Thursday, 31 May 2012

How to choose whitening teeth?

Whitening teeth is teeth whitening method in recent years, is gaining popularity, painted on the teeth bleach, bleach the cold light source, to achieve the purpose of changing the tooth color. This teeth whitening method is not appropriate all the coloring teeth whitening method, the patient should pay attention to choose whitening teeth how should I choose? Here we introduce the indications for whitening teeth:

1. Discolored teeth with enamel hypoplasia drugs, is likely to cause a greater patient discomfort, so it is not the indication of whitening teeth;

2. Regimentation soon after death of dental pulp bleaching treatment, whitening teeth, backfill and ceramic crowns veneers, such patients is not the indication of the cold light teeth whitening teeth.

3. Staining of teeth exogenous stain such as coffee, soy sauce, tea, whitening teeth best;

4. In mild tetracycline, dental fluorosis, caused by other factors, discolored teeth, hereditary yellow teeth are generally the first treatment can be obtained satisfactory results. Pigment displace the principle of whitening teeth is not only the enamel until the dentin shallow, there is a role to reduce the transparency of the lens from the original transparent to dental equipment translucent, thereby reducing the pigment of the dentin;

5 Severe tetracycline stained teeth, dental fluorosis, or other factors caused discolored teeth generally require whitening dental treatment more than once, separated by two weeks in between, to get doctors and patients are satisfied with the results. Generally after the first treatment, colorimetric board will have four to five Levels improved. Intuitively change is not great, after the second treatment The tips of the teeth in the first treatment, the results of at least 5 Levels improve after this treatment, and we will see very satisfactory results.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A comprehensive inventory of the advantages of removable dentures

Removable dentures as a traditional dental restorations, has long been unanimously welcomed by the community activities denture exactly what are the advantages. Let's look at what are the advantages of removable dentures.

1. Removable denture for a wide range of

Removable denture applicable to a wide range of single repair, multiple or full mouth of missing teeth can be caught activities denture repair.

2. Patients can choose their own wear can keep dentures clean

If dentures above deposition of plaque did not wash off, the plaque can enter the dentures, growth and reproduction of bacteria in the tiny pores of the dentures, and expel the bacterial toxins, resulting in the inflammation of oral mucosa. In addition, between the denture and dental equipment the abutment is easy to impaction of food caused by the neck of decayed teeth, dentures can be removed, and daily cleaning very convenient, you can avoid inflammation, reduce the damage of the other teeth.

3. Dentures on abutment of small damage

Fixed dentures should support the teeth grinding in addition to tooth structure, dentures wear a care fossa or through the clasp of the gap, do not ground a lot of tooth structure, good teeth damage.

4. Denture quality, shape, color can choose

People can choose different quality dentures according to What materials is porcelain teeth election their economic conditions; can even out the teeth do up to achieve a satisfactory aesthetic effect.

5. Denture design is flexible

Denture design is flexible and can maintain the integrity of the dentition, if you wish can also be changed into a fixed dentures and dental implant.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What are the characteristics of the dental implant?

Do you still feel regret for missing teeth, dental implants appear to compensate for your regret, but also a healthy, beautiful white teeth. Well, the dental implant? Let us together!

1. The dental implant to break through the traditional teeth did not fundamentally defective, full dentures and denture base is riding on the gums, directly affected by the force depend on the adsorption of saliva and gum mucosa.

2. The set of dentures in the traditional methods, many rely on the support of adjacent teeth, the adjacent teeth to be done to clasp retention or dental equipment cutting of the adjacent teeth for crowns solid, adjacent teeth vulnerable to injury. Dental implant in the jaw of the patient's growing labor.

3. The dental implant chewing efficiency than traditional dentures greatly improved, exactly like real teeth, dental implant dentures, denture base is small, fixed implant even without a base plate, and therefore beautiful and comfortable, no foreign body sensation, and Prevention of dental caries in what ways a small influence on the pronunciation. Its biggest advantage is that without damaging the adjacent teeth.

Visible, dental implants compared to the traditional dentures, to achieve a major breakthrough, with its own characteristics, which is why it is so popular.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The entire cultivation of the repair process takes?

The length of time after tooth loss, implant surgery can be divided into immediate and delayed implant surgery. Implant treatment and rehabilitation is broadly divided into three stages.

1. First preoperative examination, preoperative treatment, such as pulled out a particularly loose teeth, and root filled teeth, treatment of periodontal disease to remove the bad dentures, adjusting to change and correct the bad bite relationship. This stage, the time required dental equipment depends on each one of treatment varies.

