Friday, 30 December 2011

How effective and rapid genetic yellow teeth whitening

White teeth, smile not only give people left a deep impression, but also enhance the image of his temperament. Life, there are many groups of hereditary yellow teeth, yellow teeth because of genetic scaling alone is very difficult to even brush your teeth whitening, it is also plagued a lot of people, then there is no quick way to do teeth whitening?

How fast hereditary yellow teeth whitening? Chengdu bridge dental experts stressed: genetic yellow teeth also divided into mild and severe, for different degrees of genetic yellow teeth whitening should develop different options in patients with hereditary yellow teeth can dental equipment go to the professional oral beauty hospital for examination, and then determine genetic yellow teeth whitening program.

How to rapid genetic yellow teeth whitening?

Whitening is a popular in Europe and America the latest tooth whitening technology, which can not only remove the hereditary yellow teeth surface pigmentation, and can reach deep into the genetic yellow teeth bleaching effect. Clinical trials show that the use of teeth whitening technology, operation only 30 minutes, no side effects.

Hereditary yellow teeth whitening using low-temperature cold, completely avoid the operation of the dental nerve stimulation. Used hydrophilic whitening agents in hereditary yellow teeth whitening process is not completely touch the gums, teeth structure will not What is contraindications ultrasonic scaler cause any damage. Thus has been recognized as the most effective and safest genetic yellow teeth bleaching technology. Truly hereditary yellow teeth whitening process safely and efficiently.

Severe periodontal disease the gums bleed easily, so the use of whitening agents is often caused by sensitive teeth, periodontal disease is recommended to ask the doctor to be cured after genetic yellow teeth whitening. 15 young people under the age of sensitive tooth structure more easily, and it is not hereditary yellow teeth whitening, best adult do.

Now genetic yellow teeth whitening technology requires only 45 minutes by LB-rays, safe, fast. Recommend to the regular professional cosmetic surgery hospital counseling and testing, expert based on your tooth situation to be suitable for your program.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Causes yellow teeth and whitening

Experts tell us that there are many reasons for yellow teeth. Different causes yellow teeth, the treatment difference is there. Dental experts below how the various types of yellow teeth whitening have been described in detail:

1. Genetic factors. Asians have been a bit yellowish teeth.

2. Long-term smoking, and tea, coffee and other colored drinks reasons. Over time, pigmentation, teeth gradually turn yellow.

3. Tetracycline, teeth and other dental fluorosis, will be the leading cause of dull yellow teeth.

4. Poor oral hygiene, dental calculus accumulation, leading to the teeth yellow, black and so on.

Of course, the first case and second case, teeth whitening can improve the teeth color. Beyond whitening technology, as long as half an hour or so, you can complete the teeth whitening, allow consumers to quickly have a beautiful teeth. And the results can be maintained for about two years, according to personal habits are different, sooner or later. Low-temperature dental equipment luminescence, hydrophilic material and Medicine whitening gums completely non-contact process, completely avoid the operation of the tooth nerve stimulation, on the enamel, gum does not cause any harm, without any side effects, will not cause any damage to the teeth.

The third case, mild dental fluorosis, tetracycline also can be used to whitening treatments. However, moderate and severe cases, the best choice porcelain veneer. Porcelain veneers are the patient's teeth grinding as long as a small circle, then in the above Deciduous dental caries but also to rule porcelain veneer restoration, from the appearance of the teeth look white and neat, with a natural luster. However, this porcelain veneers, teeth whitening prices than would a more expensive.

The fourth case, the best is the ultrasonic scaler and cleaning teeth with the use of sandblasting to achieve a multiplier effect.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What causes yellowing of the teeth

First, because we see the color of teeth is not only the color of the tooth surface, but also show through the enamel surface of teeth out of the dentin color. Enamel color is white translucent, revealing the yellow dentin color bias. When you feel the color of your teeth is not white, a lot of cases because of your relatively high degree of mineralization of enamel, enamel color bias in the transparent color, in fact, the teeth would be more robust.

Experts pointed out: cause tooth colored, yellow for many reasons, generally divided into endogenous and exogenous:

Stain is due to the existence of a variety of tooth surface bacteria, they secrete a number of adhesive on the tooth surface material, the diet tea dirt, smoke stains, and drinking water in some of the minerals and minerals in the saliva of people adsorbed on these sticky substances dental equipment on the formation of plaque and tartar, the teeth gradually turn yellow or black.

Endogenous color is formed in the process of tooth development, such as tetracycline deposition in dentin, could make the teeth yellow, brown or dark gray, as tetracycline; if too much fluoride in drinking water may also lead to dental fluorosis, teeth appear before the Yellow teeth black teeth whitening methods are there white startling color, brown patches; if pulp necrosis, the bacteria break down the pulp of the metabolites, as well as dehydration can make their teeth discoloration of the teeth.

Experts say: If the color needs are usually exogenous teeth can be restored by cleaning the original tooth color. The endogenous coloring, often accomplished through whitening.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

All-ceramic dental broad application of the crowd

All-ceramic dental restoration is done on the root problem within a full porcelain crown, and then within the all-ceramic crown on the outside of roast with a layer of natural teeth color similar to the ceramic powder, and finally bonded to the teeth. The success of all-ceramic dental restoration looks realistic and beautiful, strong wear resistance, color similar to natural teeth, biocompatibility, non-irritating oral tissue, easy to clean, restore teeth that can function, but also beauty. Most important is the all-ceramic tooth has a good transparency and refraction, not the black line dental equipment in the tooth neck, the neck can make the teeth to achieve a good aesthetic effect, which is the normal porcelain teeth can not be compared.

Allows you to distribute all-ceramic tooth-like star style

Porcelain teeth for teeth that do not provide a perfect dream-like treatment: crystal white, uniform shape, does not affect chewing function. Many people are envious of stars that a neat and white teeth, confident smile, relaxed pace. But you know what? Many of them are through the teeth for all-ceramic dental beauty. Teeth as the new darling of beauty, because beauty has porcelain and metal-like strength, etc., by patient love.

Although all-ceramic dental restoration technology has Expert analysis of the whole process of denture many advantages and popular, but, all-ceramic dental technical requirements are high, the doctor must have the experience to make the all-ceramic dental patients into the most appropriate form.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Which case do all-ceramic dental

Currently, there are many fashionable men and women love, "U.S. dental trump card," said the computer all porcelain teeth, this technology is a new US-tooth technology, ordinary porcelain teeth with the biggest difference is that the crown! However, all-ceramic tooth is not a panacea! So, what circumstances do porcelain teeth?

