Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What are the advantages of dental implant?

Traditional methods set installed dentures, without the support of the root of a full mouth of dentures and denture base is riding on the gums, gum mucosa directly affected by the force depend on the adsorption of saliva, some missing teeth set filled with dentures, and more rely on the adjacent The need for support of the teeth on the adjacent teeth clasp retention or dental equipment cutting of the adjacent teeth for crowns solid adjacent teeth vulnerable to injury.

Dental implant the planting implant in the patient's jaw, mandible and implant support and retention than traditional dentures, it has the following advantages:

1. Retention than traditional dentures to wear a solid, solid.

2. Chewing efficiency greatly improved over traditional dentures exactly like real teeth.

3. The dental implant dentures, denture base and the full fixed implant or no base plate, so beautiful and comfortable, no foreign body sensation, a small influence on the pronunciation.

Clinical statistics of internationally recognized dental implant the five-year success rate of 85%, a 10-year success rate of more than 80%. Records, more than three decades of dental implant cases are still intact. The dental implant failure rate less than human teeth to tooth loss.

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