Monday, 19 December 2011

Repair techniques without leaving marks - all-ceramic dental

Believe that many higher-income white-collar workers for all porcelain teeth are not familiar with it because it looks closer and real teeth, but also in terms of compatibility and more prominent, so the beauty who was favored by the majority.

Tooth color closer to real

1. All-ceramic porcelain teeth the most prominent feature is the appearance of realism. Advanced all-ceramic dental all-ceramic material, no metal, and air water or other dental equipment electrolyte contact will quickly generate micro-oxide film, effectively prevent bacteria regeneration.

2. Since both inside and outside of all-ceramic dental porcelain body, good permeability, the reflection of light closer to natural teeth. Its color, brightness, natural scale than ordinary porcelain teeth closer to real teeth, and particularly the active color.
 3. All-ceramic dental restoration technology can also be based on each patient's own teeth United States to choose the conditions and requirements, to personalized beauty teeth the best results.

Good biocompatibility

Many people in the metal-ceramic crowns are allergic to the metal, so many patients out of these considerations, prefer all-ceramic dental restoration.

According to the center of the mouth dental experts, all-ceramic dental biocompatibility is very good, you can completely rule out allergic reactions. As in All-ceramic dental porcelain teeth and the difference between dental crown material with porcelain, no metal, no black line the edge of the gums so that there is no heavy feeling, does not appear red, swollen gums bleeding and other negative phenomena, it is even more to worry about changing the professional performing metal ion leakage affect health.

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