Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dental fluorosis and water-related

Also known as macular dental enamel fluoride tooth or teeth, belonging to the local sexually transmitted diseases, mainly because of local drinking water caused by excessive fluoride. In general, the amount of fluoride in drinking water maintained at 0. 5-1ppm poisoning does not occur within and also can play a role in the prevention of dental caries, if more than this amount will form dental fluorosis, or even give life zone to threaten.
Dental fluorosis has a relationship with water? Dental fluorosis has a relationship with water is in the affirmative.

Fluoride inhibition of the formation of enamel, enamel hypoplasia or calcification may cause adverse long-term excessive fluoride in drinking water can cause chronic fluoride poisoning. General dental fluorosis in permanent teeth six or seven period, mineralization of permanent teeth are dental instruments in the developmental period, during which, too much fluoride in drinking water can lead to dental fluorosis.

For the prevention of dental fluorosis is very important, but if dental fluorosis has been formed, for the treatment of dental fluorosis: If mild to moderate dental fluorosis, can whitening, the effect is faster and better, without changing the shape of teeth , is still their How to maintain dental implant natural teeth; if moderate or moderate white teeth whitening done after they were not satisfied, you can choose veneer or porcelain dental restoration, but to change the appearance of the original tooth color, shape can choose realistic types of porcelain teeth.

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