1. Correction of dental abnormalities. For the abnormal tooth development, such as small teeth, tooth gap width, individual missing teeth, enamel hypoplasia, these can be repaired by the all-ceramic tooth shape, color back to the ideal state.
2. Yellow teeth black phenomenon, such as tetracycline, dental fluorosis, death and other vital teeth.
3. Repair after dental treatment. After a lot of dental treatment will leave dental problems, such as endodontic treatment could easily lead to tooth dental equipment discoloration, tooth fracture off and feeding, use of all-ceramic crown restoration can be avoided.
4. Xiang Fu missing teeth. For missing teeth, missing teeth used to do before and after tooth retention teeth, missing teeth with several all-ceramic crowns will be together, to cement on the retention of teeth, will be able to set multiple missing teeth.
Above our experts introduce you to the full scope of dental porcelain, dental director of Beijing West Love Tip: beautiful is important, health or to the first place, want to Prevention of dental caries achieve healthy, beautiful dual purpose, must be to formal professional the cosmetic surgery hospitals, detailed consultation experts, listen to expert arrangements.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

The best denture after tooth extraction time

After pulling teeth in patients, visual impression is that in the gums, there is a blood pit, the pit will take some time to heal, so the timing of denture need to grasp.

If an ordinary tooth, there is no bone trauma (minimally invasive extraction of course, the better), so heal faster if the activity is to choose the set of false teeth, then two months on it, the elderly be extended one month, if Select the set of fixed dentures, then dental equipment wait at least 3 months, so bone can heal completely. Similarly delayed a month old.

If the tooth trauma is relatively large, in the extraction process, removed some of the alveolar bone, and bone meal is not filling the case, set all types of dentures, extended time in accordance with above month.

Denture point in time is limited, but not the later Wrong interpretation of the five oral treatment the better, usually not more than six months intervals, or by removal of teeth adjacent teeth, because there is no support, or the heavier the burden, it will tilt, resulting in an increase in the difficulty of denture.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Orthodontics without sorrow

Because of orthodontic tooth is not very understanding, many consumers will be making the teeth before orthodontic concerns. How to orthodontic tooth? How to do a thorough orthodontic tooth? In order to give consumers and eliminating, where we designed for you to explain the details of the next issue of orthodontic tooth.

In fact, for dental orthodontic problem, the experts focus that consumers should seriously. And how serious orthodontic tooth smooth it? This is mainly achieved by the following conditions:

1. In orthodontic tooth before, to choose for themselves dental equipment a good qualified with extensive experience in orthodontic tooth doctor.

2. Orthodontics in working closely with physicians, good oral hygiene, careful referral, time to wear braces.

3. Orthodontics, the good retainer wear work and found that the phenomenon of rebound after the treatment as soon as possible.
Of course, dental orthodontic process, consumers need to know and a lot of concern, if you want more content in more detail Orthodontics, hope you can consult a professional online customer service.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

About root canal treatment

Root canal therapy is the treatment of pulp necrosis and periapical disease, the most effective way, by clearing the pathogen to stimulate root canal material for periapical tissue to eliminate the negative stimulus, proper disinfection, tight root canal filling, to prevent root occurrence dental equipment of periapical lesions or promote the healing of periapical lesions. Root canal therapy is recognized as treatment of pulp and periapical disease, the most effective and thorough way.

The purpose of root canal treatment is infected or necrotic pulp tissue all go to the net, in order to achieve the purpose of eliminating the source of infection and to prevent the spread of infection to the periapical area. After the removal of infected material, and subject to The advantages of all-ceramic dental effects and postoperative care mechanical preparation, sterilization drugs, and the final root canal tightly closed apical foramen. Only completely cut off the source of infection, periapical tissue lesions can be repaired.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Repair techniques without leaving marks - all-ceramic dental

Believe that many higher-income white-collar workers for all porcelain teeth are not familiar with it because it looks closer and real teeth, but also in terms of compatibility and more prominent, so the beauty who was favored by the majority.

Tooth color closer to real

1. All-ceramic porcelain teeth the most prominent feature is the appearance of realism. Advanced all-ceramic dental all-ceramic material, no metal, and air water or other dental equipment electrolyte contact will quickly generate micro-oxide film, effectively prevent bacteria regeneration.

2. Since both inside and outside of all-ceramic dental porcelain body, good permeability, the reflection of light closer to natural teeth. Its color, brightness, natural scale than ordinary porcelain teeth closer to real teeth, and particularly the active color.
 3. All-ceramic dental restoration technology can also be based on each patient's own teeth United States to choose the conditions and requirements, to personalized beauty teeth the best results.

Good biocompatibility

Many people in the metal-ceramic crowns are allergic to the metal, so many patients out of these considerations, prefer all-ceramic dental restoration.

According to the center of the mouth dental experts, all-ceramic dental biocompatibility is very good, you can completely rule out allergic reactions. As in All-ceramic dental porcelain teeth and the difference between dental crown material with porcelain, no metal, no black line the edge of the gums so that there is no heavy feeling, does not appear red, swollen gums bleeding and other negative phenomena, it is even more to worry about changing the professional performing metal ion leakage affect health.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Comprehensive analysis of the advantages of zirconia porcelain teeth

Dental Center experts pointed out: all-ceramic dental zirconia due to its outstanding performance, the porcelain teeth were listed as favorite. Zirconia all-ceramic dental restoration is the ideal means of oral, dental all-ceramic zirconium dioxide appear to be the reason why dentists and dental patients are respected like, because zirconia all-ceramic porcelain teeth are different from other teeth four major advantages.

1. Zirconia all-ceramic tooth density and high strength

Zirconium dioxide is a natural in the presence of a baddeleyite mineral density and strength and are very high. After a cleaning process for medical zirconia, zirconium retained dental equipment in a small amount of residual α-rays, the penetration depth is very small, only 60 microns, will not have any impact on the human body.

2. Zirconia all-ceramic tooth has a very high quality

Zirconium dioxide has a very high quality porcelain teeth, said not only because of its high quality materials, expensive equipment, but also because it used the most advanced computer-aided design, laser scanning, and then controlled by a computer program made ​​ground, with perfect. And the production of zirconia all-ceramic dental technicians often the technician in the crowd, but very large effects technician.

