Tuesday, 27 December 2011

All-ceramic dental broad application of the crowd

All-ceramic dental restoration is done on the root problem within a full porcelain crown, and then within the all-ceramic crown on the outside of roast with a layer of natural teeth color similar to the ceramic powder, and finally bonded to the teeth. The success of all-ceramic dental restoration looks realistic and beautiful, strong wear resistance, color similar to natural teeth, biocompatibility, non-irritating oral tissue, easy to clean, restore teeth that can function, but also beauty. Most important is the all-ceramic tooth has a good transparency and refraction, not the black line dental equipment in the tooth neck, the neck can make the teeth to achieve a good aesthetic effect, which is the normal porcelain teeth can not be compared.

Allows you to distribute all-ceramic tooth-like star style

Porcelain teeth for teeth that do not provide a perfect dream-like treatment: crystal white, uniform shape, does not affect chewing function. Many people are envious of stars that a neat and white teeth, confident smile, relaxed pace. But you know what? Many of them are through the teeth for all-ceramic dental beauty. Teeth as the new darling of beauty, because beauty has porcelain and metal-like strength, etc., by patient love.

Although all-ceramic dental restoration technology has Expert analysis of the whole process of denture many advantages and popular, but, all-ceramic dental technical requirements are high, the doctor must have the experience to make the all-ceramic dental patients into the most appropriate form.

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