Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What causes bleeding gums?

Experts said that many reasons for bleeding gums, bleeding gums are symptoms of oral diseases and other diseases.

Reasons: bleeding gums bleeding gums caused by oral diseases, such as bleeding gums caused by gingivitis or periodontitis, these are usually because of dental equipment cloth in everyday life, pay attention to brush your teeth, or is not properly brush your teeth, leading to the formation of dental calculus, The tartar irritates the gums and cause bleeding gums, some systemic diseases cause bleeding gums, such as blood diseases, liver disease, may lead to bleeding gums.

Experts said that to solve the problem of bleeding gums, or to fundamentally start to supplement the gums nutrition as a fundamental, in addition, to develop good oral hygiene habits can prevent gingivitis and periodontitis. Persist in the morning and Dental root canal treatment quality control standards evening brushing, mouthwash after meals to remove dirt and food debris and prevent the formation of tartar and dental calculus, scaling is the best dental care to the hospital on a regular basis.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Brush your teeth after the dentures should pick

Such as missing a tooth we can use the insert dentures. The Denture how fixed? Or two teeth around the fuss about the front teeth have a clamp, the clamp is similar to the hoop for we girls head, flexible, one behind the teeth card a clamp, before and after the two clips in the middle with an artificial connect the teeth, the teeth do missing teeth and the gums above the gums with something like a saddle on horseback, this is a missing teeth part, this is the saddle across the top, before and after the two clamp fixed to live. Secure the middle of a denture, the day off to.

The advantages of this denture unlike fixed dentures wear a lot, because the clamp stuck in the two normal teeth above. Do not wear a lot of grinding a small groove on it. A slot in front, followed by a trough, like two people pick pole mounted on the shoulder, in the before and after the two teeth to withstand forces. As long as such a little grinding on the line.

The shortcomings of the dentures

Some patients had to win every day is too much trouble, indeed, had to win every day, cleaning, soak in cold water inside, and then the toothbrush clean the next morning wearing, this is too much trouble. There is gum above a prop, like a saddle across the top, after all, is a foreign body, some people wear the inside of the mouth or feel uncomfortable to speak, tongue feel uncomfortable, the vast majority of patients are able to adapt to , wearing two or three weeks, twelve weeks to be dental equipment able to adapt over.

The dentures drawback is that pick to wear every day is too much trouble; there may be a little foreign body sensation in the mouth. But its advantage is no need to wear a lot of teeth. Do we just said, fixed dentures, the teeth had worn the circle, two millimeters above have to wear two millimeters shorter, do a set to put complete. The advantage of dentures is less molars.

The advantages of dentures

Such as a front tooth clamp, followed by a tooth clamp, perhaps in front of a tooth or the back of a tooth occurrence of cavities, how to do this time? I can come up with dentures to repair cavities, fixed dentures in the interior; you can not see the time of the occurrence of cavities, can only destroy it, the fixed dentures scrapped. The advantages of dentures is dental problem can be removed at any time, to repair it over and then put on to go, this is the advantages and disadvantages of dentures and fixed prostheses.

It should be noted; dentures should be picked clean, and should not be wearing dentures in your mouth real teeth with the brush.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Three determinants of the quality of the porcelain teeth

Porcelain teeth the quality of the following three decisive factors:
1. Process, often clinically will see: with a selection of fine German porcelain powder and porcelain teeth made ​​out of some form of beautiful, vivid colors, wear, not collapse porcelain, but also the opposite situation. This is the difference of the process: the rational designs of metal crown, porcelain powder preheat temperature is accurate, proper heating rate and dental equipment the final firing temperature and hold time, the vacuum must be the implementation of strict rules. In general, large-scale porcelain production center, the process is relatively mature.
2. The clinical design and operation, not to say that creating a beautiful appearance, even if it is a perfect repair, porcelain teeth must be suitable for chewing physiological requirements, and long-term wear without adverse reactions, not porcelain breakage. This requires clinicians to carry out scientific and rational operation, determine the number of Dental implants for missing teeth and to return to work its teeth, the edge position, pulp processing, sterilization bond all aspects of the requirements is more important.
3. Indications of porcelain teeth, tooth fracture, defect, defect, deformed teeth should not be corrected, dentition, crown discoloration, dead dental pulp, tetracycline, dentition defect fixed prosthesis, a large area of ​​legislation fill teeth fixed bolt Ministry of abutments, etc., Are suitable for the porcelain restoration.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Orthodontics is aligned front teeth?

