Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dental implant surgery, do you need to know

Dental Implant, and now more and more people have been recognized and accepted by the dental technology, and gradually apply more and more difficult problems on prosthodontics. Can be removed for those who had functional teeth, the teeth can be grown if it is? This is a more difficult problem, which, dental experts say: the true meaning of dental implant is an artificial tooth root planting, planting root is also a surgery.

So, some of the poor general condition, people can not tolerate surgery root can not be planted. Such as cardiovascular disease, severe diabetes, tumors, etc. abuse, especially endocrine disorders, bone metabolism, and high levels of use of chemotherapy, hormones, anticoagulants, etc. on bone metabolism and integration of the medication were influential , is not to implant surgery. Local gingival inflammation and the inflammation around the tooth root will affect the integration of the plant, and even lead to surgical failure.

In addition to these, the surgeon but also through the film to understand the alveolar bone height and width. Because when the alveolar bone is too narrow, the planting of the root can not be completely buried in the bone tissue, teeth and surrounding tissue will affect the dental equipment integration between, thus affecting the root of fastness. If the bone is too shallow, the next root implant may damage the alveolar inferior alveolar nerve.

In addition, after the original implant is different from their own teeth, and should be used to care, usually not too hard to avoid in the dental implant is not self-cleaning, usually every three months about your dentist must remove the fixed screw for cleaning How to deal with refractory root canal at the same time, the implant can be self-cleaning every six months to a year must be to get in to the hospital to check.

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