Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dental implant to protect the oral

Tooth loss or tooth extraction, be sure you want missing teeth and gaps to fill up, otherwise it will cause displacement of adjacent teeth, frontal shrink defect affecting oral health and other adverse consequences. In most cases, the use of dental implant is the best way to fill the missing teeth. Dental implants can replace missing teeth and parts of the roots, all-ceramic crown or bridge fixed on dental implants, patients show smile.

If the patient has only a single missing tooth, crown dental implants is the best choice, patients with multiple missing teeth, you need to use the bridge. The bridge can restore the natural appearance of the teeth, to help patients with normal speech and eating. Currently on the market to choose the type of bridge too numerous to mention, based all-ceramic dental bridge dental implant, the concurrently aesthetic and functional, is an ideal solution.

With the development of science and technology, three-dimensional computer reconstruction techniques for the design before the artificial tooth implantation surgery, radiology of dental equipment mandibular basis for assessment, based on computer-aided design of three-dimensional reconstruction of CT images of oral virtual planted navigation system to guide clinical oral implant positioning design, the right-hand man of oral specialists. After all, dental implants and the original own teeth, and should be used to care, usually not too hard.

Swiss ITI dental implant  system recommended by the International Union of dental implants, is one of the best dental implant system in the world, is painless and Three major types of teeth minimally invasive surgery, with a single surgery, healing time of just eight weeks, using four pure implants made ​​of titanium, a very high success rate, long service life.

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