Thursday, 28 June 2012

Why wear dentures hurt?

Often the pain of wearing dentures, partial dentures due to pain can occur in two of the abutment teeth and soft tissue, and full dentures due to pain-prone in the mucosa.
Fixed denture base caused by dental pain, often caused by bite is too high, the abutments after Cutting surgery and allergies. Mucosa caused by pain more than the edge of the retainer is too long, the bridge compression of soft tissue and so on. Can pick partial denture abutments pain, often due to the clasp tight, close to that the abutments part of the plastic removal is not enough, bite force uneven. Caused by the mucous membrane of pain support occlusion care support is not good, because diffuse pain or stretch too long due to the edge of the denture base plate, the edge of too sharp, or into the tissue undercuts District. Hard some buffer, as well as the inappropriate position of the connecting rod, unbalanced occlusion, etc., can also cause soft tissue pain; severe cases can cause trauma together ulcers. In addition, the clasp position is too low and oppression of the soft tissue causing pain. If the mandibular lingual side of the clasp is too high can cause the tongue sense and pain.

The denture pain occurred in the organization of dentures, denture base and the marginal zone. Dentures to sink or buffer underrun, you can make a hard maxillary area, and mucosas of the maxillary tuberosity area, jaw carina, jaw slash at the galling pain. Because lace buffer is not enough, scrape the edge of the closed zone model too much, labial, buccal long base side caused by the lacing area, palatal rugae, and after embankment areas and labial, buccal mucosa, transitional folds at the crushed. Uneven bite caused by a large area of pain, sometimes this site pain, and dental equipment sometimes the pain of that part of the nature of pain is less obvious.

The above, do not modify their own experience or ask the doctor here grinding point, where the grinding point to modify. That way, if you encounter a little experience of the doctors to do according to your request, you were satisfied, would probably feel worse. The correct approach is: to reflect the true usage goes to the hospital to Whitening toothpaste is long-term use can damage teeth the doctor, the doctor will give appropriate treatment based on clinical examination, the pain will eliminate.

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