3. Zirconia all-ceramic dental restoration natural and realistic effects

Zirconia all-ceramic tooth to make sense of the natural tooth color and obvious crown edge, especially for patients with high aesthetic requirements is undoubtedly good news.

4. Zirconia all-ceramic dental histocompatibility high

Zirconia on the gums no stimulation, no allergic reaction, it is suitable for oral, head of the future need to x-ray, CT, MRI has no effect, while avoiding the metal produced in the oral allergy, irritation, corrosion and other adverse reaction.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Apical root canal treatment is the bane of periodontal disease

Periapical disease is limited to the apical cementum, root around the tip of the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone and other tissues of the disease. Etiology and pathology:

1. Infection

The most common infections from dental pulp disease, followed by periodontal disease by apical, side of the root canal and vice dentinal tubules and secondary, blood-borne infections are relatively rare.

Hyundai believes that the primary infection periapical disease as the main anaerobic bacteria are mixed infections, Bacteroides melanin production is a major dental equipment acute periapical pathogens. Bacterial endotoxin is induced chronic periapical inflammatory cytokines, periapical granuloma is a major factor.

2. Trauma

Teeth subjected to external forces, such as strikes, collisions, falls, etc., can cause dental hard tissue, periodontal and periapical tissue damage. Biting hard objects, such as the bite of sand within the rice, walnuts bite, bite-bottles, etc., can cause traumatic occlusion periapical damage.

3. Tumor

Spread damage to the periapical squamous cell carcinoma tumors, lung cancer and breast cancer metastasis, jaw sarcoma, myeloma, and ameloblastoma.

4. Odontogenic factors

Pulp and root canal sealing drug overdose, piercing the apical root canal instruments, orthodontic force properly, rapid separation of the teeth, tooth extraction and other accidental injuries can cause adjacent periapical injury.

Clinical manifestations of

Acute periapical

Acute periapical pathological anatomical characteristics of periapical exudate accumulation, transformation and diffusion or absorption, in addition to some of the trauma caused the acute periapical, the pulp is necrotic and more.

Chronic apical periodontitis usually no pain symptoms, chronic periapical lesion type granuloma, chronic periapical abscess, chronic periapical cysts and chronic periapical bone density go far.

Root canal therapy is the treatment of dental pulp disease, the most complex and critical treatment programs.

Arrived in the apical root canal filling material, and can block the apical tight hole, root canal treatment is to ensure that key indicators. In order to ensure the root canal filling in place, the doctor before surgery according to the dental needs chip to see the number of root canals, bending and length of surgery is sometimes necessary in the dental pin according to the Children's psychological preparation before dental film to accurately measure the length of the root canal, dental surgery must be according to film to determine whether the root canal filling in place, fill or over fill if less, you need to fill, according to dental films re-confirm, until the root canal filling in place. Therefore, in patients receiving root canal treatment is sometimes repeated according to the dental films.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How do children's teeth look chaotic?

As people's living standards and oral health awareness, more and more of the students to the hospital for orthodontics. Many people can not help but sigh: how are the children of straightening teeth so much?

In fact, the reasons for dental malocclusion can be roughly divided into two categories: genetic and environmental factors.

Environmental factors, acquired factors play a significant role, in which degradation is one of the main masticatory function. Children's food is now more sophisticated, a lot of dairy products, bread, puffed food, chewing function so that the child's increasingly dental equipment weak, both inside and outside the teeth and mouth are not properly exercise the muscles, causing muscle weakness, atrophy, jaw also not well developed, but did not reduce the number of teeth, dental malocclusion children so the incidence is rising.

On the other hand, fine food is also prone to dental caries, dental defects appear, premature loss of deciduous teeth, permanent teeth eruption lack of space, and cause tooth malalignment. Therefore, the prevention of childhood dental deformities should note the following three questions:

1. Strengthen the training of children chewing function, muscle function fully exercise the mouth, thus effectively stimulate the growth of the mandible. Daily life to give children food to eat some hard wear, such as ribs, beef jerky, fried, crispy rice, dried bread, apple and so on.

2. After the birth of a child 2 years old, basic teeth fully erupted, it should be on a regular basis to the regular dental hospital, leaving the longitudinal recording, to How to control plaque and tartar achieve timely detection of problems and timely treatment.

3. To protect children's teeth, especially carious teeth most likely to lead to permanent tooth loss development Malocclusion. Permanent teeth are arranged in columns arranged in a pilot, did lead to both sides of the teeth to the teeth gap extrusion, resulting in missing dentition, encountered such problems would need immediate treatment.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dental implant surgery, do you need to know

Dental Implant, and now more and more people have been recognized and accepted by the dental technology, and gradually apply more and more difficult problems on prosthodontics. Can be removed for those who had functional teeth, the teeth can be grown if it is? This is a more difficult problem, which, dental experts say: the true meaning of dental implant is an artificial tooth root planting, planting root is also a surgery.

So, some of the poor general condition, people can not tolerate surgery root can not be planted. Such as cardiovascular disease, severe diabetes, tumors, etc. abuse, especially endocrine disorders, bone metabolism, and high levels of use of chemotherapy, hormones, anticoagulants, etc. on bone metabolism and integration of the medication were influential , is not to implant surgery. Local gingival inflammation and the inflammation around the tooth root will affect the integration of the plant, and even lead to surgical failure.

In addition to these, the surgeon but also through the film to understand the alveolar bone height and width. Because when the alveolar bone is too narrow, the planting of the root can not be completely buried in the bone tissue, teeth and surrounding tissue will affect the dental equipment integration between, thus affecting the root of fastness. If the bone is too shallow, the next root implant may damage the alveolar inferior alveolar nerve.

In addition, after the original implant is different from their own teeth, and should be used to care, usually not too hard to avoid in the dental implant is not self-cleaning, usually every three months about your dentist must remove the fixed screw for cleaning How to deal with refractory root canal at the same time, the implant can be self-cleaning every six months to a year must be to get in to the hospital to check.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Root canal filling on the issue of collateral

Collateral root canal root canal, also known as vice. This is the formation of tooth growth. Often in the apical and root bifurcation to see. Furcation and the root canal apical presence of collateral, there are many domestic and foreign research data to prove. In addition, collateral between two tubes called the tube between the collateral, in addition to the main root tube still sent to the surrounding small branch, called the root tapering branches.

