Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What are the side effects of blasting scaling?

Scaling is an important method of cleaning teeth, can help people to maintain good oral health. The experts have warned that attention should be paid to clean teeth, preferably on a regular basis to scaling. Scaling has no side effects? The concern of many people, here, we have specially invited experts in this area to introduce. The teeth dot com, experts say, in fact, the scaling is no side effects. Scaling will not damage the surface of the teeth, formal scaling to wash away the surface of teeth, food debris, plaque, thus contributing to periodontal tissue health, reduce gingival and periodontal disease. However, scaling to a regular hospital to scaling, to avoid side effects.

With the development of society, the progress of medicine, scaling the premise that to meet the basic requirements of our oral hygiene, and also to provide people with more choices. Common ultrasonic scaling and polishing, sand blasting, scaling and biological scaling. Scaling each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Sandblasting scaling what side effects did not? Today, on this issue, we have specifically consulted the experts in dental dot com. Experts said, blasting scaling is the use of high-pressure role of the special salt sand encountered the tooth surface to scrub, and dental equipment friends of patients with gingival recession or tooth sensitivity may be due to stimulation of the salt sand some obvious pain.

Which in many oral diseases, dental calculus is more common and dental calculus to the patient's life and work with a lot of trouble. Everyday life, this disease should have some knowledge, while the scaling is better approach and not pay attention, prone to side effects, then, who knows scaling the side effects is how to? In this regard, the dot com dental experts: In fact, if you will be scaling by the blood sucked into the cavities of the nose. So, on a patient when such a situation, may be under The scaling of the different levels strict disinfection, nose stretching under a scaling of the oral cavities residues foul blood, saliva, will be from directly sprayed into the nose in under a scaling by mouth, so such side effects may arise, should pay attention to this problem.

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