Friday, 30 December 2011

How effective and rapid genetic yellow teeth whitening

White teeth, smile not only give people left a deep impression, but also enhance the image of his temperament. Life, there are many groups of hereditary yellow teeth, yellow teeth because of genetic scaling alone is very difficult to even brush your teeth whitening, it is also plagued a lot of people, then there is no quick way to do teeth whitening?

How fast hereditary yellow teeth whitening? Chengdu bridge dental experts stressed: genetic yellow teeth also divided into mild and severe, for different degrees of genetic yellow teeth whitening should develop different options in patients with hereditary yellow teeth can dental equipment go to the professional oral beauty hospital for examination, and then determine genetic yellow teeth whitening program.

How to rapid genetic yellow teeth whitening?

Whitening is a popular in Europe and America the latest tooth whitening technology, which can not only remove the hereditary yellow teeth surface pigmentation, and can reach deep into the genetic yellow teeth bleaching effect. Clinical trials show that the use of teeth whitening technology, operation only 30 minutes, no side effects.

Hereditary yellow teeth whitening using low-temperature cold, completely avoid the operation of the dental nerve stimulation. Used hydrophilic whitening agents in hereditary yellow teeth whitening process is not completely touch the gums, teeth structure will not What is contraindications ultrasonic scaler cause any damage. Thus has been recognized as the most effective and safest genetic yellow teeth bleaching technology. Truly hereditary yellow teeth whitening process safely and efficiently.

Severe periodontal disease the gums bleed easily, so the use of whitening agents is often caused by sensitive teeth, periodontal disease is recommended to ask the doctor to be cured after genetic yellow teeth whitening. 15 young people under the age of sensitive tooth structure more easily, and it is not hereditary yellow teeth whitening, best adult do.

Now genetic yellow teeth whitening technology requires only 45 minutes by LB-rays, safe, fast. Recommend to the regular professional cosmetic surgery hospital counseling and testing, expert based on your tooth situation to be suitable for your program.

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