Most people straightening teeth usually focus on the front teeth aligned without the United States and unsightly, while ignoring the more important goal of orthodontics - occlusion of the posterior teeth is the key issue of concern. In fact, the upper and lower teeth behind the molars to establish a stable occlusion, and restore good oral masticatory function is the physicians and dental equipment patients should be concerned about the main objective.

The annual Summer is the peak of the students in orthodontics, but many parents and friends is not clear orthodontic. Now, some parents or dentist in order to shorten the treatment time or reduce the cost of treatment, only to be incisors aligned clinical aligned upper and lower incisors is very easy, but behind the teeth of a stable occlusal relationship there are some difficulties, but also need to be more long treatment time. Only to the What circumstances do not need fillings but only aligned front teeth, regardless of the posterior teeth bite is very harmful, so do not only reduce the masticatory efficiency, increase the burden on the facial mandibular joint, but also the correction of the effect of instability, the teeth do not Sarkozy will relapse.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The fillings can once cure?

Why some teeth 1 or 2 times can cure some teeth need to rule 3 to 4 times? Some patients because of busy work, study or other reasons will often require doctors to make up a good time cavities. The doctors can meet this requirement? Is the number of treatments based on what determines it?

Doctors need by examining the extent of the damage, according to dental treatment. Some lesions to a lesser extent patient can be cured once, such as shallow caries: the extent of the damage is limited to the teeth shallow, patients without any pain, such patients, and 1 can be restorative treatment.

When dental caries destruction is not limited to the enamel, spread to the dentin layer, the teeth to cold, heat, acid and sweet stimuli is more sensitive, will also feel the pain in the dental drill to detritus, then as normal pulp required to take protective measures to the pulp, the doctor will dental equipment stimulate the bottom of the pulp, and then proceed to filling. Caries degree of depth, not only cold, heat, acid, sweet and to stimulate, accompanied by spontaneous pain, pain at night or when the bite pain, teeth simultaneously acute, chronic pulpitis with periapical inflammation symptoms , the treatment is more complicated, not only must conduct a thorough dental pulp and root canal treatment, doctors use special equipment will have inflammation of the pulp tissue removed, the expansion of washing disinfection of root canal medicament to observe the course of treatment due to the inflammatory response, at the same time operation, intraoperative stimulation of the equipment to produce different How is it oral dental implant levels of response to treatment, then the doctor will Zhu Huanzhe taking anti-inflammatory drugs to be above symptoms, apical inflammation, no exudation, can do a root canal filling. So the entire pulp, root canal treatment process takes 3 to 4 times.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The orthodontic that need tooth extraction

To the dental hospital, dental orthopedic, doctors proposed to unplug the healthy teeth, many people are unwilling to accept such a result. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, diet is more sophisticated, modern jaws fit all teeth easily lead to tooth lordosis, only "sacrifice" out the individual teeth to make teeth arranged in neat rows.

According to statistics, the patients to the hospital of straightening teeth, about half of the tooth. However, the extraction of many parents to the children has some misgivings, and even delayed because of a reluctance extraction and treatment.

Why straightening teeth extractions, and even pulling healthy teeth? Orthodontics is actually a tooth position to rearrange the work, and often need some extra space to move the teeth in the process of rearrangement, this time will need the tooth to create the dental equipment need for additional space.

"With the evolution of the human diet is more sophisticated, jaw varying degrees of degradation, resulting in jaw fit all the teeth can cause teeth crowding or protrusion, only through the removal of some teeth before they can receive after a certain space, which means that only the expense of individual teeth, other teeth arranged in neat rows and arranged in the right position.”If you do not tooth extraction, simply by wearing" braces "barely correction, aligned How to deal with children's mouth ulcers protrusion of teeth will affect the facial appearance, and the correction of the effect of unstable and prone to relapse, often need to re-correction.

