Sunday, 22 April 2012

Orthodontics is aligned front teeth?

Most people straightening teeth usually focus on the front teeth aligned without the United States and unsightly, while ignoring the more important goal of orthodontics - occlusion of the posterior teeth is the key issue of concern. In fact, the upper and lower teeth behind the molars to establish a stable occlusion, and restore good oral masticatory function is the physicians and dental equipment patients should be concerned about the main objective.

The annual Summer is the peak of the students in orthodontics, but many parents and friends is not clear orthodontic. Now, some parents or dentist in order to shorten the treatment time or reduce the cost of treatment, only to be incisors aligned clinical aligned upper and lower incisors is very easy, but behind the teeth of a stable occlusal relationship there are some difficulties, but also need to be more long treatment time. Only to the What circumstances do not need fillings but only aligned front teeth, regardless of the posterior teeth bite is very harmful, so do not only reduce the masticatory efficiency, increase the burden on the facial mandibular joint, but also the correction of the effect of instability, the teeth do not Sarkozy will relapse.

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