Thursday, 19 April 2012

The fillings can once cure?

Why some teeth 1 or 2 times can cure some teeth need to rule 3 to 4 times? Some patients because of busy work, study or other reasons will often require doctors to make up a good time cavities. The doctors can meet this requirement? Is the number of treatments based on what determines it?

Doctors need by examining the extent of the damage, according to dental treatment. Some lesions to a lesser extent patient can be cured once, such as shallow caries: the extent of the damage is limited to the teeth shallow, patients without any pain, such patients, and 1 can be restorative treatment.

When dental caries destruction is not limited to the enamel, spread to the dentin layer, the teeth to cold, heat, acid and sweet stimuli is more sensitive, will also feel the pain in the dental drill to detritus, then as normal pulp required to take protective measures to the pulp, the doctor will dental equipment stimulate the bottom of the pulp, and then proceed to filling. Caries degree of depth, not only cold, heat, acid, sweet and to stimulate, accompanied by spontaneous pain, pain at night or when the bite pain, teeth simultaneously acute, chronic pulpitis with periapical inflammation symptoms , the treatment is more complicated, not only must conduct a thorough dental pulp and root canal treatment, doctors use special equipment will have inflammation of the pulp tissue removed, the expansion of washing disinfection of root canal medicament to observe the course of treatment due to the inflammatory response, at the same time operation, intraoperative stimulation of the equipment to produce different How is it oral dental implant levels of response to treatment, then the doctor will Zhu Huanzhe taking anti-inflammatory drugs to be above symptoms, apical inflammation, no exudation, can do a root canal filling. So the entire pulp, root canal treatment process takes 3 to 4 times.

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