Prevention of periodontal disease

1. Self-control of dental plaque, select health toothbrushes and periodontal healthy toothpaste (contains beneficial ingredients on periodontal health, such as bio-enzyme, tranexamic acid, reclosing hydroxyl phenyl ether, herbs, etc.), sooner or later effective brush oral Care of teeth, mouthwash after meals, proper use of dental floss, tooth brush clearance attention to a balanced diet, maintaining periodontal health smoking is the aggravating factors of periodontal disease, to promote smoking cessation regular requests for oral, oral examination and scaling early detection and dental equipment treatment of periodontal disease, choose a regular health care institutions to look at dental.

2. Periodontal disease self-aware: when brushing your teeth or bite of food, bleeding gums (toothbrush or food, there is blood) red, swollen gums, easy bleeding when touched, dental tartar teeth have varying degrees of looseness, unable to bite things, root exposure bad breath, Gently press gums pus overflow

3. Effective brushing your teeth: use health care toothbrush, the bristles on the teeth and gums at the junction of bristles a 45 degree angle, points to the root direction of the tooth surface situ level fibrillation, and then along the vertical brush teeth. Can also be taken to How to remove the pregnant women oral odor draw a circle in the tooth surface: according to a certain order, the various parts of the teeth to brush morning and evening, brush your teeth, brushing for three minutes. However, the effectiveness of brushing teeth (degree of plaque removal) still to be improved. Should strengthen the scientific guidance of the correct brushing and the use of aids such as floss, toothpicks, and mobilize the whole society on the oral health concerns.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The sequence and timing of the child's teeth

Children average age of the bud 6-8 months after birth, probably from below or above the front teeth started to grow, followed by a long lateral incisors, will skip canine, and before long the first deciduous molar, long canine teeth, but after long primary molars.

Teething time in front of a few front teeth time interval is short, but the back of relatively large pieces of teeth, take a long time, the first deciduous molar to the dental equipment second molars, and even spend a year before the president finished, all the eruption of primary teeth completely, about 2 years to 3 years old.

However, some children born there teeth at this time known as the birth of teeth, the traditional birth teeth is unlucky, but in fact unfounded; born in the teeth is a normal primary teeth, but too early to teeth due to root not yet fully developed, the teeth would shake, easy to Cleaning of root canal treatment factors accidentally sucked, or cause to breastfeed difficult, most will be pulled out early, but basically, born teeth or not a common phenomenon, parents do not need to worry too much.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Root canal treatment of tight filling factors

1. The quality of root canal preparation root canal is good or bad: factors that affect the root filling quality, the first are the quality of root canal preparation. Instruments in preparation of the root canal did not have a good shape, and will directly impede the filling material is pressurized dense root canal shaping is not in place; root canal cleaning is not in place, especially on the root canal has failed to effectively remove the root canal wall smear layer, it will greatly affect the close combination of the root filling material and root canal wall, directly weaken the root canal closed.

2. Select the appropriate root filling materials: select the appropriate materials are also important factors. The country has placed the use of imported finished paste prior to use according to instructions - pieces of a full understanding of the main ingredient, add ingredients, performance, hardened time allows: Positive for the time. And irritation, security-related information. Some still paste should be dental equipment noted that the use of traditional zinc oxide paste, do not be too thin, that would not be strong enough, the volume contraction is too large, and filled easily involved in the formation of air gaps. In addition. Iodoform paste has proved to be one of the iodine will be absorbed to leave a gap, the impact of closed, it is recommended not to continue to use.

3. Accurate length of the work: the accurate length of the root canal preparation is essential; the same high-quality root canal filling also has a vital role. Because they owe the fill and super-charge and will greatly reduce the success rate of root canal treatment. Owed to fill was mainly due to work not long enough, or due to poor shaping and cleaning of root canal preparation, the apical dentin mud is not completely clear. Caused by super-charging the most direct reason is to Extraction method and steps prepare the apical transition cutting the apical stenos is damaged, lost plenty of apical resistance, which makes super-charge inevitable.

4. The appropriate choice of the root canal: on the selection of what kind of root canal filling method, in theory, there is no simple side pressure or vertical condensation, any time the pressure exerted when the root canal is broken down into a vertical to contribute and the level to contribute and play a pressurized vertical pressure and side effects, so no matter what kind of methods are able to complete one case of perfect quality of root canal filling. Surgeon familiar with the indications of each method to master the technique, to understand under what circumstances should choose what kind of root filling method.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dentures is often frayed easy to cancer of the oral mucosa

Wearing dentures, if he often frayed oral mucosa and the long term is prone to lead to cancer. Dot com dental experts pointed out that the long-term temperature or chemical substances to stimulate, crooked teeth or dentures do not fit on the tongue, gums or pharynx, buccal cause chronic injury and oral mucosa leukoplakia, an increased risk of oral malignant cancerous.

