Thursday, 1 December 2011

Make your teeth white character of the method of recovery

Option One: bleaching treatment

This method is simple, by a doctor or doctor's office under the guidance of their own patients to complete at home. Only touch the surface of a tooth wear full dentition soft plastic cover, and place special liquid, continuous overnight wear, both full-mouth dental treatment, usually takes 1-2 treatments to achieve satisfactory results. Cold exposure or tooth surface coated with dental equipment special drugs to achieve the whitening effect. Originally teeth bleaching treatment for a good forty years after the tooth color change of the population, or for dyeing lighter "tetracycline."

Option II: light-cured resin coverage

For deeply stained or enamel (enamel) defect, can use this method of treatment, this method can not grind teeth, according to the color of your teeth color selection similar to composite resin after light-curing effect, covering the tooth surface of discolored teeth this method usually can be completed, the price is moderate, but the downside is somewhat less hard, and if your teeth are Detailed dental implant restoration techniques too dark, the masking effect is not ideal, and the tooth surface becomes thicker, a heavy feeling.

Option III: Ceramic paste tooth surface

Ceramic paste rigidity tooth surface, tooth-colored teeth with really similar, good gloss, realistic shape, durable, but expensive. And is covered by tooth grinding changed less, save more tooth structure, and some morphological differences larger discolored teeth, root canal treatment needed after the first, and then the teeth were ground and prepared to restore the original natural color and shape this method is generally used for front teeth.

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