Tube taper between the collateral branch and root canals are part of the collateral. The current lack of collateral canals effective means of diagnosis. Most people focus dental equipment on dental X-ray films, dental films want to observe from the root canal to the collateral. As the normal dental films cannot show all of the collateral root canal, especially the cheek, tongue, the direction of the root canal more difficult to show collateral, it was suggested that the use of special radiation techniques and conditions, but that the specific conditions of radiation technology and data . It was also suggested from the fistula into the gutta-ray films or to the root canal into the water-soluble organic iodine contrast media, want to have some contrast medium into the collateral root canal.

These methods have not yet used in clinical practice. Root canal treatment on collateral, currently no effective means of special. Because collateral root canal too small, and often form the main root tube angle, root canal root canal instruments difficult to enter the collateral, but collateral root canal will affect the clinical symptoms caused by the main root tube treatment, as clinicians, must make efforts to resolve the pain. Now China has been reported by conventional treatment methods collateral The three best orthodontic age special root canal filling techniques. If China were difficult situation and Guzhi Ling Su semi-soft plastic root canal surgery tooth apical foramen closed, there are several cases of apical root canal and a small apical collateral, branches are perfect filling. China Xugen Yuan and Zhang Nepalese report two cases of infected root canal collateral, the use of anti-corrosion paste grip grams of piperazine Jai gutta-percha or silver tip to achieve a collateral root canal filling.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Lingual orthodontics - Orthodontic surgery deceive

Lingual stealth technology is a correction: "sneak" the real teeth completely invisible orthodontic technology difficult technical correction model. Break with tradition and will be placed in the tank dental care, the appearance can not see the existence of the bracket.

Lingual correct name suggests, is a tongue in the side of the tooth (ie teeth inside) correction method with the traditional lip side (the outside of the teeth) correction in the theory and technology are very different, although it technical level of the doctor's demanding, but was dental equipment able to maximize the patient's aesthetic requirements to meet to avoid technical correction in the past because of the labial brackets and wires attached to the tooth surface caused by work and social barriers to. In addition to aesthetic superiority, the tongue side of the correction may also significantly reduce the rate of dental caries, reducing the likelihood of recurrence after correction, also avoid the movement of the lips labial appliance damage. In addition, because the tongue side of the post-correction techniques to enhance the resistance of the control teeth, it can more effectively control the movement of the teeth.

Lingual orthodontics technology as early as the 1970s began to appear in Japan and the United States, after years of theoretical research and technical improvement, has self-contained, and is widely used in Japan and the United States. The birth of the tongue side of the Orthodontic tooth types correction technology, impact on the work of those who would like to correct people who are afraid, because older people are afraid to do corrective make irresponsible remarks, especially those who want to correct the lack of men, but courage can be said a long-awaited good news; lingual orthodontics is also very suitable for regular exercise for young people and athletes, dancers, acrobats, etc., because it avoids damage to the lip, so that you safely do all kinds of sports; also very suitable for playing music players, because it avoids the labial braces for the impact of playing the same time, more suitable for models, actors and other special professional.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Commonly used methods of teeth whitening dentist

Currently there are many teeth whitening methods, mainly attached to the tooth surface to remove the plaque, tartar, and stain, and restore the original color of the teeth, teeth whitening to achieve the effect. The dentist used teeth whitening methods are about the following:

Dental sandblasting: by water, air, particles composed of dental sandblasting processor, Air-powder system, on the tooth surface can be, all the dye removed. Including dental equipment on the tooth surface at the pit, groove, and the adjacent surface of the. It uses the particles is Sodium Bicarbonate.

Ultrasonic scaling: NHI's scaling, mainly for dental calculus removal part. Because tartar is more likely to cause the accumulation of dental plaque, causing gingivitis, periodontal disease. Therefore, removal of dental calculus is medical care. Of course, in the treatment of the same, tooth neck, adjacent to the surface to remove the stones, and tooth whitening performance. Thick layer of dye, by ultrasonic scaling, you can also remove most; but in dental cavity, a groove, or the place The entire dental implant What is the process adjacent to the surface, staining is not easy to clear.

Intestinal cup with paste polish: This is the traditional way of teeth whitening. Paste using prophylaxis paste. It can smooth the surface of the teeth to remove the stain. The teeth to restore the original color. But in the pit, trench, adjacent to the surface of the stain, it is no way to get rid of.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Two-stage dental implant

Two-stage implant abutments and the implant is divided into two retainer instead of a whole class of implants. Surgery, and bone tissue retention combined with the body and the base station with the gum tissue is surgically implanted twice before and after completion, and the base station and the retainer between the two screws through the center of the implant it is connected as a whole.

The first implant surgery, the first retainer bone tissue, suture wounds, 4-6 months after implant retainer to be completely under no load resting bone and bone tissue, and then dental equipment underwent secondary surgery, which cut the gum tissue, connected by the center screw implant abutments, removal of stitches after the preferred model and complete the final restoration.

Two-stage implant has the advantage that the implant osseointegration, and not infection, denture repair and diverse, the upper structure can be a variety Essential to the success of Oral Implantology of options, long-term effect, a high success rate. The disadvantage is subject to two operations to complete.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

You need to straightening teeth extraction?

Why straightening teeth extraction? Chengdu bridge dental experts, extraction is the correct one of the steps, in fact, reason is very simple, because the dental arch where the content can not be arranged in so many teeth. Or too prominent front teeth need extraction in Effective treatment for whitening discolored teeth order to obtain space, so that front teeth back.

In general, the "non-extraction" appears likely, mainly involves the following factors:

1. The degree of tooth crowding fairly minor.

2. If the patient's face is too depressed persons face shape, non-extraction can be avoided to make the face more than the depression.

3. Maxillary hypoplasia, the teeth often become very crowded, but also prone to the case of front teeth bite; At this point, the maxillary tooth can try not to make up the upper and lower jaw bone before and after the gap.

In contrast, if the mandibular hypoplasia, resulting in upper and dental equipment lower incisors before and after the gap; At this point, if space is not too unfamiliar mandibular teeth, jaw may also take non-extraction approach to treatment. Of course, there are other conditions may choose not to extraction.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Make your teeth white character of the method of recovery

Option One: bleaching treatment

This method is simple, by a doctor or doctor's office under the guidance of their own patients to complete at home. Only touch the surface of a tooth wear full dentition soft plastic cover, and place special liquid, continuous overnight wear, both full-mouth dental treatment, usually takes 1-2 treatments to achieve satisfactory results. Cold exposure or tooth surface coated with dental equipment special drugs to achieve the whitening effect. Originally teeth bleaching treatment for a good forty years after the tooth color change of the population, or for dyeing lighter "tetracycline."