2. Stage of implant surgery: When your doctor according to the preoperative design, through surgery to implant the bone, less postoperative reaction. The implantation of an implant for about 10-30 minutes.

3. Four to six months after replacement or installation of the permanent crown or Supragingival scaling clinical operations techniques and precautions denture. The permanent crown production of ceramic materials. Its fine texture, vivid color, comfortable and beautiful, restores function, durable.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Study found that brushing your teeth can prevent meningitis

The teeth are a barometer of good health. Dental health is directly related to systemic health. According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported on February 22, the authoritative magazine ", the date of publication of the International Union of Microbiological organized by the Federation International of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology published in Switzerland, a new study found that maintaining good oral hygiene can help prevent meningeal inflammation. Meningitis (the cause of the surrounding tissue of the brain swelling and inflammation), including: bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms. Meningitis has fatal.

The new study, the University of dental equipment researchers have found in the blood of patients with meningitis, a newly identified oral bacteria Streptococcus. The study showed an association between this kind of oral bacteria and meningitis. In addition, researchers are also in the blood of patients with spondylodiscitis and endocarditic patients found that this oral bacteria.

The new study leader Dr. Andrea said that the bacteria seem to have the natural property of causing serious illness. It can enter the body through the gums bleeding and blood system, but the specific risk of the bacteria to be further studied to determine. In recent years, scientists have discovered that certain oral bacteria into the blood system, leading to thrombosis, increased the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The experts said the new study will help the treatment of meningitis and other diseases more quickly. In addition, in order to prevent meningitis and other diseases, as well as to general health, you should develop the habit of brushing and flossing dentifrices and found that dental problems should seek immediate medical treatment.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Classic cosmetic dental porcelain teeth

Many people are envious of the stars that neat white teeth, the teeth of many of them are porcelain teeth for cosmetic dental cosmetic restoration method is closest to the natural color of fixed porcelain tooth repair. To this end, many higher-income white-collar workers have to do porcelain teeth as a fashion. Persistent because of its cosmetic effect, has become the classic methods of cosmetic teeth around the world.

High temperature ceramics for space shuttle is the outermost layer of porcelain teeth, the inner expansion synchronization of gold set with teeth hot and cold porcelain teeth produced a variety of process steps, is set high temperature, casting, bonding, and other technical as one of the high-tech products. First To my teeth ground into the vertebral shape to dental equipment go to pulp, casting an alloy crown (called the crown core), and adjust color in this will be of the highest nuclear ceramics deposited to put the finishing carving teeth shape, put into the high temperature furnace sintering, mounted wear on the abutments.

The advantages of porcelain teeth: realistic appearance beautiful, strong wear resistance, mimicking the color of natural teeth, good biocompatibility, does not stimulate oral tissue, easy to clean, that is able to restore tooth function, but also the role of beauty. Marginal adaptation is much better than traditional restorations. Indications of porcelain teeth very broad can be Children's dental fear Cause analysis and countermeasures severe oral dentition, teeth, tetracycline, dental fluorosis, deformed teeth, and a variety of not filling the root through the porcelain repair. Persistent because of its cosmetic effect, has become the classic methods of cosmetic teeth around the world.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Which teeth need to do orthodontics?

With the diversification of people's diet, fine, more and more dental problems appear, then what kind of teeth and to correct it?

The first is the dental arch and teeth the size of the interdental gap unable to cooperate, when too small dental arch too much, it will cause the teeth arranged in thin, there are gaps.

Buck teeth buck teeth of teeth and dental equipment bone can be divided into the majority of both traditional orthodontic treatment in patients with severe buck teeth will have to meet the oral surgery in order to achieve the ideal appearance and occlusal function.

If the upper and lower teeth can not bite, open bite, the upper and lower incisors can not cut the bite of food, talking to air leakage spit.

Opposed to anti-Hop, also known as occlusion, the mandibular anterior teeth bite outside of the maxillary anterior teeth, commonly known as packets days, in addition to How to care for removable dentures aesthetic problems, can cause chewing and pronunciation dysfunction. The case of a bony jaw does not normally lead to anti-together, which require the combined orthognathic surgery to treat.

Teeth long-term defects lead to the adjacent teeth, tilt or the other teeth growth, causing the denture production difficulties, you need corrective way inclined teeth righting.

