Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What is the purpose ultrasonic scaler

Why is now the best year to promote regular dental hospital ultrasonic cleaning your teeth? What is the purpose? We look at how the experts said.

Dental Center dental experts pointed out that the main purpose of ultrasonic cleaning teeth is to prevent and treat oral diseases, rather than simply to look good. By ultrasonic scaler can reduce gingivitis, periodontitis, inflammatory conditions, but it alone can not cure ultrasonic scaler periodontitis. To cure periodontal disease, also should be carried out after ultrasonic scaler further professional treatment.

Due to various reasons, many people do not develop good oral hygiene habits, sooner or later, do not brush your teeth or not in the correct way to brush your teeth, mouth and the mouth of food debris will be combined with the natural flora in the tooth dental equipment surface plaque. If we do not promptly clean, plaque will be with the people of calcium ions in saliva calcified into calculus, the two are most of the toothache, bad breath, bleeding gums, loose teeth fall off and so the culprit.

For the formation of plaque and calculus have been, brushing is powerless. The ultrasonic scaler to remove the main purpose is attached to the teeth and gums at the junction of the plaque, calculus, and the pigment deposited on the tooth surface to remove the local risk factors, so that damage the gums to stop the development, return to the relative health status.

Ultrasonic Scaler, not only to maintain oral hygiene, you can also remove the dirt surface of the teeth, the teeth to restore natural color. But one thing to note is Bleaching method that different ultrasonic scaler and bleach, it can not remove the internal pigment teeth, the teeth are not truly white.

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