Option II: light-cured resin coverage

For deeply stained or enamel (enamel) defect, can use this method of treatment, this method can not grind teeth, according to the color of your teeth color selection similar to composite resin after light-curing effect, covering the tooth surface of discolored teeth this method usually can be completed, the price is moderate, but the downside is somewhat less hard, and if your teeth are Detailed dental implant restoration techniques too dark, the masking effect is not ideal, and the tooth surface becomes thicker, a heavy feeling.

Option III: Ceramic paste tooth surface

Ceramic paste rigidity tooth surface, tooth-colored teeth with really similar, good gloss, realistic shape, durable, but expensive. And is covered by tooth grinding changed less, save more tooth structure, and some morphological differences larger discolored teeth, root canal treatment needed after the first, and then the teeth were ground and prepared to restore the original natural color and shape this method is generally used for front teeth.

Monday, 28 November 2011

What is Dental Implant?

Could it be types of dental implants dental implant, not really kind of natural teeth, but by way of medicine, will be compatible with human bone after high-precision titanium metal design, manufacturing roots into a cylinder or other similar shape to the way minor surgical implantation of edentulous ridge of the alveolar bone, after a 1 to 3 months later, when the artificial teeth and alveolar bone close together, and then in the production of porcelain crown on the implant. For non-destructive, oral implant medical profession has been recognized as the preferred repair method missing teeth.

As the artificial tooth implant bone deep, can withstand normal chewing forces, functional and aesthetically pleasing and almost the same as natural teeth, therefore, known as the third man of teeth. Is a dental implant surgery is surgery there is a certain risk. To restore missing teeth from the dental equipment aesthetic and functional results, the cultivation of repair is the preferred method. In theory, all types of implants for missing teeth. But it has some restrictive conditions in order to achieve what acute teeth grow it?

1. Body in good condition, physical and mental health, bone and tooth development has been finalized by adults;
2. Jaw, bone surgery and trauma at least 6 months, at least 3 months after tooth extraction, the bone defect has been restored, planting beds and good quality bone morphogenetic persons;
3. No significant oral soft tissue inflammation, lesions were;
4. I have patients with clear requirements, economic conditions permit.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

As brushing teeth morning and night

In today's highly developed civilization, every morning and brush our teeth has become a person's health habits, but the other one - brush your teeth before going to sleep at night, but often overlooked by people. People probably do not understand, "Chen Shu Shu night as" the morning brush our teeth is far more important than the evening too!

In fact, as early as a few hundred years ago, our ancestors on this issue has been brilliant exposition. Jin's "Dan Golden Book," had this to say: "Where day diet drugs, the plot in Chifeng, when the scrub at night, then Gouwu do go, do not scale from the teeth. Guyun night than morning rinse rinse. keep this good at those teeth. this concept wise at each meal must rinse, the teeth to the old Kennedy White is not bad, then you have seen the power of raising men. "

This word is used to analyze the modern scientific point of view is also justified. Modern caries study that the incidence of dental caries is due to acid-producing bacteria, dirty mouth with the anti-caries power drops, and other sugary foods caused by three reasons. If you do Different classifications of dental implants not brush our teeth before going to bed at night, during the day and eat the food left behind debris and residues will be stored in the groove crack in Chifeng and teeth and become breeding ground for bacterial growth. Also, at night because of oral language activities to stop chewing and saliva secretion is also greatly reduced, resulting in reduced oral self-cleaning function, more conducive to bacterial big breeding, fermentation acid corrosion of the teeth. This is what many people insist on early morning every day, brush your teeth for decades, but due to the neglect of the most important one at that, so eventually come to a mouthful of dental caries or the reason!

Understand the reasons mentioned above, you should as soon as possible to develop a daily "must rinse after meals" to go to bed every night after dental equipment brushing habits. This will make you a lifetime infinite. Of course, after a night of sleep after the early morning to spend three minutes brushing rinse once more will make your teeth white and bright, fresh breath, put into a new day filled with energy.

Friday, 25 November 2011

How to care for teeth after fillings?

If you find cracked or loose filling material, as soon as possible to the dentist for treatment, not because the teeth do not hurt and ignored, or else will be more and more cavities, toothache may still occur.

Make good for teeth, should be timely and necessary protection, pay attention to such matters as:

1. Follow the doctor's advice, do not just make good teeth to chew food and hard objects. After filling should generally be in the first 2 or 3 days and then the dental equipment affected side chewing of food is appropriate to prevent tooth off and feeding off.

2. After filling, such as mild pain, may be provided through self-observation, and some mild discomfort and pain to the white line disappears. Such as pain not only not reduced, the opposite appears to further increase the bite or pain, throbbing, hot and cold to stimulate the pain, spontaneous pain at night, should go to hospital referral for examination and treatment, to identify the cause and eliminate pain.

3. For more severe caries a large area defects teeth, tooth restored tooth itself as resistance often lack teeth in the chewing-prone folding, this type of dental fillings Dental Implant can become live should be based on physician recommendations after the time to do the teeth shell crown protection against crown off.

4. The agreed time by physician referral in time.

5. Week do not use coarse toothbrush prosthesis surface, due to its light-cured resin degree of cure only 50%, 90% within 24 hours, 7 days after 100%.

6. Do not bite hard objects prosthesis, drink less tea, less smoking, avoid using m

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Painless implant treatment steps

The first stage of surgery: will normally be carried out under local anesthesia, to implant in the jaw implant patients; implant after implantation in the jaw bone, suture wounds, the implant embedded in the bone, to avoid the bear bite force, the jaw bone and dental implant osseointegration produced, this time in the lower jaw to be healing for more than four months, to be more than six months in the upper jaw.

Second stage surgery: If bone conditions permit, the day of implant healing cap unit immediately, or wait 2-6 months after complete healing, exposing the top of implant, the healing cap in the top of the installation, re-healing, the healing cap can be seen in the the future location of dentures.

Denture prostheses stages: 1 to 2 weeks after complete healing of gums, the healing cap removed, and replaced with dentures produced packages through the die, technical production, you can install dentures.

Bone integration of titanium:
Good biocompatibility of titanium, titanium bone cells will encounter together. The so-called osseointegration, meaning artificial tooth root and alveolar bone natural combination, the body's bone cells exposed to artificial teeth, adhesion, healing to the titanium surface, followed by calcification, calcification, the bone tissue and the implant will be tightly embedded together, bone integration dental equipment process is slow, it takes three to six months, after osseointegration, implant can withstand the chewing forces.

