Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A comprehensive inventory of the advantages of removable dentures

Removable dentures as a traditional dental restorations, has long been unanimously welcomed by the community activities denture exactly what are the advantages. Let's look at what are the advantages of removable dentures.

1. Removable denture for a wide range of

Removable denture applicable to a wide range of single repair, multiple or full mouth of missing teeth can be caught activities denture repair.

2. Patients can choose their own wear can keep dentures clean

If dentures above deposition of plaque did not wash off, the plaque can enter the dentures, growth and reproduction of bacteria in the tiny pores of the dentures, and expel the bacterial toxins, resulting in the inflammation of oral mucosa. In addition, between the denture and dental equipment the abutment is easy to impaction of food caused by the neck of decayed teeth, dentures can be removed, and daily cleaning very convenient, you can avoid inflammation, reduce the damage of the other teeth.

3. Dentures on abutment of small damage

Fixed dentures should support the teeth grinding in addition to tooth structure, dentures wear a care fossa or through the clasp of the gap, do not ground a lot of tooth structure, good teeth damage.

4. Denture quality, shape, color can choose

People can choose different quality dentures according to What materials is porcelain teeth election their economic conditions; can even out the teeth do up to achieve a satisfactory aesthetic effect.

5. Denture design is flexible

Denture design is flexible and can maintain the integrity of the dentition, if you wish can also be changed into a fixed dentures and dental implant.

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