Experts said that oral cancer is a tumor formed by the abnormal changes of the oral tissue cells. The vast majority of oral cancer is formed by the deterioration of mucosal cells, a small part formed by the deterioration of the body by the minor salivary gland Aden carcinoma. Oral cancer the majority of the buccal mucosa and tongue cancer, triggered in part by improper dentures and dental equipment other factors, its occurrence and smoking, alcohol consumption is closely related.

Oral cancer in the oral facial, often caused by ill diet, language difficulties, and facial deformities, severe cases even lead to a heavy burden of family and society. Physician reminders, more than two weeks when the lips or oral chronic non-healing ulcers of the lips or inside the Orthodontics - do not enter the misunderstanding mouth lumps, white spots or red class appears to be vigilant in the oral mucosa.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What are the side effects of blasting scaling?

Scaling is an important method of cleaning teeth, can help people to maintain good oral health. The experts have warned that attention should be paid to clean teeth, preferably on a regular basis to scaling. Scaling has no side effects? The concern of many people, here, we have specially invited experts in this area to introduce. The teeth dot com, experts say, in fact, the scaling is no side effects. Scaling will not damage the surface of the teeth, formal scaling to wash away the surface of teeth, food debris, plaque, thus contributing to periodontal tissue health, reduce gingival and periodontal disease. However, scaling to a regular hospital to scaling, to avoid side effects.

With the development of society, the progress of medicine, scaling the premise that to meet the basic requirements of our oral hygiene, and also to provide people with more choices. Common ultrasonic scaling and polishing, sand blasting, scaling and biological scaling. Scaling each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Sandblasting scaling what side effects did not? Today, on this issue, we have specifically consulted the experts in dental dot com. Experts said, blasting scaling is the use of high-pressure role of the special salt sand encountered the tooth surface to scrub, and dental equipment friends of patients with gingival recession or tooth sensitivity may be due to stimulation of the salt sand some obvious pain.

Which in many oral diseases, dental calculus is more common and dental calculus to the patient's life and work with a lot of trouble. Everyday life, this disease should have some knowledge, while the scaling is better approach and not pay attention, prone to side effects, then, who knows scaling the side effects is how to? In this regard, the dot com dental experts: In fact, if you will be scaling by the blood sucked into the cavities of the nose. So, on a patient when such a situation, may be under The scaling of the different levels strict disinfection, nose stretching under a scaling of the oral cavities residues foul blood, saliva, will be from directly sprayed into the nose in under a scaling by mouth, so such side effects may arise, should pay attention to this problem.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Dental Implants - the elderly dentures

Let the teeth shine at any time, do not let the traces of the years shown in the mouth. I believe this is a lot of people are very difficult to achieve, can speak their own too awkward, social development, science and technology progress, so the people's standard of living is rising, the requirements of our teeth also improve dental implant came into being exactly in line with the people of this pursuit, not only in appearance or in the technology and quality protection.

Planting overdenture 2-4 implants were implanted in the gums of the appropriate position on the mandibular alveolar bone implants on different attachment devices, such as: hat, bar card, telescopic crowns connection overdenture above to achieve the purpose of the fixed denture, the denture is to be turned off, the denture retention and comfort than traditional significantly better. Plant fixed denture Guming Si Yee is fixed, the patient can not be turned off, its retention of bite force dental equipment on the implant support the false teeth in the gums of the appropriate position on the mandibular alveolar bone, were implanted into 6 - -8 implants, the implants and then press the attached device, then connect the porcelain teeth, this denture retention and better, more beautiful, more comfortable, complete with teeth.

Bite force, reduce tenderness, (the implant is located within the alveolar denture can be effectively hard tissue support, and increase the absorption edge to reduce tenderness),

Reduce the Underpinning area. With the implant solid force, not the need to increase the area of denture base to achieve retention, reduce the foreign body sensation,

Full of alveolar bone (chewing force scattered along the implant to the jawbone, health stimulating alveolar bone, and do not produce disuse atrophy and Underpinning oppression led to the alveolar bone resorption).