Monday, 16 April 2012

Root canal treatment of tight filling factors

1. The quality of root canal preparation root canal is good or bad: factors that affect the root filling quality, the first are the quality of root canal preparation. Instruments in preparation of the root canal did not have a good shape, and will directly impede the filling material is pressurized dense root canal shaping is not in place; root canal cleaning is not in place, especially on the root canal has failed to effectively remove the root canal wall smear layer, it will greatly affect the close combination of the root filling material and root canal wall, directly weaken the root canal closed.

2. Select the appropriate root filling materials: select the appropriate materials are also important factors. The country has placed the use of imported finished paste prior to use according to instructions - pieces of a full understanding of the main ingredient, add ingredients, performance, hardened time allows: Positive for the time. And irritation, security-related information. Some still paste should be dental equipment noted that the use of traditional zinc oxide paste, do not be too thin, that would not be strong enough, the volume contraction is too large, and filled easily involved in the formation of air gaps. In addition. Iodoform paste has proved to be one of the iodine will be absorbed to leave a gap, the impact of closed, it is recommended not to continue to use.

3. Accurate length of the work: the accurate length of the root canal preparation is essential; the same high-quality root canal filling also has a vital role. Because they owe the fill and super-charge and will greatly reduce the success rate of root canal treatment. Owed to fill was mainly due to work not long enough, or due to poor shaping and cleaning of root canal preparation, the apical dentin mud is not completely clear. Caused by super-charging the most direct reason is to Extraction method and steps prepare the apical transition cutting the apical stenos is damaged, lost plenty of apical resistance, which makes super-charge inevitable.

4. The appropriate choice of the root canal: on the selection of what kind of root canal filling method, in theory, there is no simple side pressure or vertical condensation, any time the pressure exerted when the root canal is broken down into a vertical to contribute and the level to contribute and play a pressurized vertical pressure and side effects, so no matter what kind of methods are able to complete one case of perfect quality of root canal filling. Surgeon familiar with the indications of each method to master the technique, to understand under what circumstances should choose what kind of root filling method.

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