Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What are the characteristics of the dental implant?

Do you still feel regret for missing teeth, dental implants appear to compensate for your regret, but also a healthy, beautiful white teeth. Well, the dental implant? Let us together!

1. The dental implant to break through the traditional teeth did not fundamentally defective, full dentures and denture base is riding on the gums, directly affected by the force depend on the adsorption of saliva and gum mucosa.

2. The set of dentures in the traditional methods, many rely on the support of adjacent teeth, the adjacent teeth to be done to clasp retention or dental equipment cutting of the adjacent teeth for crowns solid, adjacent teeth vulnerable to injury. Dental implant in the jaw of the patient's growing labor.

3. The dental implant chewing efficiency than traditional dentures greatly improved, exactly like real teeth, dental implant dentures, denture base is small, fixed implant even without a base plate, and therefore beautiful and comfortable, no foreign body sensation, and Prevention of dental caries in what ways a small influence on the pronunciation. Its biggest advantage is that without damaging the adjacent teeth.

Visible, dental implants compared to the traditional dentures, to achieve a major breakthrough, with its own characteristics, which is why it is so popular.

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