Monday, 26 December 2011

Which case do all-ceramic dental

Currently, there are many fashionable men and women love, "U.S. dental trump card," said the computer all porcelain teeth, this technology is a new US-tooth technology, ordinary porcelain teeth with the biggest difference is that the crown! However, all-ceramic tooth is not a panacea! So, what circumstances do porcelain teeth?

1. Correction of dental abnormalities. For the abnormal tooth development, such as small teeth, tooth gap width, individual missing teeth, enamel hypoplasia, these can be repaired by the all-ceramic tooth shape, color back to the ideal state.
2. Yellow teeth black phenomenon, such as tetracycline, dental fluorosis, death and other vital teeth.
3. Repair after dental treatment. After a lot of dental treatment will leave dental problems, such as endodontic treatment could easily lead to tooth dental equipment discoloration, tooth fracture off and feeding, use of all-ceramic crown restoration can be avoided.
4. Xiang Fu missing teeth. For missing teeth, missing teeth used to do before and after tooth retention teeth, missing teeth with several all-ceramic crowns will be together, to cement on the retention of teeth, will be able to set multiple missing teeth.
Above our experts introduce you to the full scope of dental porcelain, dental director of Beijing West Love Tip: beautiful is important, health or to the first place, want to Prevention of dental caries achieve healthy, beautiful dual purpose, must be to formal professional the cosmetic surgery hospitals, detailed consultation experts, listen to expert arrangements.

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