Monday, 26 September 2011

Through the period of discomfort wearing dentures

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States, the dental health center director Dr. Kenneth Ian suggested using dentures at the beginning of the weeks, often with his mouth candy can help through the block just does not wear dentures period.

Dr. Ian, just to wear dentures, dentures oral will be mistaken for the mouth of food, and then produce saliva to help digest it, this situation has been adapted to be extended to the mouth until the presence of dentures.

During this time, the mouth often with candy pieces, can often produce oral swallow, to remove excess saliva mouth. For chronic, excessive Dental Tips intake of sugar, not the elderly, it can be in the mouth with a jujube, too, can achieve satisfactory results.

In addition, the Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Dental experts Hu Yundong introduction, just to wear dentures for the elderly to eat, the best on both sides of the teeth at the same time force; teeth cleaned every night, and soaked with cold water; If it is found under dentures gum redness, inflammation, tongue, gums or buccal cavity ulcers appear pale white, to timely referral to the hospital, ask your doctor to help adjust the dentures.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

How long as the baby teeth?

Baby begins to grow teeth parents who believe will be very happy, a person's teeth is an important facade, how to prevent tooth decay and let the baby have healthy teeth? When to take your baby to see a dentist it better?

When the baby's gums emerge small, white teeth buds, the parents who will be very happy. However, each child is not the same length of time the teeth, it was 3 months old started teething, but also after 1 year of age began teething, so parents are not too tight. As long as the Dental Tips baby grows in a year and a half before the first teeth, 3 teeth all before the age of 20 grow out of it.

In general, about 6 to 10 months will first grow two lower front teeth, but also grow on the baby front teeth first. 20 primary teeth should all grow, it may take 20 to 30 months. Teeth and hair growth rate and genetic factors, and the girl's teeth faster rate than boys.

Parents should pay attention to the order of baby teeth, baby about 6 to 10 months old, the first jaw of the 2 front teeth grow, and then at 8 to 12 months old upper four front teeth grow 9 to 13 grown on large side of the jaw two incisors, 12 to 18 months old grow four premolars, 12 to 24 months old grow four canines, 24 to 36 months old after grow 4 molars, thus made all 20 deciduous teeth done.

However, each time the baby's teeth are different, no longer in accordance with the tooth does not matter, special attention is the growth of teeth in order, if wrong, may be due to congenital missing teeth or the relationship of certain genetic diseases must be brought to the dentist, do not effect.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The need for endodontic treatment of two pain

First, heat some teeth in case cold sore, painful, but I do not know which tooth pain. These people's teeth may not have cavities, but in the teeth of the occlusal surface may have a central hole, and through the pulp, the pulp can cause infection. Just do endodontic treatment, and then filling, will eliminate the symptoms.

Another is that some people in fatigue, or sleep well, or fever, or poor physical condition, sometimes suddenly feel pain in the teeth of a transient, fleeting, but the teeth do not have any lesions. This pain is actually fatigue, and poor physical condition affecting Dental Tips the teeth, causing dental pulp congestion, leaving the teeth spasm or nerve pain. If the mouth has been filled had dental caries, or a chronic inflammation of the Binge, more prone to a transient tooth pain. If a tooth had repeated episodes of pain, inflammation becomes sexually transmitted diseases teeth, and also the need for endodontic treatment.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Teeth should wash

Advocate brushing every night to remove dirt and protect teeth. The hair brush is not too hard, hard it will damage the gums, damage to teeth. Brushing clean the mouth, the best way to protect teeth. Properly brush your teeth, oral soft white to clear dirt, food residue, and some dental plaque, calculus and can prevent the generation part, played the role of massage gums, thereby reducing the oral pathogenic factor contributing to organizational health, enhance its ability to resist disease.

Teeth should always call

Knocking teeth both to consolidate the root and periodontal tissue, and excitement of the tooth nerves, blood vessels and pulp cells, which have great dental health benefits. Commonly used method is to knock teeth: molars thirty-six first call, the second knock teeth Dental Tips thirty-six, the wrong tooth and then call the thirty-six canine, the last with tongue licking periodontal three, five rings come to an end. Every day as long as two minutes, you can receive strong teeth with good results.

Little physical labor

Working skeletal muscle to stretch, blood flow, adjusting economic spiritual and physical health. Especially intellectual workers and the elderly, should regularly participate in some manual labor whatever, to exercise the body, then in the body and mind good.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Preparation before a child dental

If a child has dental problems, and parents with children ready to do what to see your teeth?

First of all, children should be aware of the location of teeth and serious level, if some of the teeth decay, pain, or eating is to eat cold, drink hot pain to the doctor according to the case of parents find treatment programs, such as elephant the first simple, painless treatment methods to reduce children's fear.

