Tuesday, 20 December 2011

About root canal treatment

Root canal therapy is the treatment of pulp necrosis and periapical disease, the most effective way, by clearing the pathogen to stimulate root canal material for periapical tissue to eliminate the negative stimulus, proper disinfection, tight root canal filling, to prevent root occurrence dental equipment of periapical lesions or promote the healing of periapical lesions. Root canal therapy is recognized as treatment of pulp and periapical disease, the most effective and thorough way.

The purpose of root canal treatment is infected or necrotic pulp tissue all go to the net, in order to achieve the purpose of eliminating the source of infection and to prevent the spread of infection to the periapical area. After the removal of infected material, and subject to The advantages of all-ceramic dental effects and postoperative care mechanical preparation, sterilization drugs, and the final root canal tightly closed apical foramen. Only completely cut off the source of infection, periapical tissue lesions can be repaired.

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