Monday, 9 January 2012

Stomatitis etiology pathology

Western medicine, bacterial infection of the streptococcus and staphylococcus stomatitis often as the main pathogens. These bacteria in acute infections, chronic diarrhea and other conditions of low body resistance, if dirty mouth, are caused by bacteria multiply, causing acute oral mucosal damage. Beginning when the oral mucosa congestion and edema, subsequent erosion or ulceration of varying sizes, have a thick fibrinous inflammatory exudate formed white pseudo membrane. Herpetic stomatitis was dental equipment originally a work of pathogenic herpes simplex virus type. Local skin rashes and the rapid emergence of exudation and the formation of blisters.

Chinese medicine believes that the cause of this disease are mostly exogenous cult poison, or eat injury, heat and ferrite Yun Yin, etc. Exogenous wind-heat, to move the Heart and two by the heat, steam in the tongue mucosa and hair for the ulcer. Fresh wound in the stomach, caused by the Heart and the plot is hot, burning hot on the tongue; or complex feelings of evils, fumigation Juvenile dentition how to do of the mouth, can be caused by herpes, ulcers occur. If Ruosu body Yin, Yin Ye depletion, water does not control the fire, virtual fire burning, hot-smoked mouth ulcer can also be sent to. The disease is acute are easy to cure, if recurrent ulcers, upright deficiency were prolonged course and refractory.

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