Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Prevention of periodontal disease

1. Self-control of dental plaque, select health toothbrushes and periodontal healthy toothpaste (contains beneficial ingredients on periodontal health, such as bio-enzyme, tranexamic acid, reclosing hydroxyl phenyl ether, herbs, etc.), sooner or later effective brush oral Care of teeth, mouthwash after meals, proper use of dental floss, tooth brush clearance attention to a balanced diet, maintaining periodontal health smoking is the aggravating factors of periodontal disease, to promote smoking cessation regular requests for oral, oral examination and scaling early detection and dental equipment treatment of periodontal disease, choose a regular health care institutions to look at dental.

2. Periodontal disease self-aware: when brushing your teeth or bite of food, bleeding gums (toothbrush or food, there is blood) red, swollen gums, easy bleeding when touched, dental tartar teeth have varying degrees of looseness, unable to bite things, root exposure bad breath, Gently press gums pus overflow

3. Effective brushing your teeth: use health care toothbrush, the bristles on the teeth and gums at the junction of bristles a 45 degree angle, points to the root direction of the tooth surface situ level fibrillation, and then along the vertical brush teeth. Can also be taken to How to remove the pregnant women oral odor draw a circle in the tooth surface: according to a certain order, the various parts of the teeth to brush morning and evening, brush your teeth, brushing for three minutes. However, the effectiveness of brushing teeth (degree of plaque removal) still to be improved. Should strengthen the scientific guidance of the correct brushing and the use of aids such as floss, toothpicks, and mobilize the whole society on the oral health concerns.

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