Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The main reason of porcelain teeth color distortion

Porcelain teeth color problem that is simple, a little knowledge of said simple really, this topic is not just the color problem, color is the process rather than an end to doctor to get a realistic teeth. I think that porcelain teeth color distortion, there are four main reasons: 1. Doctor than the color are not allowed or incomplete. 2. Processing plant material is inferior, incomplete color, poor technology. 3. On porcelain craftsmen did not seize the doctor deviation of color vision. 4. Porcelain furnace temperature is incompatible with the firing temperature and the ceramic powder.

Some patients require a little white than the adjacent teeth is rather satisfied, but some patients are asking the color of the adjacent teeth, some patients require just can not see is on the line dentures.

Actually asked to see no dentures on patients with the most demanding patients, which requires the colorimetric certain than the accuracy of our doctors, Never a denture than a color, such colorimetric ratio close nor will wear into the mouth of the porcelain crown simulation, particularly ugly. More lifelike porcelain crown must be segmented color, indicating that each fraction of then on porcelain craftsmen but also to seize this doctor's habitual color is darker or lighter, to correct the deviation of the doctor's vision, in order to make the simulation porcelain crowns. Both party mistakes are not made ​​of porcelain crowns qualified.

Small processing plants why not make a realistic bionic teeth, especially in the vicious competition in the market during the period, in order to reduce costs, hire some cheap mechanic, in fact, to apprentice, the technology is only a few streaks, there is no work experience, Furthermore, a small processing plant materials such as low grade of ceramic powder, ceramic powder incomplete types of color, making the process simple, poorly equipped, the parameters are not allowed and other reasons, the dye is often incomplete, rely on the color of one material to cope with color.

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