Monday, 30 January 2012

Dental Implant can be maintained for many years

Many friends of the missing teeth Oral Implantology choose to do, but in doing oral before planting, they still have some questions, which implants can be maintained for many years this problem, many patients concerned about, then we look dental equipment at the following implants can be maintained many years.

Dental Implant can last long, the patient first of all a matter of concern, but also the growing concern of doctors.

In a survey: its 700 759 edentulous patients in maxillary or Scaling advantages or disadvantages lower jaw, implants implanted 4636 follow-up observation, 5 harvest rate of 84% in the upper 92%, in the mandible of 91% to 99 %; 10-year success rate of 81% in the upper 82%, in the mandible of 89% to 98%.

15-year success rate of 78% in the upper jaw, in the mandible to 86%. The first implanted in patients over 30 years since its restoration and the implant is still in the exercise of normal function, then the implant can last long in the end remains to be studied.

For the success of the implant, the hold time is an important indicator of the implant over the past five years that the retention rate of 85%, 10-year retention rate of 80 per cent is the conditions for success, and now demands a higher.

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