Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Quickly to prevent bad breath

1. Drink plenty of water: in the process of movement of men, the water must be for him to prepare, so you can easily always replace lost body fluids, in order to avoid the mouth dry cause bacteria to multiply, thus the formation of bad breath.

2. Salt water: every day, gargle with salt water, can be in addition to bad breath.

3. Milk: the breath after eating garlic smells bad; drink a glass of milk, garlic odor can be removed.

4. Lemon: Lemon with fluid, thirst quenching effect. Can add some mint in a cup of boiling water; add some fresh lemon juice to drink, to go bad breath.

5. Kumquats: kumquat bad breathe with chest stagnation; it is desirable fresh kumquat 5 and 6, wash. This side also has the aroma and the effect of spleen.

6. Honey: Honey relaxes Relaxing of the elimination of the effect of rot, because constipation, bad breath is quite effective.

7. Hawthorn: Hawthorn acid taste slightly gamping, there is stasis consumer product, in addition to the efficacy of the mouth sour.

8. Tea: tea mouthwash or chewing tea leaves can be in addition to bad breath. Bad breath after eating garlic, lamb and other food, a small group of available tea times placed in the mouth and slowly chewed slowly swallowed, until the saliva dental equipment dissolve tea, quite good effect.

9. Yogurt: The latest research shows that, every day, yogurt can reduce the hydrogen sulfide content in the oral cavity, because this substance is the culprit of bad breath - Time, the yogurt also can prevent the generation of harmful bacteria in the mouth, these bacteria can Age limit of the correction cause gum disease or plaque. However, only natural yogurt has this effect, sugary yogurt not has this effect.

10. Cellulose-rich vegetables and fruits: prevention and treatment of bad breath, including apples, carrots and celery. These vegetables and fruits help to secrete large amounts of saliva. Saliva not only moist mouth, but also to remove food residue attached to the tooth above or plug in the teeth. This food residue is one of the reasons of bad breath.

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