Dental implant is a human, "the third of teeth," the advantages of dental implant:

1. Masticatory function much better than many traditional dentures

2. Has a strong retention and stability, the same as the real tooth root and then the patient's mouth

3. May be less grinding or grinding their teeth really

4. Not necessary dentures and denture base clasp, no large plastic denture base caused by slow and uncomfortable sense of taste

5. Small size, does not reveal the metal, beautiful, conducive to maintaining good oral hygiene

6. Dental implant surgery is a smaller alveolar surgery, similar to the extraction, use of local anesthesia, trauma, surgery can eat, almost no pain. Implant surgery usually requires only several minutes to several hours that can be completed. Because the choices are excellent compatibility with human biological materials, dental implant on the human body does not produce any adverse side effects. Even if the implant osseointegration failure of replantation after removal method can be improved or changed into ordinary denture

7. Prevention of the bone to attract, keep your bone

Dental experts say, because of these advantages, so the implant also known as "the third man of teeth." After 40 years of development, dental implant developed into a mature, reliable, high success rate of new technology , is widely accepted in Western countries.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Implant with good use of better than real teeth

Conventional denture is the main means of oral rehabilitation, but the traditional denture can not meet the higher demands of people. Loading activities such as dentures, eat chew, talk big tongue, metal hook pretty, good teeth are also easy to set a bad example; installed fixed porcelain bridges, beautiful and easy to use, but further to protect the adjacent first molar teeth, and only applies to individual tooth loss, tooth loss for patients with more use of porcelain bridge can not be repaired. In the international arena, the most advanced dental implant, solid, durable, beautiful, no damage to adjacent teeth and other features are subject to more and more people of all ages.

The introduction of the French Dental Hospital Health Amdo planting system is the world's most advanced growing technologies, to adapt to a wide range, you can do single tooth, multiple teeth, full mouth tooth loss planting. Quality hard, solid base stations, stability, maximize the recovery of normal chewing function, excellent biocompatibility, safe, durable lasting, world's first implant safety and health has been more than normal use of the past 20 years.

Dental implant technology can repair a variety of causes dental equipment of missing teeth, such as periodontitis, dental caries or trauma caused by tooth loss, missing a single tooth, multiple missing teeth, full mouth toothless and so on. Many people are concerned, however, how long can dental implant?

"As deeply rooted in the alveolar bone within the implant, in many cases even more than real teeth strong, and will receive 100% of the chewing efficiency of the recovery as long as good oral hygiene and regular inspection, artificial implant to maintain than real time even teeth longer. "Tan Zhuren introduced.

Prompted the majority of patients with missing teeth: In theory, there is no upper age limit for dental implant, maxillofacial growth from teens to young people full of old eighties can implant. However, do be a dental implant should be preceded by oral examination to Full analysis of dental teeth whitening methods ensure that no oral inflammation, mucosal disease, the patients themselves if bleeding disorders, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, mental illness, endocrine and other systemic diseases , have to wait for a stable condition after receiving dental implants. Another point, although dental implant is a very mature technology, but also part of an operation, the best choice for regular dental hospital to operate.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Do not implant into the error

For non-destructive, oral implant medical profession has been recognized as the preferred repair method missing teeth. But many of my friends are not very understanding of the dental implant, dental implant surgery before doing it is easy to produce with their own ideas such as misunderstanding, Lai Dental experts remind you not to make themselves into these errors, let's take a look.

Misunderstanding of the implant:

1. All kinds of teeth after tooth pulled. Through treatment to keep true teeth should adhere to treatment, rather than the whole unplug, as a last resort before considering extraction.

2. Out not to be "kind of" teeth. Dental experts believe that dental equipment although the My Lai in tooth loss, there would be part of the alveolar bone is absorbed, but there are still remaining alveolar bone or jaw can "play titanium screw" implant in the remaining alveolar bone or jaw on the "fight titanium screw" as the implant.

3. "Teeth is a major surgery." Species "teeth is minor, and now developed to be minimally invasive operation, less bleeding, swelling does not occur, and one-off" kind of "all of the missing tooth, the pain, even smaller than the extraction wound, but precise surgical operation.

4. Teeth once and for all. Implant service life, the current observed at least 10 years, which also each person's habits and protection methods.

5. "Kind of" teeth, mouths had to "kind." Once you have selected is not "kind of" teeth, it must "grow" a place full of each tooth. Entire row of teeth loss or those who lost What types of dental implant a lot of teeth of the elderly, just do a small amount of dental implant, as a fixed support of the "pier" in the row of teeth, "pier" firmly on the exercise of functions, dental implant hazards.

6. Implant to be a long time. Before "kind of" bad teeth to be pulled out of the root, only three months after the implantation of artificial teeth, and then every three months to install crown. Now, with the understanding of the implant gradually increase, in some cases teeth can be pulled out immediately loaded implants and implant crowns, shorter than in the past six months, once completed.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Brand and type of implant

1. Hollow circular implant. Less is more clinical.

2. Leafy implant. Leafy implants after tooth loss is mainly used for cultivation. According to parts missing teeth, the number of missing teeth, alveolar bone morphology and local design into a variety of implants; general use is made of pure titanium, they can have a style or two-stage two. Mainly applied to the blade-like bone or insufficient alveolar bone height.

The main advantage of leafy implant is less implantation dental equipment damage bone, and bone contact area is large, thin leaves, after implantation, bone thick buccal lingual support, good stability, with the need for special parts can be design flexibility.

3. Spiral implant. There are two kinds of conical and cylindrical, in which the more common cylindrical. The most common material is made ​​of pure titanium or titanium-based structure, surface treatment with the current bio-ceramic coating, bio-oxidation process and also increases bone morphogenetic protein (BMP). There are different forms of the Medical pigment teeth whitening teeth farewell surface structure of threads, or holes, or grooves, to increase the contact area with the bone or to prevent reverse rotation of the implant.

Spiral-type implant with one end and two side-style points, but the former has now basically do not; the latter obviously the basic structure, need second surgery, an interval of 3 to 6 months, the best long-term effects have been confirmed . Representative and internationally recognized best Branemark implant is now used in our country are based on these implants improved.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Teeth whitening avoid blind

Today, tooth whitening has become a fashion, fashion is part of everyone, but everyone wants to dazzling fashion, and that method is not the same, and teeth whitening, too, each have their own teeth whitening methods fit people, and no one for everyone, a panacea teeth whitening methods.

