Sunday, 25 December 2011

The best denture after tooth extraction time

After pulling teeth in patients, visual impression is that in the gums, there is a blood pit, the pit will take some time to heal, so the timing of denture need to grasp.

If an ordinary tooth, there is no bone trauma (minimally invasive extraction of course, the better), so heal faster if the activity is to choose the set of false teeth, then two months on it, the elderly be extended one month, if Select the set of fixed dentures, then dental equipment wait at least 3 months, so bone can heal completely. Similarly delayed a month old.

If the tooth trauma is relatively large, in the extraction process, removed some of the alveolar bone, and bone meal is not filling the case, set all types of dentures, extended time in accordance with above month.

Denture point in time is limited, but not the later Wrong interpretation of the five oral treatment the better, usually not more than six months intervals, or by removal of teeth adjacent teeth, because there is no support, or the heavier the burden, it will tilt, resulting in an increase in the difficulty of denture.

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