Monday, 23 April 2012

Three determinants of the quality of the porcelain teeth

Porcelain teeth the quality of the following three decisive factors:
1. Process, often clinically will see: with a selection of fine German porcelain powder and porcelain teeth made ​​out of some form of beautiful, vivid colors, wear, not collapse porcelain, but also the opposite situation. This is the difference of the process: the rational designs of metal crown, porcelain powder preheat temperature is accurate, proper heating rate and dental equipment the final firing temperature and hold time, the vacuum must be the implementation of strict rules. In general, large-scale porcelain production center, the process is relatively mature.
2. The clinical design and operation, not to say that creating a beautiful appearance, even if it is a perfect repair, porcelain teeth must be suitable for chewing physiological requirements, and long-term wear without adverse reactions, not porcelain breakage. This requires clinicians to carry out scientific and rational operation, determine the number of Dental implants for missing teeth and to return to work its teeth, the edge position, pulp processing, sterilization bond all aspects of the requirements is more important.
3. Indications of porcelain teeth, tooth fracture, defect, defect, deformed teeth should not be corrected, dentition, crown discoloration, dead dental pulp, tetracycline, dentition defect fixed prosthesis, a large area of ​​legislation fill teeth fixed bolt Ministry of abutments, etc., Are suitable for the porcelain restoration.

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