Teeth whitening avoid blind

Therefore, before deciding teeth whitening, teeth should be to do a comprehensive inspection, whitening prescription given by a doctor, or do the whitening treatment, the effect is obvious. If you blindly buy bleaching teeth whitening products, the effect not only fail, but the dental equipment damage to the teeth larger, but also may lead to oral disease, it may lose big.

Experts said that cause tooth colored, yellow reasons, can be divided into endogenous and exogenous two. Exogenous scale mainly by tea, tobacco stains, red wine and mineral water in the cause. Endogenous color is formed in the process of tooth development, such as tetracycline, dental fluorosis and so on. Teeth whitening treatment can be the reasons for rendering the desired result. According to experts, the interpretation of the current teeth whitening methods commonly used are the following:

1. Scaling is mainly applied to Stain the prevention of gum, periodontal disease also have a good effect.

2. Teeth whitening gel is a family-whitening method, able to tetracycline, dental fluorosis, smoking spot, rust and other tooth colored tea play a role in bleaching, but there are Do not underestimate the bleeding gums enamel defects in patients are not ideal.

3. Teeth whitening technology through special light effects, to remove the tooth surface and the deep attachment of the pigment, is a strong bleaching effect of a method of bleaching is generally able to maintain about two years.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Calculus and differential diagnosis of gingivitis

Calculus, commonly known as "teeth rust", which is more firmly attached to the tooth surface calcium deposits, brush your teeth do not brush, plaque plaque mineralization is the result of the oral cavity by bacterial plaque is the main body very dense and very thin transparent film, most likely attached to the neck teeth, gum edge, and pit and fissure tooth surface rough place, plaque staining agent required to see the show.

Fast formation of plaque, tooth brush to clean off a few hours, the teeth soon form a thin layer of membrane, bacteria breed quickly in the above development, plaque formation, the calcium in saliva can be gradually precipitation on the inside, a long time, become hard like a stone plaque, very firmly attached to the teeth, plaque calcium is mainly in the saliva, the plaque is often so close to opening the site particularly the salivary glands, such as the maxillary first molar buccal and lingual plaque under a lot of front teeth.

Plaque surface is always covered with a layer of plaque, tartar under the microscope to observe the rough surface is porous, so the accumulation of plaque and calculus to dental equipment provide favorable breeding conditions, a large number of plaque bacteria to multiply and produce toxins, and bacteria break down food residues, but also harmful substances, pathogens, toxins and harmful substances, destruction of the gums (known as "tooth") organization, resulting in gingivitis, gingival swelling, easy bleeding when brushing your teeth, bite bread or severe fruit can also cause bleeding in the food left on the bloodstain. Continue to develop gingivitis, periodontal tissue invasion and deep, may develop periodontitis, then in addition to red, swollen gums, but also appeared periodontal pocket, and the overflow pus, alveolar bone loss, loose teeth and displacement, affecting chewing function and digestion of food.

Pay attention to oral hygiene, sooner or later develop good brushing habits and the correct method of brushing, and regularly to the hospital, scaling, prevent plaque and tartar formation, prevention and treatment of gingivitis.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Whitening and other whitening methods more

Many people think that only the surface of the teeth teeth yellow color change, the worn surface can be restored to its former white, this is the misunderstanding. In fact, tooth color from the inside there is no significant difference in the color change is the change in physiological factors that influence to bring the teeth, in which changes in the skeletal system of physiological factors affecting the teeth is the most direct and largest. Childhood tooth color from white to begin with age, showing varying degrees of ivory (beige), in fact, this is the skeletal system of the life of the state, gradually become inactive flag, Chinese medicine says: bone of the tooth is more than . Accurate to say the relationship between dental and skeletal system.

Whitening teeth whitening methods is essentially only the medical and cosmetic whitening. Porcelain teeth whitening, including the medical done, patches, whitening of three methods. Whitening is a cosmetic beauty, that do not whitening treatment, teeth can not be more healthy, it is only a cosmetic way. Compared with ordinary make-up whitening, whitening teeth to change color from deep-seated, achieve long-term whitening effects. Teeth whitening cosmetic teeth means brushing teeth with cosmetic, to cover the teeth color, teeth white way, is a cosmetic beauty. Other methods of dental equipment cleaning teeth scouring detergent does not change the color of teeth, only to restore the teeth color, teeth whitening can not be considered strictly speaking.

Many people believe that there are whitening on enamel damage, it is not true, although the chemical whitening, but the response is not strong, it will not hurt teeth whitening.

As for the make-up whitening of teeth is also a great harm. Because make-up itself with chemical drugs, attached to the teeth is very easy to stimulate the gums, forming tartar will be long-term use, resulting in the emergence of periodontal disease.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How do whitening agent

Done whitening whitening agent for the consumer is no stranger to natural. With the emphasis on the deepening of their own health, since many consumers are concerned about the safety of whitening agent problem.

Experts said that in the whitening process, the whitening agent is bound to surgery being used as a tool. For the safety of whitening agents, many of the clinical practice has proved that surgery whitening tooth bleaching agents used in pulp and no damage to the gums, under the guidance of the dentist teeth bleaching is safe. In clinical trials, there have also been set whitening surgery, the patient swallowed some of the various reasons bleach. However, drug concentrations and doses by the dental equipment child is very limited, still no toxic reactions were reported.

Of course, experts say, does not rule out surgical operations in the whitening process, some patients will be sensitive teeth, dental discomfort and other side effects with the stimulation. In this case, as long as the dentist further to give the right guidance, or shorten treatment time, to continue the whitening tooth bleaching to the end of treatment, the symptoms will disappear, whitening can also achieve good results.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tetracycline cause

Since we do not pay attention at the time of pregnancy, sick disorder medication, often for the health of our children have been affected, for example, when our baby was born, just a long out of the teeth is yellow or brown, or grayish black this is what we usually called tetracycline.

Tetracycline was mainly due to mineralization of the teeth during the growth and development, especially in infancy, such as taking over tetracyclines: tetracycline, oxytetracycline, methylene oxytetracycline, doxycycline, these medicines can be used with dental hard tissue the formation of stable tetracycline calcium compound, resulting in discoloration of the teeth, this color dental equipment mainly in dentin, and by inhibiting the mineralization of dental hard tissue, may also be accompanied by calcification of enamel hypoplasia and incomplete.

