Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What causes yellowing of the teeth

First, because we see the color of teeth is not only the color of the tooth surface, but also show through the enamel surface of teeth out of the dentin color. Enamel color is white translucent, revealing the yellow dentin color bias. When you feel the color of your teeth is not white, a lot of cases because of your relatively high degree of mineralization of enamel, enamel color bias in the transparent color, in fact, the teeth would be more robust.

Experts pointed out: cause tooth colored, yellow for many reasons, generally divided into endogenous and exogenous:

Stain is due to the existence of a variety of tooth surface bacteria, they secrete a number of adhesive on the tooth surface material, the diet tea dirt, smoke stains, and drinking water in some of the minerals and minerals in the saliva of people adsorbed on these sticky substances dental equipment on the formation of plaque and tartar, the teeth gradually turn yellow or black.

Endogenous color is formed in the process of tooth development, such as tetracycline deposition in dentin, could make the teeth yellow, brown or dark gray, as tetracycline; if too much fluoride in drinking water may also lead to dental fluorosis, teeth appear before the Yellow teeth black teeth whitening methods are there white startling color, brown patches; if pulp necrosis, the bacteria break down the pulp of the metabolites, as well as dehydration can make their teeth discoloration of the teeth.

Experts say: If the color needs are usually exogenous teeth can be restored by cleaning the original tooth color. The endogenous coloring, often accomplished through whitening.

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