Second, the best morning of treatment, the first night a child should be allowed sufficient sleep. Because psychology study found that people tolerated in the Dental Tips morning than other times.

Third, parents should understand some basic dental knowledge of children prior to the brief, and strive to cooperate as a child. At the same time, if possible, also consider some of the older children or parents, after filling supplemented, so that the eyes of a child to learn.

In addition, parents should understand more about children's psychological, diagnosis and treatment of children in front of a good state of mind. As told him that if doctors meet with the good doctor, will be the teacher's praise and other parents.

Of course, the hospital, let children make good mouthwash, saliva bring clean towels, etc., is also essential to prepare.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Why do wisdom teeth often inflamed?

Wisdom teeth pericoronitis is 18-25 year-old common dental problems, because wisdom teeth grow late oral development of teeth have been completed, the eruption of wisdom teeth is often abnormal, such as plagioclase, horizontal long. And the adjacent teeth to form a hidden area, easy accumulation of food residue, and difficult to clean, long time, generate a large number of bacteria can cause tooth decay, which causes inflammation of the situation.
Wisdom teeth pericoronitis disease, when pain, feeling too tight or if the hot weather, more apt to cause inflammation, accompanied by bad breath, general malaise, if not treated will have difficulty opening, cheek swelling, pain and other consequences of  Dental Tips swallowing , there will be severe fever and other symptoms.
A wisdom tooth pericoronitis treatment to local irrigation, medication-based; local washing agents used in very high concentrations, the effect is very good, in general, can be three times the basic cure; can also gargle with mouthwash use; mouthwash drug in water direct effect on the inflammation area, convenient medication, the better;
Two pairs of swelling or more severe systemic symptoms (eg fever persons), should increase the systemic administration to prevent the spread of the disease increased;
3 after the inflammation subsided, the timely removal of malposition or has seriously decayed wisdom tooth.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Wine drinking should not brush your teeth immediately

Many people like to drink wine, but a long time, we find that the top teeth covered with spots, how is this going on? The study found that this is due to erosion of the teeth of the gem quality of the wine due to make our teeth more sensitive to hot and cold food such as sweet and sour. So, how can both meet the needs of our wine drinkers, do not damage our teeth?
Calcium-rich food to offset part of the damage caused by wine: Traditionally the cheese as a dessert, or drink while eating, would have a positive role in preventing tooth Dental Tips decay, because cheese contains a lot of calcium. It can neutralize acid, enhance the ability of saliva repair teeth to prevent acid erosion.

However, if the same food or wine and strawberry mix in the wine against the acidic juice made from carbonated drinks will bring more trouble, because this will increase the acidity of the wine. Previous studies have shown that carbonated soft drinks and lemon, orange juice will erode tooth enamel.

If you drink, the teeth become soft as the role of acidic wine, and then immediately brush your teeth if the situation will get worse, leading to further loss of enamel. So if you want to damage our teeth is not the case, avoid drinking alcohol after 30 minutes before they can brush their teeth. Eating and drinking at the same time, instead of drinking alone, help produce saliva when chewing helps neutralize acidic or corrosive effect of acid suppression, drink from time to time and then brush your teeth, in order to stay transfer from the acid erosion of enamel recovery time to prevent it from easily being 'brush away'.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Were not old, bad teeth first

The theory of oral authority in a foreign country, for the composition of dental elements in the system made only three parts: the main body of the teeth; wrap the root of the periodontal ligament; and root formation "Dingoes" relationship of alveolar bone. Well as the composition to maintain "joint" there is an important part of the soft tissue - gums. Gingerly (gum outside) of periodontal (gum inside) the protection is so important, we should take to maintain.

In fact, many dentists are aware of the combination of teeth and bone is a joint relationship, but they are still just that strong teeth is directly dependent on the resilience of the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone stability. But for example, people know the thigh and the backbone Dental Tips of the two parts, but without strong muscles, bones and tendons are no longer strong, because once the muscle atrophy, even the way the people will all walk, waist are straight can not afford. Therefore, some expert will focus directed at the teeth the gums, teeth, that it is the "micro-joints" and "muscle."

Modern medicine has long been clear oral gingival recession and the causal relationship between periodontitis. Also express the Chinese people on average 40 years old to enter the gingival recession and the outbreak of periodontitis. In fact, this has exposed the phenomenon of premature aging gums, and the nature of vitamin deficiency. On the other hand, in the human skeletal system, people only heard "bone hyperplasia," but only the alveolar bone will be a "bone resorption" phenomenon, which is why?

The original bone marrow transport nutrients is not a "salient", one will make the alveolar bone resorption occurred, but shorter, and thus a direct threat to the teeth of a solid foundation and life. Bone health is determined by the health of gums. Control of gingival recession, tooth series is not only a cure for the key, but also to avoid the absorption of alveolar bone is the core issue.