Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Commonly used methods of teeth whitening dentist

Currently there are many teeth whitening methods, mainly attached to the tooth surface to remove the plaque, tartar, and stain, and restore the original color of the teeth, teeth whitening to achieve the effect. The dentist used teeth whitening methods are about the following:

Dental sandblasting: by water, air, particles composed of dental sandblasting processor, Air-powder system, on the tooth surface can be, all the dye removed. Including dental equipment on the tooth surface at the pit, groove, and the adjacent surface of the. It uses the particles is Sodium Bicarbonate.

Ultrasonic scaling: NHI's scaling, mainly for dental calculus removal part. Because tartar is more likely to cause the accumulation of dental plaque, causing gingivitis, periodontal disease. Therefore, removal of dental calculus is medical care. Of course, in the treatment of the same, tooth neck, adjacent to the surface to remove the stones, and tooth whitening performance. Thick layer of dye, by ultrasonic scaling, you can also remove most; but in dental cavity, a groove, or the place The entire dental implant What is the process adjacent to the surface, staining is not easy to clear.

Intestinal cup with paste polish: This is the traditional way of teeth whitening. Paste using prophylaxis paste. It can smooth the surface of the teeth to remove the stain. The teeth to restore the original color. But in the pit, trench, adjacent to the surface of the stain, it is no way to get rid of.


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