Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What causes bleeding gums?

Experts said that many reasons for bleeding gums, bleeding gums are symptoms of oral diseases and other diseases.

Reasons: bleeding gums bleeding gums caused by oral diseases, such as bleeding gums caused by gingivitis or periodontitis, these are usually because of dental equipment cloth in everyday life, pay attention to brush your teeth, or is not properly brush your teeth, leading to the formation of dental calculus, The tartar irritates the gums and cause bleeding gums, some systemic diseases cause bleeding gums, such as blood diseases, liver disease, may lead to bleeding gums.

Experts said that to solve the problem of bleeding gums, or to fundamentally start to supplement the gums nutrition as a fundamental, in addition, to develop good oral hygiene habits can prevent gingivitis and periodontitis. Persist in the morning and Dental root canal treatment quality control standards evening brushing, mouthwash after meals to remove dirt and food debris and prevent the formation of tartar and dental calculus, scaling is the best dental care to the hospital on a regular basis.

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