Abnormal facial jaw development does not cause facial asymmetry dentition correction, the need combined with orthognathic surgery, the teeth are arranged in the right jaw, and restore the appearance and function.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Orthodontic diagnostic tooth arrangement test

1. Modeling

Newly diagnosed patients, edentulous impression Jade to take a good irrigation system tooth arrangement model. The perfusion row of teeth model, first a small amount of anhydrite perfusion crown and over the gingival margin of about 5 ~ 6mm, let it harden, the layer of commonly used wax in the plaster above the thickness of 2 ~ 3mm, then this layer of wax ordinary plaster according to conventional methods for the line, perfusion of the rest of the model at the base.

2. Upper co-frame

Good on the lower jaw model in accordance with the occlusion of the oral cavity, occlusion. Marked on the mandibular midline and marked occlusal position between the central incisors, canines and molars. Reference to the tilt direction of the root of the whole jaw panoramic X-ray films, draw the center of the long axis of the clinical crown of each tooth in the lips, buccal, and each tooth for tooth position mark.

3. Model row of teeth steps

1. Predictive value, according to the model measurement, diagnosis, design and X-cephalometry measurements VTO preliminary dental equipment decision on the bow, the need for tooth extraction and tooth number and tooth position. 2. Separation will be required to rearrange the dentition. 3. Two homemade diameter 0.2mm thin junction ligation wire, twisted fried dough twist wire instead of the wire saw), respectively, to break apart after the required re-arrangement of a plaster tooth saw to adjacent points to ensure that the adjacency of the plaster teeth from damage . 4. Plaster teeth and root morphology, trim saws down the plaster tooth in accordance with the ideal bow to rearrange the ideal location of the model.

According to VTO prediction and model measurements, make sure that the maxillary incisor position and maxillary canine spacing. Re-arrangement of Harmful to dental health of the denture the other teeth, requiring close contact between the plaster teeth arranged in neat rows, the plaster teeth tilt, height, arch form, the relationship between the upper and lower dental arch to correct.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dental implant to protect the oral

Tooth loss or tooth extraction, be sure you want missing teeth and gaps to fill up, otherwise it will cause displacement of adjacent teeth, frontal shrink defect affecting oral health and other adverse consequences. In most cases, the use of dental implant is the best way to fill the missing teeth. Dental implants can replace missing teeth and parts of the roots, all-ceramic crown or bridge fixed on dental implants, patients show smile.

If the patient has only a single missing tooth, crown dental implants is the best choice, patients with multiple missing teeth, you need to use the bridge. The bridge can restore the natural appearance of the teeth, to help patients with normal speech and eating. Currently on the market to choose the type of bridge too numerous to mention, based all-ceramic dental bridge dental implant, the concurrently aesthetic and functional, is an ideal solution.

With the development of science and technology, three-dimensional computer reconstruction techniques for the design before the artificial tooth implantation surgery, radiology of dental equipment mandibular basis for assessment, based on computer-aided design of three-dimensional reconstruction of CT images of oral virtual planted navigation system to guide clinical oral implant positioning design, the right-hand man of oral specialists. After all, dental implants and the original own teeth, and should be used to care, usually not too hard.

Swiss ITI dental implant  system recommended by the International Union of dental implants, is one of the best dental implant system in the world, is painless and Three major types of teeth minimally invasive surgery, with a single surgery, healing time of just eight weeks, using four pure implants made ​​of titanium, a very high success rate, long service life.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Observation and Analysis of the removable denture model

Activities dentures should be pre-preliminary observations on the model and design:

1. The model is fixed in the observation stage, with the observation instrument. Check the denture seated Road and abutments. I teeth. Mucosa undercut.

2. Determining the denture in place to use a pencil to depict the abutment teeth and remaining teeth of the observation line and the mucosa of undercut line.

3. Design retainer, according to the observation line and pencil mark the clasp on the model into the depth and location of the undercuts.

4. Observing good models for preliminary design.

5 According to the preliminary design, preparation of repair before co-support care. Clearance card. Interproximal groove and dental equipment the guide surface preparation. Special strain is also a need to modify the crown shape.

6. Indian mold. Complete denture design single.

Observation and design technicians working model:

1. According to the dentist take a good working model in the observation stage, the observer pole maxillofacial vertical direction measurement abutments remaining teeth. Mucosa undercut distribution situation.

2. Based on the measurement of the undercut. Tilt model undercuts evenly distributed. Identify common place Road.

3. Then the axial plane of the pencil with the abutment contact at the same time mobile observatory. Lines depict observations on the abutments. At the same time with a pencil tip in the gums at the tracings out to fill the undercut line.

4. Mandibular and lingual existence of the organization of the undercut. Also at the same time draw the line of observation and fill undercuts line. To determine the location of the base plate edge or tongue bar. Lip and cheek side of the maxillary alveolar Dental implant knowledge Keys ridge also draw the observation line.

