Thursday, 8 December 2011

Lingual orthodontics - Orthodontic surgery deceive

Lingual stealth technology is a correction: "sneak" the real teeth completely invisible orthodontic technology difficult technical correction model. Break with tradition and will be placed in the tank dental care, the appearance can not see the existence of the bracket.

Lingual correct name suggests, is a tongue in the side of the tooth (ie teeth inside) correction method with the traditional lip side (the outside of the teeth) correction in the theory and technology are very different, although it technical level of the doctor's demanding, but was dental equipment able to maximize the patient's aesthetic requirements to meet to avoid technical correction in the past because of the labial brackets and wires attached to the tooth surface caused by work and social barriers to. In addition to aesthetic superiority, the tongue side of the correction may also significantly reduce the rate of dental caries, reducing the likelihood of recurrence after correction, also avoid the movement of the lips labial appliance damage. In addition, because the tongue side of the post-correction techniques to enhance the resistance of the control teeth, it can more effectively control the movement of the teeth.

Lingual orthodontics technology as early as the 1970s began to appear in Japan and the United States, after years of theoretical research and technical improvement, has self-contained, and is widely used in Japan and the United States. The birth of the tongue side of the Orthodontic tooth types correction technology, impact on the work of those who would like to correct people who are afraid, because older people are afraid to do corrective make irresponsible remarks, especially those who want to correct the lack of men, but courage can be said a long-awaited good news; lingual orthodontics is also very suitable for regular exercise for young people and athletes, dancers, acrobats, etc., because it avoids damage to the lip, so that you safely do all kinds of sports; also very suitable for playing music players, because it avoids the labial braces for the impact of playing the same time, more suitable for models, actors and other special professional.

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