Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The entire cultivation of the repair process takes?

The length of time after tooth loss, implant surgery can be divided into immediate and delayed implant surgery. Implant treatment and rehabilitation is broadly divided into three stages.

1. First preoperative examination, preoperative treatment, such as pulled out a particularly loose teeth, and root filled teeth, treatment of periodontal disease to remove the bad dentures, adjusting to change and correct the bad bite relationship. This stage, the time required dental equipment depends on each one of treatment varies.

2. Stage of implant surgery: When your doctor according to the preoperative design, through surgery to implant the bone, less postoperative reaction. The implantation of an implant for about 10-30 minutes.

3. Four to six months after replacement or installation of the permanent crown or Supragingival scaling clinical operations techniques and precautions denture. The permanent crown production of ceramic materials. Its fine texture, vivid color, comfortable and beautiful, restores function, durable.

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