Monday, 2 January 2012

Use ultrasonic scaling will it hurt?

Today there are many beauty who by scaling to get their teeth become more healthy; now more ways of scaling that is ultrasonic scaling method, then, this scaling method will be in the process of scaling pain it? I believe this is a lot like the beauty who ultrasonic scaling were all very concerned about, then come to the following detailed description of the next.

Ultrasonic scaler ultrasonic instrument with the tooth surface to surface contact with the head attached to the shock removal of calculus. This process, some people will not feel. For ultrasonic cleaning toothache it? Experts point out that the average person will feel the teeth and dental equipment knees, the degree varies, but certainly not pain, is generally acceptable.

Because tartar is generally attached to the teeth near the gums where, so the process of cleaning teeth gum may be encountered, there is a little bit of bleeding, if itself has gingivitis, then bleeding will be relatively more, but is unlikely to cause impact, but if the patient suffers from hemophilia, leukemia, heart disease and so the system, be sure to tell your doctor before cleaning teeth.

The majority of those who now believe the beauty Teeth whitening can be done to of ultrasonic scaling will hurt, should be more understanding of it! In order to get better treatment, dental experts say, be sure to choose a regular time scaling medical institutions.


  1. Teeth scaling is necessary to everyone for a good oral health or to prevent any periodontal disease.

  2. Every body needs scaling in a month or 6 month to increase the teeth life other wise like me you will have to search dentist or ways that how to pull a tooth ? you did great job and spreading awareness about pain of tooth.