In addition, we were pregnant, if taking the tetracycline class of drugs, these drugs will pass through the placenta barrier and the developing fetus with teeth are tetracycline phosphate complex to generate, within the dentinal tubules in the fetal calm, so that discoloration of the teeth. The color of tetracycline and the period of tooth development, with tetracycline drugs, the younger the infant, the more deeply colored. So, just use a big dose of tetracycline, tetracycline can be formed.

Tetracycline to eliminate the most effective way is to increase awareness of the tetracycline class of drugs, knowledge and understanding, not just chaotic drug use. Especially pregnant women and children must be prohibited taking tetracycline drugs.

Monday, 24 October 2011

How do metal fused to porcelain repair?

Metal-fused porcelain crown, also known as PFM crown. This repair will require tooth preparation, the first production model in the teeth of a metal cap-like, as the metal substrate, and then in a vacuum under high temperature conditions, the porcelain baked on top of the metal substrate to form a metal-ceramic composite structure crown, which integrated both the strength of metal crowns and porcelain crowns and beautiful.

Metal-fused porcelain crown has the following characteristics: to restore tooth form and function, bending and strong colors, lifelike appearance, smooth surface dental equipment, wear resistance, no deformation, color stability, acid and alkali, permanent fixes.

Metal-fused porcelain crown is indicated for: 1. Anterior dental fluorosis, discolored teeth, tetracycline, conical teeth, enamel hypoplasia, or other methods should not be used or the patient required a permanent restorers. 2. After a complete dental defects after dental treatment. 3. Single or small number of anterior dislocation, torsion should not do or who can not do orthodontics. 4. Need to bridge retainer placed porcelain teeth. 5. Implant restoration. 6. Fracture or dislocation of teeth bite reconstruction.

Metal-fused porcelain crown contraindications are: 1. Young people not yet fully developed permanent teeth, large pulp cavity were. 2. Teeth are too short, their strength is poor, can not afford a certain bite force, is easily detached by crown. 3. Patients with severe deep overbite, occlusal tight, not enough clearance were prepared. 4. Periodontal disease not suitable for wearers.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Oral ulcers caused by reasons

Cause oral ulcers are the reasons?

1. Digestive diseases and disorders: such as bloating, diarrhea or constipation and so on.

2. Endocrine changes: Some women with menstrual period often occurs, may be related to a decline in the amount of estrogen.

3. Mental factors: some patients in the mental stress, mood swings, poor sleep, the case of the disease, may be related to autonomic dysfunction.

4. Other factors: the lack of trace elements such as zinc, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, can reduce immune function, increased incidence of recurrent oral ulcers possibility.

Oral ulcers can cause any harm?

First, if one or several recurrent oral ulcers, even after another, accompanied by pain or other parts of the ulcer, even to pay close attention, because of dental equipment recurrent ulcers is likely to be an immune disease - Behcet's disease warning signal.

Second, systemic lupus erythematosus can also lead to recurrent oral ulcers.

Finally, the long-term prolonged healing of oral ulcers should beware the possibility of cancer. If the ulcer diameter of 1 cm above the edge of the bulge, irregular, central depression, depression of the surface of granular small lump in the bottom of the ulcer and surrounding palpable lump, it could be signs of cancer. For prolonged healing of mouth ulcers, as often by chewing, talking stimulus, the course of time might be cancerous. If the same at the mouth sores, wound more than three weeks has not improved, we must guard against is the signal for the occurrence of oral cancer.

In addition with oral ulcers, if we find the tongue, cheek, teeth and other parts of unexplained pain, swelling inside the mouth, and long lasting when using conventional means, they should go to regular hospital checks.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

How to repair porcelain failed

How to repair porcelain failed because some people do porcelain dental restoration porcelain teeth did not notice when the indications, contraindications, precautions and other problems led to the failure of porcelain teeth, which is porcelain repair failure patients is a depressing thing, encountered such a situation there is repair possible? Porcelain how to fix it failed?

Beauty crown is the global effect is very good, very long hold time fix teeth, the failure can be the edge of blue porcelain, dentition, teeth, tetracycline, dental fluorosis, abnormal teeth, discolored teeth, and a variety of dental defects, tooth loss and other repair, so that dental patients get it.

Beauty cosmetic restoration dental crown has the following advantages:

1. Vivid color effects. Bionic Beauty crown of each tooth through CAD / CAM tailored, with air, water or any other electrolyte contact will produce micro-oxide Dental Equipment film quickly and effectively to prevent corrosion, beautifully few decades, its level, color the closest to real teeth.

2. Security. Bionic Beauty crown thermal conductivity is very low, only gold, seventeenth, more conducive to the protection of the pulp, light weight, only a quarter of gold, the patient is more comfortable to wear.

3. US-tooth effect. The technology has a dozen colors to choose from, and color stability, and can provide beautiful and natural, rich effect of the repair activity, and the United States according to each patient's own tooth to choose the conditions and requirements to achieve the best personalized beauty teeth the effect.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Protection of the elderly denture

The elderly wearing dentures pain, which is more common phenomenon. If pain is not severe, can persist try, if serious, do not force to wear, not to bite hard food, should be revised. Ask the doctor to check before you put 2-3 hours, improper denture pressure in recent oral tissues can leave marks, easy to find location of the pain in order to accurately modify.

Worn teeth to speak inconvenient. Prevalent in the absence of front teeth or complete dentures were fitted. Generally do not have to rush to change, as far as possible adhere to the trial, after a period of time getting used to, such as long-term speech is not convenient, you should check processing.

Dentures are not secure. Wearing complete dentures are often talking, big mouth, chew food easily fall. Since the early people who wear dentures tongue and costal muscles meet, activities Shiyou with the bad, likely to cause dentures slip. Wear after a period of time, oral tissues and muscles around certain training, most people can adapt. If the denture does not remain stable for Dental Equipment a long time, can not chew food, a doctor should be promptly repaired or redone.

Protection of dentures should note the following:

1. Do not bite the food excellent. Because the denture is hard plastic, brittle texture, easy to break.

2. Attention to oral hygiene. Brushing teeth after meals once removed. If you can not brush after each meal, at least to seriously scrub before going to bed at night, use toothpaste, soap wash, but do not use alcohol or boiling hot bubble, that would make denture deformation.

3. Dentures should be cleaned off before sleep, after immersion in cold water in the cup so that the denture can not deformed, but also make oral mucosa proper rest.