Monday, 30 January 2012

Beauty knowledge started from the mouth

Cosmetic dentistry involves dental aesthetic category, the U.S. Chairman of the Institute REGoldstein aesthetic dentistry said: "Aesthetics Dentistry is pure art, one of the tasks that dentists do not affect functionality in the case of dental treatment through to save, improve and create a beautiful smile. "oral medicine on the definition of beauty, there is no clear explanation at home and abroad, the author based on a preliminary study of clinical practice that beauty should be an oral medicine to medical aesthetics and theory-based oral medicine guidance, the application dental equipment of specialized techniques and methods of special treatment to maintain and enhance human teeth fit and a medical science. It is based on repair and correction of dental function and appearance as a means to improve people's overall vitality and quality of life for the purpose of the emerging medical branches.

Here that the vitality refers to the person's physical, psychological, social and environmental adaptation in the best state of the reflected energy. The mouth of the active and fit is an exuberant vitality of an important embodiment. Quality of life is the life of the body held by the structure, form, function and survival, the pros and cons of development. So, in a sense, the mouth of the fitness level, but also the quality of life advantages and disadvantages of expression. So full of vitality, and improve the quality of life should be a lofty goal of human pursuit of beauty, and cosmetic dental medicine is to help people access from one side of this lofty goal of a medical means.

"Medical cosmetology" book clearly that: "the study of cosmetic medicine is people's body the United States, as well as maintenance, repair, remodeling of its size and beauty of all medical facilities and basic theory skills." According to this line of thought we believe that cosmetic Dentistry object should be to maintain human oral structure, shape, function and aesthetics, and enhance the human oral cavity fit a variety of medical skills, facilities and the basic theory, not discussed here refer to isolated mouth, but to inseparable from the overall beauty of the oral cavity of the body fit.

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