Sunday, 8 April 2012

Dental Implants - the elderly dentures

Let the teeth shine at any time, do not let the traces of the years shown in the mouth. I believe this is a lot of people are very difficult to achieve, can speak their own too awkward, social development, science and technology progress, so the people's standard of living is rising, the requirements of our teeth also improve dental implant came into being exactly in line with the people of this pursuit, not only in appearance or in the technology and quality protection.

Planting overdenture 2-4 implants were implanted in the gums of the appropriate position on the mandibular alveolar bone implants on different attachment devices, such as: hat, bar card, telescopic crowns connection overdenture above to achieve the purpose of the fixed denture, the denture is to be turned off, the denture retention and comfort than traditional significantly better. Plant fixed denture Guming Si Yee is fixed, the patient can not be turned off, its retention of bite force dental equipment on the implant support the false teeth in the gums of the appropriate position on the mandibular alveolar bone, were implanted into 6 - -8 implants, the implants and then press the attached device, then connect the porcelain teeth, this denture retention and better, more beautiful, more comfortable, complete with teeth.

Bite force, reduce tenderness, (the implant is located within the alveolar denture can be effectively hard tissue support, and increase the absorption edge to reduce tenderness),

Reduce the Underpinning area. With the implant solid force, not the need to increase the area of denture base to achieve retention, reduce the foreign body sensation,

Full of alveolar bone (chewing force scattered along the implant to the jawbone, health stimulating alveolar bone, and do not produce disuse atrophy and Underpinning oppression led to the alveolar bone resorption).

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