5 Want to place the parts of the clasp arm tip. Social color pencil drawing vertical lines and then use the selected depth of the undercut. With the measurement rod mark clasp placed.

6. on the model to locate the record line. Or to adopt a high-point of point positioning.

7. Fill the requirements of the dentists in denture design on the design on the model with different colored pencil drawing out the various parts of the denture.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What are the advantages of dental implant?

Traditional methods set installed dentures, without the support of the root of a full mouth of dentures and denture base is riding on the gums, gum mucosa directly affected by the force depend on the adsorption of saliva, some missing teeth set filled with dentures, and more rely on the adjacent The need for support of the teeth on the adjacent teeth clasp retention or dental equipment cutting of the adjacent teeth for crowns solid adjacent teeth vulnerable to injury.

Dental implant the planting implant in the patient's jaw, mandible and implant support and retention than traditional dentures, it has the following advantages:

1. Retention than traditional dentures to wear a solid, solid.

2. Chewing efficiency greatly improved over traditional dentures exactly like real teeth.

3. The dental implant dentures, denture base and the full fixed implant or no base plate, so beautiful and comfortable, no foreign body sensation, a small influence on the pronunciation.

Clinical statistics of internationally recognized dental implant the five-year success rate of 85%, a 10-year success rate of more than 80%. Records, more than three decades of dental implant cases are still intact. The dental implant failure rate less than human teeth to tooth loss.

Friday, 4 May 2012

The scope of the dental implant

The implant is recognized internationally as the preferred repair of missing teeth means it can be used for a variety of missing teeth, but not every one of missing teeth in patients with dental implant can be done, it also has a certain range.

In general, dental implants for the following situations:

1. Missing a tooth, especially missing front teeth, do dental implants and natural teeth, and do not mill both sides of the teeth.

2. Missing multiple teeth or all teeth, traditional dentures difficult to function properly, wearing a cardboard patients. Dentures fixed to live by doing a few planted root, dentures will be very strong.

3. The appearance of the dentures, functional special requirements of patients.

4. Missing teeth and around the dental equipment remaining teeth have a problem, can not do the traditional denture patients.

At the same time patients must comply with:

1. The best in more than 18 years of age.

2. Missing teeth in the mouth parts of the alveolar bone of adequate bone mass.

3. No severe periodontitis, periodontal disease and other serious oral diseases.

4. The gap between the upper and lower teeth bite when not less than 0.5 cm.

5 Diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, blood clotting disorders, mental disorders, severe osteoporosis, infectious and Several views of the porcelain teeth color error bone metabolic diseases such as cancer patients undergoing bone and neck radiation therapy are not suitable for this surgery.

Not all missing teeth are suitable for dental implant, before doing the dental implant must make a detailed inspection.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The main reason of porcelain teeth color distortion

Porcelain teeth color problem that is simple, a little knowledge of said simple really, this topic is not just the color problem, color is the process rather than an end to doctor to get a realistic teeth. I think that porcelain teeth color distortion, there are four main reasons: 1. Doctor than the color are not allowed or incomplete. 2. Processing plant material is inferior, incomplete color, poor technology. 3. On porcelain craftsmen did not seize the doctor deviation of color vision. 4. Porcelain furnace temperature is incompatible with the firing temperature and the ceramic powder.

Some patients require a little white than the adjacent teeth is rather satisfied, but some patients are asking the color of the adjacent teeth, some patients require just can not see is on the line dentures.

Actually asked to see no dentures on patients with the most demanding patients, which requires the colorimetric certain than the accuracy of our doctors, Never a denture than a color, such colorimetric ratio close nor will wear into the mouth of the porcelain crown simulation, particularly ugly. More lifelike porcelain crown must be segmented color, indicating that each fraction of then on porcelain craftsmen but also to seize this doctor's habitual color is darker or lighter, to correct the deviation of the doctor's vision, in order to make the simulation porcelain crowns. Both party mistakes are not made ​​of porcelain crowns qualified.

Small processing plants why not make a realistic bionic teeth, especially in the vicious competition in the market during the period, in order to reduce costs, hire some cheap mechanic, in fact, to apprentice, the technology is only a few streaks, there is no work experience, Furthermore, a small processing plant materials such as low grade of ceramic powder, ceramic powder incomplete types of color, making the process simple, poorly equipped, the parameters are not allowed and other reasons, the dye is often incomplete, rely on the color of one material to cope with color.