that when two canals join into one, the palatal canal frequently exhibits a straight-line access to the apex. They further pointed out that "if, on the direct periapical exposure, a root canal shows a sudden narrowing, or Men whitening teeth Raiders even disappears, it means that at this point the canal divides into two parts, which cither remain separate or merge before reaching the apex.”The root length of the maxillary second molar is much like that of the first premolar, and apical curvature is not uncommon, particularly with large sinus cavities. After endodontic treatment, full occlusal coverage is mandatory to ensure against vertical cuspal or crown-root fracture.

The concept of oral implants

The concept of oral implants is required to master the contents of the oral physician assistant examination.

The broad concept of the implant is refers to artificial devices implanted in the body such as orthopedic artificial joints, plate and screws, pacemakers, etc. Oral implants should include dental implants (dental implants) and for the jaw of justice, righteousness, ears, ocular, and righteous nose isosceles complex body retention of craniofacial implant. Dental implants, the superstructure in order to dental equipment support denture repair surgery means artificial material design of the device implanted within the maxillary or mandibular jaw (International Organization for Standardization, to IS0 1984).

Implant is also a unified classification criteria, but people usually classify the implant site and implant shape, implant site to distinguish between bone implant, the subperiosteal implant, Dental Implants and mucosa implant, wearing mandibular implant and the mandibular branch of the stent implant} is divided into some type, two-stage implant surgical procedure, of different shapes can be divided into leafy, spiral, tubular, cylindrical, and root form and other types. Since clinical applications in bone implants, shape mostly cylindrical or threaded cylindrical root-shaped cone surface are carried out of the rough treatment. Recent years there have been dozens of different shape Comprehensive oral health knowledge and a variety of internal convergence implant products, are also a few products available, their design ideas main purpose is to accelerate the Osseo integration adapt to various conditions of repair design and achieve gingival aesthetic effect.

Friday, 1 June 2012

How the dental extraction wounds healing?

Most cases after tooth extraction is necessary to teeth addition to wisdom teeth, supernumerary teeth removed without dental extraction generally require denture. One of the basic conditions of the teeth is the need for dental extraction wounds long flat. Dental extraction wounds how to heal a long flat?

Is the blood clot filling after removal of the teeth, dental extraction wounds, blood clots can protect the wound, prevent infection, is the basis of the normal healing of dental extraction wounds, dental extraction wounds clot filling, susceptible, and dental equipment also delay healing time. Tooth extraction for to cemented clot generally by about 15 minutes, two hours after condensation namely easy to damage and shedding a few hours later, the gum tissue gradually shrink so that the wound narrow, fibroblast processes after 24 hours to clot extension, 3 - the four days after the gingival epithelium from the surrounding surface of the clot growth,7-eight days of clot surface is covered by epithelial tissue, while the dental extraction wounds clot into granulation tissue, the second week after dental extraction wounds at the bottom of the beginning with bone student formed trabecular bone, to 2 months after surgery, trabecular bone is full of dental extraction wounds, bone tissue instead. At the same time, the edge part of the alveolar bone absorption, after the new bone in the tooth socket connection from the What is the meaning of dental implant central depression, and gradually become flat teeth worse Gap, At this point, dental extraction wounds will not achieve complete bone union.