Sunday, 4 December 2011

You need to straightening teeth extraction?

Why straightening teeth extraction? Chengdu bridge dental experts, extraction is the correct one of the steps, in fact, reason is very simple, because the dental arch where the content can not be arranged in so many teeth. Or too prominent front teeth need extraction in Effective treatment for whitening discolored teeth order to obtain space, so that front teeth back.

In general, the "non-extraction" appears likely, mainly involves the following factors:

1. The degree of tooth crowding fairly minor.

2. If the patient's face is too depressed persons face shape, non-extraction can be avoided to make the face more than the depression.

3. Maxillary hypoplasia, the teeth often become very crowded, but also prone to the case of front teeth bite; At this point, the maxillary tooth can try not to make up the upper and lower jaw bone before and after the gap.

In contrast, if the mandibular hypoplasia, resulting in upper and dental equipment lower incisors before and after the gap; At this point, if space is not too unfamiliar mandibular teeth, jaw may also take non-extraction approach to treatment. Of course, there are other conditions may choose not to extraction.

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