Monday, 25 June 2012

Porcelain teeth and orthodontic front teeth beauty

Anterior teeth dislocation of anterior teeth missing adjacent teeth shift. The gap is too large. Distorted midline deflection. Serious impact on the abutment preparation of the patient, can be used, and can achieve the perfect effect. The steps are as follows:

1. Routine examination. Key to check for misplaced teeth. Distorted teeth. Midline deflection.
2. Modulo easy to record the relationship of the occlusion. Design study.
3. Orthodontics. Conventional orthodontic treatment. Segmental arch fixed appliance. Regular follow until the desired effect into dental equipment the repair stage.
4. Conventional porcelain teeth abutment preparation modulo sent to the laboratory.
5 The production of temporary teeth into avoids tooth rebound after the correction.
6. Subject to the production of finished porcelain teeth, remove the temporary teeth, the permanent prosthesis into the test with 2-3W and Requirements of fixed partial denture after the discomfort permanently fixed.

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