Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Observation and Analysis of the removable denture model

Activities dentures should be pre-preliminary observations on the model and design:

1. The model is fixed in the observation stage, with the observation instrument. Check the denture seated Road and abutments. I teeth. Mucosa undercut.

2. Determining the denture in place to use a pencil to depict the abutment teeth and remaining teeth of the observation line and the mucosa of undercut line.

3. Design retainer, according to the observation line and pencil mark the clasp on the model into the depth and location of the undercuts.

4. Observing good models for preliminary design.

5 According to the preliminary design, preparation of repair before co-support care. Clearance card. Interproximal groove and dental equipment the guide surface preparation. Special strain is also a need to modify the crown shape.

6. Indian mold. Complete denture design single.

Observation and design technicians working model:

1. According to the dentist take a good working model in the observation stage, the observer pole maxillofacial vertical direction measurement abutments remaining teeth. Mucosa undercut distribution situation.

2. Based on the measurement of the undercut. Tilt model undercuts evenly distributed. Identify common place Road.

3. Then the axial plane of the pencil with the abutment contact at the same time mobile observatory. Lines depict observations on the abutments. At the same time with a pencil tip in the gums at the tracings out to fill the undercut line.

4. Mandibular and lingual existence of the organization of the undercut. Also at the same time draw the line of observation and fill undercuts line. To determine the location of the base plate edge or tongue bar. Lip and cheek side of the maxillary alveolar Dental implant knowledge Keys ridge also draw the observation line.

5 Want to place the parts of the clasp arm tip. Social color pencil drawing vertical lines and then use the selected depth of the undercut. With the measurement rod mark clasp placed.

6. on the model to locate the record line. Or to adopt a high-point of point positioning.

7. Fill the requirements of the dentists in denture design on the design on the model with different colored pencil drawing out the various parts of the denture.

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